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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Jayne C.

December 2019

Although I do have a local gym membership, I have never been one who regularly goes to the gym or ever enjoys working out. I have tried group classes, but the focus was on the group and not the individual needs of the students.I have been a member for almost 3 months and am happy with my results. One of the things I like best about FT is the opportunity to work with many different personal trainers. Each session focuses on needed areas of improvement as a result of periodic fitness assessments. They also ask me what my personal fitness goals are and we work on those as well. I now look forward to working out!

Tom A.

November 2019

I have been working with their team for 8 months and have just signed up for another 8 months. From their goal setting, well thought-out workout plans, and empathy if you can't do something, the trainers there are awesome. And a most underrated plus is that if you aren't doing something correct, they set you on the right path so that you maximize the workout.

Alana W.

August 2019

When I first went in for a consultation at fitness together I had no idea what to expect and I was still very on the fence of actually committing. However, once I was greeted by one of the trainers at the desk, met Hannah and sat down with her to talk about everything I was sold. Every single trainer at Fitness Together not only cares about helping you reach your fitness goals but your life outside of your 45 minute session as well. They want to know about how your day or week has been and what your goals outside of fitness are for the future. They listen, push you to work harder, and encourage you to try things outside of your comfort zone in the gym. Every session I leave at fitness together I not only feel better physically but mentally as well. If you are looking for a comfortable and fun place to get yourself back on track, defiantly check out fitness together!

Jane S.

July 2019

Since joining a year ago, I have gotten much stronger and generally more fit. All the trainers know how to make it fun and productive - a truly winning combination. It is very challenging to keep a strength training routine going without this kind of help - I am thrilled to have found FT and recommend them to anyone who wants to feel fit and build a truly healthy lifestyle.

Jim O.

June 2019

Trainers are very knowledgeable and able to customize training routines; most of are very engaging and personable as well, which helps to make the workouts more enjoyable. The equipment available is extensive and seems to be very high quality. The owners / managers are great and easy to work with if you have scheduling or other issues.

Heidi C.

April 2019

Every coach I’ve worked with has guided me through a workout with personalized attention and encouragement. Just the right level of activity and challenge while accommodating my current physical limitations and needs. At the end of the workout, I felt like I had accomplished something! And, the was really wonderful, too. I look forward to every workout session at Fitness Together.

Jennifer H.

April 2019

At first, I was nervous to work with a trainer. I thought I would be judged and the exercises would be beyond my fitness abilities. I am glad they proved me wrong. I feel empowered every session to do my best and the trainers are my biggest fans; encouraging me the entire time. I have really enjoy working with all of your trainers. The program keeps me engaged and focused. I find that having set times per week to get my workouts in have helped to keep me accountable. It was something I was missing before I started at FT. On a totally different note, when I mentioned that the shower was not working at an optimal level, the owners immediately tackled the issue and fixed it. It showed me that they take feedback seriously, even if it is not related to the workouts. They really want their customers to have enjoyable experience.

James D.

April 2019

If I could give them ten stars I would. This place and their trainers are absolutely phenomenal! My wife and I have been going 2x/week for four months and absolutely love it. I thought I knew how to work out but have learned otherwise. I now know how to do complete body, low/no impact exercises that have made an amazing difference for both of us - especially in our core strength. The trainers are all very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. DO NOT be intimidated by the thought of doing this! You will be welcomed with open arms and will become part of their little workout family. DO THIS!!!

Amy S.

March 2019

I love having a scheduled appointments and a trainer every time I go to the gym. It makes it easier to work into my schedule and helps me to be accountable. I have found that I enjoy working with all of the trainers at Fitness Together. They are all knowledgeable and care about my safety and success. The owners, Sean & Hannah, are really nice and easy to talk too. One or both of them are usually around everyday - so if you need to speak to them they are easily accessible.

Cyd R.

March 2019

Getting stronger is like getting one's life back. The exercises although challenging are fun and the trainers very knowledgeable and supportive. I am now able to enjoy activities that were slowly slipping away from me. Thank you FT!!