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Three Things You Get from Working with a Personal Trainer

James Re Aug 19, 2019 Fit Fun

When you have goals for your health and fitness that are important to you, it pays to seek assistance from a professional in the field to help you achieve them. 

Five Ways to Practice Self-Care this Week

James Re Aug 12, 2019 Fit Fun

These days, it’s very common for people to have too many commitments, to be constantly connected via technology and to feel stressed all the time. 

Why You Should Put Yourself First

James Re Aug 7, 2019 Fit Fun

If you’re familiar with the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup” then you understand the reasoning behind caring for yourself first — you have to be whole to be helpful.

3 Healthy Swaps You Can Make to be Kinder to the Environment

James Re Aug 2, 2019 News

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating salads and hitting the gym. It’s about finding holistic health and happiness by making the best choices you can in all areas of your life, and that includes doing your part to be kind to the environment.

Five Healthy Side Dishes You Can Take to a BBQ This Summer

James Re Jul 15, 2019 Nutrition

When the weather heats up in the summertime, it’s a great chance to gather with your friends and family to enjoy good food, company and sunshine. Typical barbecue fare isn’t always the healthiest, so take it upon yourself to contribute at least one lighter side dish to the party that has just as much taste as the unhealthy version.

Five Things You Should do Before Your Next Beach Trip

James Re Jul 15, 2019 Fit Fun

Nothing feels like summer like a trip to the beach. The waves splashing onto the sand, the sea breeze in the air and the bright sunshine all around you can make for a fun day. However, there are a few precautions you need to take ahead of time to make sure your beach excursion is safe and leaves you feeling your best. Here are five tips to stay safe during the summer. Hydrate...

All About Hydration: Why You Should Drink More Water

James Re Jul 1, 2019 Nutrition

Hydration is the key to feeling great, staying well and giving your body what it needs to run smoothly — especially in the hot summer months and when you’re active.

The Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

James Re Jun 13, 2019 Cardio

Getting a proper warm up and cool down allows for better performace and lessens the risk of injury. 

Fix the Way You Snack For a Better Impact

James Re May 22, 2019 Nutrition

Spring is in full effect, so hopefully, you’ve begun the process of spring cleaning your home and life — and don’t forget the kitchen. One great place to do a spring cleaning is your pantry. Here are five swaps you can make to ensure you’re taking the rights steps toward a healthier diet at home.

The Importance of Strength Training for Senior Citizens

James Re May 15, 2019 News

Gone are the days of thinking that when you reach a certain age you need to slow down your activity levels. In fact, now we know that senior citizens who are active and who exercise regularly are staying healthy, happy, functional and mobile for much longer than those who aren’t.

One of the most beneficial types of exercise for senior citizens is strength training, and that can come in many forms: with free weights, resistance bands, machines or even just bodyweight

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