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Meet Joe: A Fitness Together Warrior

Apr 30, 2013

I started working with Joe in September of 2012. When we first met I asked him what his goals were and other then "get big" he wanted to learn how to power clean. The clean is a very complicated lift and after seeing his less than impressive back strength I decided we had a little ways to go before we could accomplish this. I think he saw the same and quickly changed his mind to what his goals were. I persuaded him to follow a strength based program in the beginning as a way to get him to a point to do more complex workouts and at these he excelled very quickly. We worked through the winter trying to put on size and strength until we got closer to his lacrosse season and switched up the workouts to get him where he needed to be to dominate the field. When Joe started with me he had some strength as shown from his 135 lbs bench press for 6 reps, barbell squat 165 lbs for 6 reps and his deadlift 195 lbs for 5 reps. As a result of his extremely hard work I have seen fantastic body results and even better stats. Joe now puts up 225lbs for 5 on the deadlift, 225lbs for 6 on the squat and has recorded an unbelievable 195lbs for 2 reps on the bench press! Not once did Joe ever say he couldn't do something. Everything I threw at him he tried and he succeeded. If he could not succeed it was on his short term goals to do so. It has been a pleasure to train Joe and watch him grow into the athlete he is today and look forward to training him further and see if we can get him even more "Swole. -Ryan

How long have you been training at FT? I've been training at FT for about four years, but this was the first year where I was coming in on a daily basis.

What brought you here and what keeps you here? I first came to FT because my brother knew Mike and I wanted to get in shape. I've stayed at FT for so long because I've gotten tremendous results, and because I feel really close with the staff. I think of the people at FT less as my trainers and more as my friends.

What were your original goals and are you still working on them? Have they changed? What problems have you faced in reaching your fitness goals? My first goal was actually to get a six pack (keep in mind, I was in eighth grade) so I suppose I'm still working on that. My goals since then have changed from appearance-based to strength and athleticism-based. Right now, I'm working on breaking 200 on bench press and breaking 300 on deadlift. What's your favorite exercise? My favorite exercise is probably back squats or single arm rows.

Least favorite exercise? Probably kettle bell swings or sled pushes.

Share a weird, random, interesting tidbit about yourself. When I was seven, I went through a phase where I only peed outside for a year. And I was born in Japan.

What's your favorite healthy food? HUMMUS! Can't ever eat enough hummus.

Any advice for other clients? If you ever doubt that you can change your body, think again. I previously never thought of myself as a muscular guy, but if you stick with your goals and push yourself in the training room, you might surprise yourself with just how strong you can be.


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