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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Marcelle D.


I have been working out at FT for over a year and a half and cannot say enough good things about the experience. The trainers helped me develop a program targeted to my goals and fitness level and they provide me with the motivation and accountability to stick with it each and every week. The workout routines are changed every few weeks to constantly keep me challenged. The combination of resistance training and cardio has increased my strength, stamina and muscle definition. With their help I lost over 24 pounds and dropped 2 pants sizes in just 12 weeks.* I credit the hard work of the trainers at FT in helping me to achieve my weight loss goals much faster than anything I could have done on my own. The trainers are all dedicated, friendly professionals and I've truly enjoyed working with each of them. I highly recommend!


May 2012

I have been training at Fitness Together for one year... one amazing year! Prior to March of 2011, I had never stuck to a fitness effort for one day, never mind one year. I was always very optimistic that I would start tomorrow, but today was always filled with cupcakes, kids and endless other commitments. I might have gone on quite happily with the cupcake approach to life too except I was in constant pain. I had daily migraines and terrible muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. I couldn't carry a single bag of groceries, push a vacuum cleaner or pull laundry from the washing machine -- let alone carry my two-year-old son.

Fitness Together has changed all this and more for me. This amazing team of trainers has encouraged a full life transformation in me. I can haul and push my way through the weeks and I am not in pain. My body is much stronger and it feels GREAT to be stronger! I have gained confidence, toughness, focus and hope. At the beginning of my training, my biggest hope was to maybe someday be able to carry a bag of groceries without getting hurt. Today, thanks to Fitness Together, I can dead lift more than my entire body weight without getting hurt. A year ago, and all the years before that, every aspect of my life was limited by my lack of physical strength, but most limited was my belief in myself.

In helping me to become stronger, the team at Fitness Together has given me a most extraordinary gift: an awareness of my own untapped potential. How will I use this gift? Who will I become? As I start this second year at Fitness Together, I can think of only two answers: I will dream much bigger and I will become even stronger.

Mike, Derik, Erin and Elisa, though I could never thank you enough, thank you so much.

Carolyn Foley

July 2012

Fitness Together Newton Centre Tour

Jake, Newton Centre

July 2012

I have been going to Fitness Together for almost a year and I can only describe the experience as life changing. When I first started, I simply saw Fitness Together as a means to shed some weight in preparation for my wedding. Now, Fitness Together is part of my way of life. The atmosphere is great and the trainers are phenomenal. They are positive, motivational, well rounded people that always try to help you reach your maximum potential while also boosting your confidence. This in turn helped me achieve a lifelong physical goal, which was to become a 3rd degree Black Belt in Kempo Karate.

In Kempo Karate, a Black Belt test lasts for 8 hours, and it is the ultimate test of both the mind and body. I remember how ‘out of reach’ this goal felt for me because I knew I wasn’t ready to handle the physical requirements of an 8 hour test and this reduced my confidence significantly. With Fitness Together, my body became stronger and my confidence grew. Finally, I felt ready for the test. However, half way through the test I started having doubts as to whether or not I could finish. That’s when I heard the voice of Derik, my trainer, in my head. He kept telling me “C’mon, you can do this. You’re a WARRIOR” and suddenly I had all this confidence pouring out of me. I was able to finish the test and obtain the long awaited 3rd degree Black Belt I wanted.

For the trainers at Fitness Together, I would just like to say this:

Derik, Elisa, Erin, Mike and Ryan, thank you for helping me accomplish so much in my life over the past year. I hope I can continue to work hard and give you the 100% attitude that you all give day in and day out at Fitness Together!

JoAnne F.

December 2012

How long have you been coming to FT? I've been coming for 3 has it been that long? I began coming in preparation for upcoming knee surgery. I wanted to be a fit as I could be going into the surgery so recovery would be easier.

What brought you here originally and what keeps you here? I find it difficult to motivate myself to workout on my own so having to be accountable to a strict schedule with one person gets me to workout twice a week without fail. What keeps me coming back to FT is the people that work there. I like the atmosphere.

What were your original fitness goals? How have they changed? Weight loss has always been one of my main goals and though early on I dropped some weight, this piece has eluded me of late, and I have been focused on getting stronger after my second knee surgery. Recently Mike has changed my workouts to focus on getting my heart rate up, so maybe I will make some progress in the weight loss direction.

What problems have you faced along the way? Problems have been pain related, and recovering from 2 major surgeries. I've been plagued with joint pain in my knees and lower back that has remained almost constant. I have my good days, and I need to be careful not to over do things on those days because I always pay for those. I have also been told that I am a perfectionist and focus too much on doing the exercises the "right way". " Stop thinking so much! Just do it! I'll tell you if you need to correct something!"(...that's Mike talking to me during my session.) I think I'm getting better though.

What's your favorite exercise? Favorite exercise ...the ones I can do without having to stop and take a break. Gives me a sense of accomplishment and the energy to move right into the next exercise. I like the momentum. Also like the stretches at the end.

Kathie L. Chestnut Hill, MA


I have been going to Fitness Together in Newton Center for 3 years and my teenage daughter as been going for the past year and we love the experience. I have gotten stronger and much more fit as well as losing weight and my daughter as been training the muscles needed to excel in cheerleading. The trainers are both skilled and professional. They are terrific at putting together sets of exercises that target my specific goals and needs. It is a very welcoming environment and the trainers are super helpful in ensuring you are getting the most out of your workout. I would highly recommend Fitness Together to anyone of any age or fitness level..

