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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Dave K.

W. Newbury, 2015


I was not sure what to expect when I signed up with FT for personal training 4 months ago but I knew that the exercise training I had been doing on my own was not keeping up my fitness and strength.  My goals were to gain back some of my lost lean muscle mass and lose 10 pounds.  I admit that I nearly snapped like a twig during the first couple of sessions but I kept at it and soon became the guy who completed his sets/reps and had time for “dessert exercises”. 

The FT team kept me focused and accountable but the true measure is results.  FT built up my muscles in places I did not know I had muscles and that really amped up my metabolism. I smashed through my first goal of losing 10 pounds and I am closing in on my new goal of 20 pounds.*  I feel as well and as strong as I have ever felt. Did I mention that I am 60 years old?  I would highly recommend Fitness Together as an arrow in your health & fitness quiver for anyone serious about getting fit. 

Mary Ellen

Amesbury, MA 5/13/2011

          Would you do whatever it took to keep your job? Have you ever been faced with a challenge that if unable to accomplish could change your life? I was forced to confront these two questions in April of 2011. I work for homeland security, and part of the job requires us to pass a physical abilities test. A component of this evaluation consisted of me having to draw my firearm and accurately fire and reload in a certain amount of time. Unfortunately for me, just raising my shooting arm without any gun was nearly impossible. After an unsuccessful rotator cuff surgery in 2002, my life consisted of constant pain and an almost nonfunctional shoulder. That’s when I decided to take action.


     I joined Fitness Together in late February, asking for what seemed to be a miracle. Strengthening my shoulder and passing my fire arm qualification was my ultimate goal. After almost 6 weeks of training, my shoulder was stronger than it had ever been.  I passed my weapon qualification with flying colors and was able to continue what I love to do. What originally was just a quick fix for me to pass my qualification became a passion for fitness and overall health. Not only did I regain my shoulder strength and mobility in those 6 weeks, I gained confidence, a higher self esteem, and a more positive view of myself. Today, I am 10lbs (and counting)* lighter and a living example of the results of hard work and determination.


June 1, 2011

I usually don’t like “testimonials” as they can come across as “hokey”, but in this case I do think kudos are deservedly passed along to Fitness Together. When I first inquired at FT, I immediately had a sense from Sean that I wasn’t in a “cookie cutter” workout atmosphere. He made it clear that my personal goals and abilities would be respected and that a training routine would be/could be personalized for me. And he was right.

            The trainers are great-very professional and knowledgeable and at the same time supportive and personable. Each always asks how I am feeling before every workout and is flexible enough to modify a planned exercise if need be to accommodate me. Most importantly, each trainer has a great ability to test my limits and direct me through a challenging and rewarding workout, which I truly appreciate!

          I feel better; clothes are definitely getting too big (yea!) and most importantly I look forward to my workouts.* My daughter asked me recently if I was “addicted” yet to working out…I’d have to say my answer is a resounding “YES”!

            Thanks to all of you for pointing me in the right direction and helping me get the confidence to continue a training regimen that I never thought possible just a couple of months ago.

Heather Ellerkamp

Client Since July 2009

*When I first started at Fitness Together I was so out of shape that I could not complete the strength training workout let alone 30 minutes of cardio.  In less than a year I have surpassed my long-term goals and I am more fit now than I have ever been in my life, even when I was in high school competing in sports year round.  One of my primary goals when I started working with the trainers at Fitness Together Newburyport was to lose weight and get in shape.  I am very proud to say that * I have lost 35 pounds, over 10% body fat, and more than 24 inches!*  A surprise benefit from getting in shape has been my health.  My * immune system is stronger, my ability to handle the stress of my job has greatly improved and to the surprise of me and my doctor, * my cholesterol level has dropped from 217 to 169!*  And then on top of all that I feel strong.  Exercises I never thought I could do are possible and the muscle tone I have still surprises me every day.  I am so grateful for the effort the trainers at Fitness Together Newburyport made towards my progress and success.  The process that the trainers at Fitness Together Newburyport use of setting long-term goals, short-term goals and milestones for measuring progress really work and the workouts are fun!


