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what clients are saying

  • Great and friendly staff.

  • I love having a trainer for every work out session. They mix up the different exercises and it helps get me to the gym.

  • Trainers, Trainers Trainers! They are the best. And after 2 years, the crew that works with me now....Sierra, Josh, Crystal and Steve are the strongest team I've seen. You also have done a great job with the Covid protocol.

  • The exercises selected by the trainers are totally individualized for your own personal fitness goals. Additionally, the deep knowledge of the trainers allows them to select exercises that are constantly progressive and never boring. There's always something new in each session, be it a new exercise or a new way to do an old one. Your form is constantly monitored assuring not only correct execution but the avoidance of injury. The trainers truly care about your progress and are invested in all aspects of your development under their care.