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Blog / Nutrition

What's The Big Deal About Gluten?

Dr. Janet Brill Aug 7, 2014 Nutrition

Are you curious about the gluten-free movement that has captured the nation? An amazing thirty percent of the American public has or is trying to cut back on gluten intake, so obviously this is a popular nutrition topic. If you are considering going gluten-free, here are a few facts that can help you decide if this dietary strategy is for you:   What is gluten? Gluten is...

How Can I Get Protein On A Vegan Diet?

Jul 29, 2014 Nutrition

Dr Janet Brill - Nutrition & Fitness ExpertIt’s easy to get in enough protein on a vegan diet. Legumes, grains, soy and meat analogues, such as textured vegetable protein (TVP) and nuts, all provide ample amounts of protein. And when eating out, do your homework and call the restaurant ahead of time to ensure that they serve animal-free, vegan-friendly dishes. Vegetable...

What's The Big Deal About Drinking Water?

Jul 15, 2014 Nutrition

Dr. Janet Brill - Nutrition & Fitness ExpertWater is the perfect weight loss tool as it fills you up and keeps your mouth busy. Furthermore, drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. (Your body is composed of about 60% water.) For the athlete, particularly in these hot summer months, drinking enough fluids is important when exercising...

Common Food Misconceptions: Sorting Out Fact From Fiction

Dr. Janet Brill Jul 10, 2014 Nutrition

First we are told to avoid fat, now we are told to eat fat—just make sure it’s the “good” kind. Eggs are full of cholesterol and cause heart disease, but no, wait, eggs are healthy and don’t cause heart disease…Oh boy, nutrition advice can definitely be confusing! This situation is most likely due the endless contradictory nutrition messages...

Is The 5:2 Diet For You?

Dr. Janet Brill Jun 12, 2014 Nutrition

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy and “fast” way you could lose weight? That’s the appeal of the latest “fasting” diet strategy depicted in the wildly popular two-day-a-week fasting concept, and offered in the book The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley, MD, and Mimi Spencer.Is this radical diet something you should try? Here are...

Where Can I Get Calcium In My Diet Other Than Dairy Products?

May 27, 2014 Nutrition

Billy PrattFT Avon"Good non-dairy sources of calcium include leafy greens, almonds, oranges and fish bones (the kind that get softened when prepared such as salmon or even sardines).  You can also look for calcium-fortified foods which are usually clearly marked on the package or bottle itself."Kelly BlackwinFT Santa Monica"Tofu.  A half cup of this protein-packed soy...

Protein Bars: Pros and Cons

Dr. Janet Brill May 1, 2014 Nutrition

Let’s face it: Protein bars are an incredibly convenient (and tasty) way to take the edge off your hunger.  Throw them in your backpack, purse or gym bag and you have an easy way to get some extra grams of protein into your diet. They can help you gain or lose weight, depending on your goals.Let’s take a look at how the different bars’ ingredients stack...

Nutrient Timing: The Ins & Outs Of Fueling For Activity

Apr 24, 2014 Nutrition

“You are what you eat,” is a common saying. But when it comes to optimizing the nutrients you put into your body, when you eat can be a significant factor to your body’s performance and energy levels.By using a concept known as nutrient timing you can fine-tune your body’s performance, recovery and metabolism by being deliberate with...

What Foods Aren't As Healthy As I Think They Are?

Apr 23, 2014 Nutrition

Gwen BeckcomFT Mission Hills"Frozen yogurt seems so much better than ice cream. And in the world of saturated fat, it is.  But in terms of calories and simple sugars, they’re closer than you think. Once we load up the frozen yogurt with sugar- and fat-laden toppings, it’s pretty much equal to its ice-cream counterparts!"Although healthy trail mix is possible...

Four Foods You Never Thought To Eat For Breakfast

Dr. Janet Brill Apr 17, 2014 Nutrition

Mom was right when she said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After all, breakfast means “breaking the fast,” starting your day after a night of not eating with the energy and nutrition you need.  A healthy breakfast can help you concentrate better, give you strength and even help you to maintain a healthy weight.One important tip: Adding...

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