In addition to the cardio and strength training, I have also taken advantage of the nutritional support provided.  I already had a general understanding of nutrition basics, but with feedback and support from the trainers, I have finally been successful at applying a healthy diet that not only supports my weight loss goal but also supports a healthy and energetic lifestyle.


My success at Fitness Together Newburyport has given me the confidence to set even higher goals in many areas of my life, not just fitness goals, and the knowledge that I have the ability to achieve them.    And even though I have surpassed my long term goals set when I first started at Fitness Together, I have decided to continue working with the trainers at Fitness Together Newburyport while I train for my first triathlon!

John Lewis

Amesbury, MA 11/5/2010

I had been working out for about 3 years and while I had made moderate gains in strength, I was still overweight and not happy with my physique. I decided it was time for some professional direction.   

I met with the trainers at Fitness Together and after an assessment of my weaknesses and goals; they designed a fitness program specific to my needs.  

The workout sessions were very challenging with a good variety of cardio and strength exercises. The trainers were always patient and encouraging of me during the workouts or whenever I had a question.    

Along with the fitness program, the Nutrition Together portion of the program is what really got me over the last plateau. I met with a trainer weekly for 6 weeks to review and go over the six different lesson plans.  During these sessions, we also reviewed my meals, discussed healthier alternatives and it kept me accountable. The nutrition plan was easy to follow and adopt into a daily routine.  

The results were better than I had expected. I lowered my weight by 16 pounds while maintaining the same muscle weight, lowered my body fat by 6.1% and lost 2.75” from my waist.* Additionally, I lowered my metabolic age from 50 to 41, saving 9 years, (my actual age is 46).*

Thanks again Sean and Hannah for making this a challenging and enjoyable experience.   

John Lewis

Andrea Imlach

Rowley, MA

                My journey with FT started April of 2010.  From the moment I walked in the door and met the trainers, I knew it was exactly what I needed to achieve my fitness and weight loss goals.  During my initial assessment, I was asked what my weight loss goals were and how long I thought it would take to accomplish those goals in a healthful manner.  During that meeting was the first time I actually said aloud that I wanted to lose 60+ pounds over the course of the next year.  It was my moment of awakening and right then I became committed to achieving my goals.  With the help of Sean and the trainers at Fitness Together I am well on my way.*

                I have a great support team that helps to hold me accountable for both my diet and fitness routine.  I am challenged but not yelled at or belittled.  I have a standing appointment of 3 times a week.  My routines are always challenging so I never get bored.  The studio is small, clean, and convenient.  The trainers are great and we always manage to get a good laugh in at some point during the workout.  The trainers are fun and personable but do not let that fool you, they will work you hard and you will get results.

                Joining Fitness Together is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.  My only regret is that I did not join sooner.

Andrea Imlach

Abby P.

Amesbury, MA

    I have been an athlete my whole life and never had a problem staying in shape. Now I am a full time college student and work a full time job. Finding the time and motivation to workout started to become harder and harder and I began feeling uncomfortable with my body and the way I felt.

     I joined Fitness Together Newburyport about 6 months ago and it was honestly the best decision I could have made. Coming from an athletic background, the extra motivation and coaching that comes from the trainers really helped me out a lot. The trainers at FT really made me feel comfortable but they also push me to work my hardest. Having a set appointment to come in and work out also helps eliminate temptation of skipping the gym, but in all honesty my days at FT are the days I look forward to most now.

   Since joining Fitness Together I have lost about half of the weight I set my long-term goals at and that alone helps to motivate me to keep working out. My clothes fit better, I feel better, and I am in much better shape now. Fitness Together has got me back into the routine that I’ve always enjoyed and with their help I am back on track to being in the best shape that I can be.* 

Lisa Johnson

July 19, 2009

Finally, an exercise program I can commit to happily! The last time I was able to stick to an exercise program was in 1975 when gyms and exercise equipment were new and mostly for men. Since then I’ve (a) done nothing, (b) temporarily joined at least 3 different gyms or exercise programs, (c) walked 3 miles a day but only in good weather, (d) tried a regular exercise program at home and (e) done nothing. None of these approaches lasted for any length of time – except doing nothing.

