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Meet Jeff and Leah

Feb 13, 2013

Jeff started coming to FT almost a year ago. He is enthusiastic about everything even at 6am! When his travel schedule takes him away from home, he asks for workouts that he can do at his hotel! He's always up for a challenge and even participated in the Ruckus Run we did last Fall. After a few months of training, he was able to convince his wife, Leah, to join him for a Saturday workout. She started training individually soon after. She is especially good at using the kettlebells and bought some for her parent's house in Chicago. She splits her time between Boston and Chicago. It's really fun for me to train them each separately during the week and then together on Saturdays. The individual sessions give me a chance to really work on technique and then on Saturdays we focus more on keeping the heart rate high! -Elisa

How long have you been training at FT?

Jeff: Since March of 2012

Leah: Since May of 2012

What brought you here and what keeps you here?

Jeff: I wasn't happy with the trainers I was finding at the local gyms. What keeps me at FT is the level of attention and focus on my fitness goals I get from both Elisa and Mike. I am continuously challenged and I love the variety in the workouts.

Leah: I have worked with many trainers in the past, including two different trainers in Newton and was not impressed. I came to FT and after the first session with Elisa I was hooked. Leaps and bounds better than the other trainers I've worked with in the past!

Had you ever worked out with Jeff before you came to FT? Do you think it's a good idea to work out with a family member? What do you like about your Saturday workouts together?

Jeff: Leah and had never worked out together and she wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea at first but I think she has come to enjoy it. The reason it has worked so well for us is that we have our Sat morning session together but then each work out twice during the week on our own. The group session tends to be a bit more fun as many of the exercises require teamwork. The only downsize to the group session is that it is much harder to really push yourself and get the level of focus as you get in a 1 on 1 session with the trainers, again why we really like both our Saturdays together and then our individual sessions during the week.

Leah: I had not worked out with Jeff before our joint sessions with Elisa on Saturdays. We are both very competitive so it has been fun to work out together once a week and push each other; Elisa also does a great job incorporating partner exercises. We also both travel a lot so sometimes it's the first time we've really seen each other in nearly a week! That said, both of us very much enjoy our individual training sessions during the week and probably get a better individual workout so once a week is fun but the individual training sessions are very important for our own personal goals. I have not attended any of the small group sessions - I like the personal attention.

What were your original goals and are you still working on them? Have they changed? What problems have you faced in reaching your fitness goals?

Jeff: Hard question, the biggest motivation for me was wanting to lead a much healthier life style. My father has struggled with diabetes, weight and heart issues for years and I just finally decided I wasn't going to allow that to happen to me. So, I have certainly achieved my goal of a healthier life style but it is something I know have to continue as a priority in my life. The biggest challenge for me most recently has been getting a handle on my diet, the first six months or so I was seeing results with my workouts alone and now I'm at a place where my diet is becoming much more important. It continues to be a challenge with my travel schedule and business dinners but I am finding even just the smallest changes are making a difference.

What's your favorite exercise?

Jeff: Pull ups! I'm not exactly sure why but likely because I'm so proud of myself for being able to do them with out the bands now.

Leah: I love all things kettle bell! And oddly enough - the challenge of pull-ups has me looking forward to doing them and winning that battle!!

Least favorite exercise?

Jeff: Sprints of any kind!

Leah: Reverse elevated squats (is that what those awful things are called?)

Share a weird, random, interesting tidbit about yourself.

Jeff: I am an amazing ping pong player or at least used to be. Our table is folded up in the garage and I haven't yet found anyone to play.

Leah: I'm 17 weeks pregnant!

Any advice for other clients?

Jeff: Work hard, have fun and never be afraid to take risks.

Leah: Be consistent and persistent - it's always worth the effort!


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