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Why is balance an important part of my workout?

Why is balance an important part of my workout?

FT Team

Balance should be incorporated in everyone's workout routine because it is a skill that transfers over to everyday life for all of us. Regardless of whether someone is a collegiate athlete who needs to be able to maintain his or her balance through an array of challenging moves or an elderly person who just wants to feel more stable going down a flight of stairs everyone can benefit from balance work. Single leg exercises and cable exercises while on an unstable surface are two great ways to improve balance!-Keith

Balance is an important part of anyone's workout routine. For athletes, it will enhance your abilities to be stable in more positions. Same goes for people who partake in outdoor activities on their own such as hiking, biking, golf...really anything that requires you to move around. As we get older, balance work becomes important for making everyday activities safer and easier.-Kristen

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