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Sleep Well

Jan 13, 2012

Sleep plays a huge roll in our lives. It impacts our mental energy, physical energy, hunger hormones, appearance, relationships, and everything else. Most of us will experience trouble with sleeping at some point in our lives and we all know how terrible it feels to try to function after a night of tossing and turning. Finding a strategy or several that will work for you consistently is difficult. There are lots of tips and advice all over the internet, but will they actually result in a good night of sleep? We are all individuals, so what puts me to sleep, may keep you up all night. The trick is experimentation. Do some research and try different things until something works. Don't give up!

My tricks are: covering up all kinds of lights on electronics so that the room is black, taking a magnesium supplement (Natural Calm), and reading a book to get my mind off of it all!

What are your tricks to getting a good night's sleep?


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