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What are some good calories burning activities athat aren't traditional exercise?

Mar 25, 2014

A good calorie burning activity that is not necessarily thought of as a workout is a good old fashion car wash done by hand. This can burn over a 100 calories if you put some elbow grease into scrubbing the car and washing the windows. With the warm weather (hopefully) right around the corner, get outside and give your car a good scrub down. For some extra calorie burning, clean the inside of the car as well as other family member's cars! –Sara

Two good calorie burning activities that aren't traditionally thought of as a workout are household cleaning and gardening. Both require constant movement along with contorting your body into awkward positions. Not only do you burn calories while moving around you can also work on balance and core stability while reaching and twisting!-Keith

Some good calorie burning activities that are not thought of as a workout could be lawn mowing (push mower), snow shoveling, grocery shopping and cleaning the house. These "chores" are often not related to exercise because they are not structured or planned workout programs. However, depending upon the severity and length of these activities they can be effective in burning unwanted calories.



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