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Fall Fitness Hacks

Sep 6, 2021

Change is in the crisp, fall air! For most of us, the start of the fall season represents a new beginning; a fresh chance to refocus on the things that may have taken a back-seat during the busy summer months. Whether it’s cooler weather, that back-to-school feeling, or the extra caffeine from all those pumpkin-spice lattes, something seems to give us an extra burst of motivation and a desire to accomplish our goals in the fall. So, why not take advantage of the renewed motivation and recommit to one of the most common casualties of the summer season - your fitness routine.

Overnight Oats Three Ways

Aug 23, 2021

Overnight oats are a staple in my diet because they are EXTREMELY easy to prepare, very filling, and great for all kinds of different nutritional goals! Here are a few recipes you can make your own.

Hydration: Facts or Fiction

Aug 18, 2021

There’s really no question that staying hydrated is good for you. The question is: How do you stay well hydrated? The answer: Make it more fun! To get started, let's play a little game of fact or fiction. The result could be a happier, more hydrated body if you incorporate even a little of what you learn.

Add Some Science to your Summer Workouts

Aug 4, 2021

Add some science to your summer workouts. (You’ll boost your benefits and add fun too!) At Fitness Together® studios we don’t simply follow fads and whims when it comes to making workout and wellness recommendations. Instead, we lean on studies and science to make sure you're getting the most from every movement.

5 Reasons Why Stretching Makes You Stronger

Jul 26, 2021

Does stretching make you stronger? The simple answer is yes, but you want to know why, don’t you?

Why Weight Loss is Different for Everyone

Jul 21, 2021

One of the first things to lose when making a plan to lose weight is the idea that your body, or your journey, will look like anyone else’s.

Daily Habits for a Healthier You

Jul 7, 2021

When you’ve got big goals, it can be tempting to make big changes to move the needle. Big changes, however, can be difficult to make and even more difficult to sustain.

How Talking Can Improve Your Cardio

Jun 25, 2021

By trying to talk you can determine what zone you’re currently in and whether to adjust up or down. It requires no special equipment and takes mere seconds to evaluate.

Tips for Working Out in the Heat

Jun 25, 2021

The heat can be a major drawback for people looking to work out in the summer. If you're not careful, you can end up suffering from a heat-related health condition such as a heat stroke, heat exhaustion or extreme dehydration, all of which can greatly derail you from your fitness goals.

Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Jun 25, 2021

A sweet and spicy recipe for summer season outdoor eats!

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