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What are the benefits of a workout partner?

May 13, 2014

One reason having a workout partner can help you is it can make the time go by faster. When you workout alone, it is easy to watch the clock and feel the time drag by. Having that feeling can make it harder for you to get the motivation to work out. When you are able to chat with someone as you exercise, it makes the time go by faster. Another reason having a workout partner can help you is it will make you think twice about canceling a workout. When you answer to no one but yourself, it can become a habit to cancel a workout. If your workout partner is counting on you to be there for an exercise session, you'll be less likely to cancel! –Sara

A good workout partner can provide support, motivation, and help hold you accountable for showing up. Having a workout buddy is also a great way to socialize while doing a healthy activity. However, even the best workout partner generally won't be able give you the knowledge, advice, and tough workouts that a personal trainer can while ensuring your safety. -Keith


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