O.M. Newton Centre, MA


My experience has been fantastic, but more importantly the results have been equally as great. After a month of training (and a change in diet), I have lost 10 lbs.* The trainers are thoughtful and supportive. I highly recommend.

Peter B.

September 2012

About six months ago I had my annual physical and my doctor yelled at me. She told me that I was too, heavy, that my blood pressure was too high and that I needed to lower my cholesterol—among other things. This was more than a bit depressing for me, as I had convinced myself that I was doing all the right things, by going to the gym four or five times a week and avoiding a lot of sweets. So I wondered aloud what I could do to turn things around. Without any hesitation, she recommend that I join Fitness Together, noting that she was a member and thought it was great.

So, I took her advice and I am delighted to say that she was right. I had my follow up appointment today and here are the numbers: I’ve dropped from 205 pounds to 184.* My blood pressure is 120 over 78.* My total cholesterol is down from 219 to 160.*

But beyond the numbers, I feel great! I’ve always been interested in athletics, but I’ve never been an athlete. Like so many, I’ve had my excuses. (Good ones, too, including two broken legs, a broken hip, a broken wrist and, last summer, a broken foot. And a busy job, a wife and two kids.) But at age 57, what exactly was I waiting for?

I love and look forward to each and every session—even though they’re at 6:00 AM. My trainer, Elisa, is fabulous. Every routine is thoughtfully and deliberately designed to address an important issue. She mixes in equal doses of positive feedback, encouragement and fun. And she yells at me (nicely) when I need to get through another rep and it seems impossible. She has also been a great resource for me when it comes to my diet and nutrition. In other words, she’s a great teacher who sees the total person.

In sum, I feel better than I have in years. I still have a long way to go to achieve all my goals, but I’m stronger, more fit than I’ve ever been. My wife has been fabulous supporting me (even though I have a fair amount of life insurance). And my daughter capped it all for me a couple of weeks ago. Moving her from one third floor apartment to another, I didn’t break any bones, didn’t drop any boxes of dishes and, more or less, kept up with her boyfriend. She paid me for all the toil and trouble of the move when she told me she was really proud of me. Can’t beat that!


June 2012

I started working out at Fitness Together almost a year ago now and have never felt stronger, more confident, and more determined to stay fit! I can now not only lift my heavy, stainless steel pots & pans with ease (trust me... This is huge!) but can fit into clothes I haven't worn in almost 15 years!* I can't stress enough how important the one-on-one sessions are for a custom made workout that can only be described as "good pain". I would never have pushed myself so hard to realize my full potential if it wasn't for my trainer's encouragement, dedication, and sunny disposition (seriously!). It's truly a joy training with such amazing professionals and you can be assured that at Fitness Together you will get out what you put in!

Susan G.

Newton Centre 2/28/12

I first came to Fitness Together in January 2011 propelled by New Year's resolutions and a desire to look as good as possible for my daughter's wedding. In the year that I have been training I have lost forty pounds, increased my strength, improved my flexibility and (very important to me) have improved my balance.* I realize that it isn't just how much I weigh but if I am getting the right nutrients. It isn't just about how many calories I expend but whether my workouts help me with balance (which diminishes as people age), flexibility, and strength. I don't love exercise but I love the comments people make about how great I look. I like being able to do things easily (like carry luggage up stairs at airports while traveling) that used to be tough. So how was the wedding? Great and I looked beautiful. But by my daughter's first anniversary I will not only look more beautiful but I will be more fit. My son startled me after the wedding when he asked why I would quit my work outs. He pointed out, ever so correctly, that I really wasn't just doing this for vanity and that my time and money could not be better spent than on doing things that would prolong my life and improve my health. Truer words were never spoken and I know that I am healthier than I have been (and have all the lab values to prove it), happier than I have been and I do look better than I have looked in a long time. Is it easy getting up earlier in the morning. No. Do I like sweating. No. But is Fitness Together the right place for me? Yes, because it is specific to what I need in all areas of fitness (nutrition, strength, balance, and flexibility). Thanks FT!

Barbara G. West Roxbury, MA


I started at Fitness Together on the advice of my doctor over one year ago. It was my first time working out with weights, and the results have been excellent. I've gotten stronger and more fit, and I really enjoy my time at the gym. The trainers are excellent, very professional and highly skilled. I've worked out with each of them, and they are all outstanding. The atmosphere at FT is totally welcoming, no matter what your age or stage of fitness. I give FT Newton Center my highest recommendation.

Claire N. Middlesex, MA


I trained with three of their trainers- Marissa, Angelica, and Sean, and all gave me a great work out that was tailored to exactly what I needed. Having an appointment with a personal trainer every week helped me motivate to work out and I can already see results. I highly recommend Fitness Together if you're looking for a custom fitness plan and are tired of paying for gyms and not going to them.

M.A.W. Newtonville, MA


I have been working out here for over 4 years - and I have only good things to say about Fitness Together and the trainers that I have worked with here. This year in particular the value of working out here was really brought home to me. I am a fifty something career woman who travels alot for work and suddenly I found myself sick with pneumonia, hospitalized and out of commission for over 3 months. It was clear to me and my doctors that the only reason that I was not sicker and not out of commission for longer was because I had been a regular at Fitness Together. So I have been saying happily that Fitness Together saved my life. And I am back at it as often as I can. See you there.