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Men’s Health is More than Just Physical

Jun 14, 2018 Fitness Tips

We are committed to helping men live a more healthful and active lifestyle. We want to encourage you to make this a month to evaluate all aspects of your health and rally the men in your life to do the same. We have a few tips to help you get started.

We've Got Father's Day Figured Out

Jun 6, 2018 Fitness Tips

It's almost Father's Day and if your dad is like many others, he can be pretty tricky to shop for. We’ve searched the internet for the coolest gadgets and gift ideas to make Dad’s life a little easier, healthier, and more fun. 

Posture Series 4: Let's Do The Twist (Or Not)

Billy Pratt, BA, CPT, PAS, GIPS, CFMSP Jun 4, 2018 Fit Fun

Yes, the title is a Chubby Checker reference.  I actually got to meet him way back in my college days when I worked for Borders Books & Music – we managed to have him in for a record signing event and all day we were playing his music over the store stereo.  There was one point where one of my co-workers told me to “do the twist” and while I had...

Heart Healthy Omega-3 Brownies

Jun 4, 2018 Nutrition

Food Weight: 1.5 Yield: 12 servings (serving size: 1 brownie) Ingredients: ¼ cup canola oil 3 egg whites 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 small 4 oz. container applesauce (no sugar added) 1/3 cup ground flaxseeds ½ cup sugar 1/3 cup dark cocoa powder ¼ tsp. baking powder ¼ tsp salt ½ cup walnuts, chopped Directions: Preheat...

Lighten Up Your Memorial Day

May 23, 2018 Fitness Tips

This is such a great time of year; planting flowers, putting away those coats and of course, eating outside. For this Memorial Day weekend, what are you going to eat?

6 Ways to Control your Portion Size

May 16, 2018 Fitness Tips

We think that mindful portion control is a key factor in reducing your caloric intake. And since this is much easier said than done, we’ve got a few portion control tips to send your way.

How to Increase Energy and Stamina this Mother's Day

May 9, 2018 Fitness Tips

Too often we let our lack of energy compromise the quality of time we spend with those we most cherish. We choose to “sit this one out” or let everyone else play. Make it your goal to increase your energy and stamina to keep up with your kids or grandkids this year!

The Best Exercises for Arthritis Sufferers

May 2, 2018 Fitness Tips

It turns out that, contrary to what your body tells you, exercise can be a wonderful thing for those who experience arthritis in one or more joints. It can help relieve multiple arthritic conditions such as pain, stiffness, fatigue, and even depression.

Posture Series #3: How Back Pain And Your Pelvis Are Related

Billy Pratt, BA, CPT, PAS, GIPS, CFMSP Apr 27, 2018 Fit Fun

Back pain (more specifically lower back pain, or LBP) is a very debilitating and common condition that many Americans suffer from.  It is estimated that over 80% of all Americans will experience a bout of LBP at some point in their lives, and doctors from a variety of disciplines see over 6 million patients a year with chronic back pain.  Anyone who has ever thrown...

Peas With Dill

Apr 27, 2018 Nutrition

Food Weight: 2.0 Ingredients: Yield: 6 servings (serving size: 1/6th of recipe, 241 grams or ~ 1 cup) ·      ½ cup fresh dill, chopped ·      2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil ·      1 large onion ·      2 packages (10 ounces...

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