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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results*. 

*Individual exercise results may vary.

After *

Sarah M.

23 Years Old

I came to Fitness Together in order to lose some extra weight I had put on up at school, and also to learn how to eat better.  I never realized when I signed up that not only would I reach my original goals, but I would also accomplish other things with my body that I never realized were important!  I’ve lost a total of 14 inches and about 9% bodyfat*.  On top of that, Nutrition Together has helped me to learn how to eat and portion so I never have to worry about following diets!  My posture has greatly improved which is important since as my trainers put it, my “student posture” was probably going to lead to aches and orthopedic problems in the future if I didn’t address them now.  I’m a lot stronger now – when I started I could barely eke out 2 pushups but just yesterday I did 40*!  As a result of training at Fitness Together I am leaner, stronger, and more knowledgeable.  Working with them really did enhance my quality of life and as I go on to grad school I am confident I will be able to take what I have learned and continue to stay thin & live a more fit, healthy lifestyle.    

After *

Don L.

48 Years Old

Wow.  One year!!!  Last year at this time I was sick, grossly over weight and within a few weeks of going into the hospital with an infection in my leg. I was a walking heart attack!!  After losing 80 lbs in 6 months*, I now feel like a different person.  I feel healthy, confident and looking forward to biking, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.  My mind is clearer and I enjoy reading again.  I am definitely happier and handle stressful situations easier. I feel like a fog has been lifted from me.  I am a better boss, husband and father.  My relationship with God is stronger and my prayer life is clear because I can now concentrate.  I am back to reading and studying scripture again.  I feel like a young man full of energy and life.  The program you designed for me was perfect.  I was able to reach and exceed all my goals.  Billy and Tim, as trainers you have been great.  You both have demonstrated daily your concern for my progress.  I consider you both friends, you pushed me and encouraged me all the way driving me to my goals.  I will not say the finish line because it's not done.  It's my new way of life of eating healthy, keeping my body healthy and just thinking healthy.  It feels great.  Not only did you guys renew an old overweight body, I feel you saved my life.*  Thanks guys.  

By the way I am sticking around so plan for year two.


I wanted to let you know that I am still working hard to maintain the new body that your program gave me.  All that hard work has paid off.  I just completed my second Rugged Maniac 5K race this year.  The first one was in Agawam  MA. in September.  The second one was in Brooklyn NY November 19.  I shaved over 10 seconds from the first race*.  This photo is after one obstacle of being in a tank of water and going through obstacles in the cold water.  This is near the end of the race.  When I showed up at at Fitness Together I was 319 pounds and had a 46 pushing 48 inch waist.  Now at 235 pounds* and 36 inch waist* I have the energy and strength to complete the races that were only dreams a short time ago.  I would like to tell your clients to listen to your trainer and work hard.  It can be done.  You will love your new body*.

Judy K

59 Years Old

I am completing 5 years strong at FT and the trainers are like family to me. They are all caring, personable and give terrific workouts that meet my personal health and fitness goals. They make me work, they motivate me! I love working out with all of them as this gives me a lot of variety. And the customization of EVERY workout that takes into account my periodic injuries is not anything I would ever get a gym. Finally, the added benefit of massage by Jeff is a big PLUS. Thanks so much, Billy, Liz, Jeff, Laura and Evan!! Love you guys!! Judy Kaiser

Kelly G.

45 Years Old

I started my fitness training at Fitness Together about 2 ½ years ago with the goals of toning my body and increasing my overall fitness level.  I had previously worked with trainers in other gyms and I wanted to take my training and results to the next level.  My expectations while training at Fitness Together have not just been met, they’ve been exceeded!*  I have lost even more bodyfat while getting stronger and after having three kids I never realized how much weight training can get your body back into shape*.  I feel so much better and I achieved all this at Fitness Together!  Fitness Together provides a superb level of service and following their program has led to my success.

Jim R.

52 Years Old



I wanted to explicitly say "Thanks" to you, Mitch, Laura, and Curt for the work you have done with me over the past several months.  One of my biggest regrets about leaving CT is leaving my relationship with FT.  I have learned tons from you guys and I am so pleased with what you have helped me accomplish in terms of my own physical fitness and strength.  I really like your model and appreciate you putting up with my irreverent views on the world and helping me make hard physical work fun.  I know I have a significant in challenge in keeping "at it" as I return to the world of a desk job, but I am committed to cement the lifestyle changes we have jointly developed over the past several months.

Karen K.