When I turned 60 and was diagnosed with high cholesterol and mild osteoporosis, I realized that I had to do something. Somehow I knew that having a regularly scheduled appointment and a professional to design the program for me (so I wouldn’t skip the last 2 counts) was what I needed. And I was right.

Fitness Together has been perfect for me. I actually look forward to my workouts. The FT trainers are great to work with because they challenges me, and is able to distinguish between my lazy reluctance to continue an exercise, and the real issue of an ache or pain. My favorite activity is boxing! I feel stronger and can actually see muscle tone. But more importantly, I know I’m doing something important for myself.

Jeffrey Newman

Owner at Proactive Chiropractic

Many of my patients have been with Sean & his Fitness Together team for some time now. His approach to client care fits in seamlessly with the healthcare professionals. Client education is of the utmost importance to assure that clients are not only reaping benefits while at Fitness Together but healthier and stronger during their everyday activities on their own. Perhaps the most valuable asset of Fitness Together is the choice of workout style. Offering 100% 1 on 1 personalized or Pack (small personalized groups) workouts helps fit any age and motivation. I have, do, and always will strongly recommend Sean & Fitness Together, he is the best around.


Newburyport, MA 10/2011

Someone once told me that fitness is not a one time thing, it's a life-long journey. Unfortunately, my life didn't have time for any type of fitness before I began at Fitness Together. As a business owner, I work 6-7 days a week and had almost a non-existent fitness routine. I could tell my body was beginning to "break down" after years of physical work and age. My minor aches and pains were worsening. My shoulder was becoming a nagging issue and my energy levels were on a steady decline. I realized I needed a change. That change happened when I saw the sign outside of Fitness Together.

"No Gimmicks, just results." That's exactly what the sign said. I knew I needed results and no empty promises. After meeting with the owner of Fitness Together Newburyport, it was clear that if I committed to hard work and some of my time I would be successful. The trainers were willing and ready to work with me and improve my health and quality of life. The workouts were fun, challenging and individualized; after a few weeks I already noticed an improved appearance in my physique

While I was at FT, I lost 10lbs and over 3% body fat.* My energy increased, and so did my overall strength and self esteem. FT was able to give me the knowledge and tools to continue my new, healthy lifestyle once I stepped out the door. Most importantly, I learned that taking care of my health and myself need to be a priority, no matter how busy my life may get!

Steve H.

Amesbury, MA

           New Year’s Resolution for 2012 – improve fitness.  Not that unusual but this time around I knew I needed the discipline of a regular routine and a something to help sustain that motivation.  Add some complications to the problem – I have had both hips replaced and there are some limitations in spinal mobility due to an arthritis problem going back to my teens.  I had some very specific goals in mind like improving flexibility and range of motion, increase cardio endurance, and do this in a low impact program that was not going to overstress my artificial hips which are vital to a much enhanced quality of life.

          I looked into gyms, fitness centers, and personal trainer options.  Fitness Together was a standout.  Where most of the others told me what their programs were, Sean and Hannah listened and asked questions to make sure they really understood what I was looking for.  The initial evaluation was thorough and highlighted a number of muscle coordination issues that took me by surprise but made sense when they explained how this was contributing to poor body mechanics and my flexibility issues.  They came back with a training program specifically geared to fixing these problems including some time at the end of each session to assist with stretching.

         I am most pleased with the results.  The hips are doing just fine!  I started out barely being able to get through 10 pushups; I can now manage 25.  Muscle mass has gone up and percentage body fat has gone down even though weight loss was not one of my primary goals.*  Balance has improved significantly.  The real gains for me have actually been more subtle in nature.  Following a recent overseas business trip, I noticed that I was much less fatigued following a week of long plane rides, many meetings, and “it’s never like home” hotel mattresses.  I enjoy going bike riding.  On my bicycle, I noticed I don’t have to gear down as much on hills and can manage longer rides.  The improvements in flexibility show themselves in the ease with which I can now get down to floor level to play with my grandchildren.

             Always encouraging.  Always listening.  Always keeping exercising interesting.  Fitness Together is definitely meeting my needs.


Amesbury, MA

Client since January 2012