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Weekly Nutrition Tip, Dec. #2

Weekly Nutrition Tip, Dec. #2

Dr. Janet Brill

  1. Eat CRANBERRIES! It’s holiday time so make sure you go for those super-nutritious, low-calorie cranberries! Why buy the expensive, over-hyped, pomegranate fruit juice when you can get serious healing power from a locally grown berry for a fraction of the price? Dried cranberries rank among the highest on the ORAC scale (measures antioxidant content) of any fruit, which means they may help reduce risk of disease. What’s more, cranberries contain compounds that help prevent urinary tract and other pesky infections. Toss them into salads, bake them into muffins or toss them into your morning cereal. Make your own cranberry sauce by boiling up fresh cranberries with some OJ, sugar and perhaps toss in some fresh oranges or apple slices.
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