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Movie Review: Fed Up

Jan 1, 2015

We're often told, and we often think, that health and fitness are pretty simple concepts. If you're overweight, it's because you eat too much and exercise too little.
Fed Up is important because it challenges that idea. It's just not true that all calories are created equal, and that managing your weight is about balancing calories in with calories out. It matters what you're eating, not just how much. And if you're eating the wrong things, no amount of exercise can make you genuinely healthy. Fed Up makes this case, and it lays most of the blame for our obesity problem at the feet of processed food companies, rather than placing it on the shoulders of individuals - many of whom had their eating habits set when they were children. People often oppose programs intended to change these habits by appealing to the importance of personal responsibility. But the insidious thing about our overconsumption of processed foods, and especially of sugar, is that by affecting our brains it actually diminishes our ability to make good decisions about what to eat next. This is a must-watch documentary.


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