60 Years Old

I started training at Fitness Together over two years ago with the goal of getting some tone to my body.  Little did I realize that the results would not stop there!  When I noticed my strength and endurance improving along with my muscle tone, I thought I’d kick things up a notch and lead a hike through the Grand Canyon in order to raise money for blood cancer research.  The staff at Fitness Together helped promote my fundraiser and prepare me for the tough hike ahead.  I can’t say the Grand Canyon was a piece of cake, but I certainly couldn’t have done it without the training staff’s guidance and motivation.  I’m now looking forward to doing another hike there this Spring!  If it weren’t for the fact that I make appointments for personal training, I probably wouldn’t be working out as regularly as I am and noticing the difference!  I can’t recommend Fitness Together enough – if you need a little accountability and want the guidance of an expert and knowledgeable training staff, then check these guys out; I guarantee you’ll love how different you look & feel.*

Pat K.

60 Years Old

I came to Fitness Together with the original intention of getting back in shape after sustaining a serious foot injury.  I had found it much harder to control my weight following the accident and was having an especially difficult time keeping up with my grandkids.  I contacted Fitness Together to see what they were all about.  During my initial assessment, the trainer helped to identify postural distortions, many of which came about because of my injury.  He also helped me to set some other goals that not only were measurable, but attainable.  After being on a 3-month program, my foot feels like it’s almost back to normal*.  Prior to my training, my foot was constantly on my mind whenever I attempted to do anything physical.  I now barely ever think about it!  I just golfed this past weekend and what would previously have been a painful event was actually a very fun and pain-free game!  Besides helping my previous injury, I have increased my upper and lower body strength, gained flexibility & balance, and toned up*.  I heartily recommend Fitness Together to anyone serious about getting results – they have helped me tremendously and I am grateful for that.

Prabhu S.

40 Years Old

I had worked out off and on for many years and after taking a break from exercising I decided to get back into a routine.  I didn’t just want to get back into exercising as before however; I wanted to get started on a structured plan customized just for me which focused on losing weight, building muscle, and just being fitter in general.  Fitness Together helped me with that plan.  Not only did they help me take big steps towards attaining my goals, they also worked with me on strategies towards keeping myself on track and making fitness a lifestyle.  In just 3 months I gained 9 lbs of muscle, lost 13 lbs of bodyfat, decreased my resting heart rate by 17 beats per minute, increased my cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength, lowered my blood pressure, and lost 7 inches*!  With results like that, I will never look at personal training as an expense – it has proven to be the most important investment I could ever make:  an investment in my health.  Now that I finally feel as if I am in control of my own body, the sky is the limit! Anyone who is serious about attaining their fitness goals would benefit from their instruction.* 

Doris A.

86 Years Old

I am an 86 ½ year old lady with some serious medical frailties and have attended Fitness Together sessions three days weekly in Avon during summer months & Clearwater, FL through the winter. 

The expert personal training I have received for four years now enables me to take care of my husband and manage the daily household chores, functioning as independently as possible*.

I am grateful for these knowledgeable trainers and their dedication & TLC, which allows me to be far less of a burden to our children. 

It is my prayer that I shall continue to enjoy the comforts of these clean, quiet studios which help me to survive these ‘golden’ years.  Amen.

Gillian K.

19 Years Old

I first came to Fitness Together last year to get in shape for the lifting requirements set by the women’s volleyball coach at college.  When I came here I had old injuries to work around and hadn’t been exposed to much lifting.  Working with the trainers at Fitness Together got me in the best shape ever!  They identified my muscular imbalances, addressed them, and worked on a program to correct them.  After two months of training 3-5 times per week with Fitness Together I aced my volleyball fitness test;  I even did better than the guys and their tests*!  I just completed my second summer training at Fitness Together and am the strongest and fastest I have ever been – I’m now at the Excellent category in pretty much all the fitness tests they’ve designed for their Athletic Assessment and I feel confident that my improved conditioning will continue to carry over to my game*.  Thank you Fitness Together for providing me with a safe and effective protocol to attain my goals and attain fitness levels I had never before thought of attaining!

Pat A.

14 Years Old

At first it was not my idea to go to training and I was reluctant having never done it before.  After my first visit I saw immediately how beneficial this could be for me.  My baseball coaches, within two weeks, asked me if I had been working out – they had noticed the results and I was only going twice a week to Fitness Together*!  The one on one part of the training is what kept me focused on my own personal goals.  I like sports so I was interested in getting stronger in certain areas and I feel I have accomplished many of those goals.  It has been a lot of hard work on the way to improving my games but it has been a lot of fun as well.  I enjoy the challenges that Billy and Tim S. have given me and I look forward to continuing to work on what they have taught me.