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Trainer Tuesday! Whats the best or most creative gift you've ever given to your Mom or Grandma?

May 7, 2013


I used to teach a strength and conditioning class at a local gym on Sunday mornings. My mom always attended the class, even on Mother's Day. One year, with some assistance from my dad, I made a playlist for the class with her favorite songs from the past 30 years. She loved it, and I ended up doing it few years in a row.


I usually give something garden related for Mother's Day. In the past, I've helped to clean out my Grandmother's large garden...I enjoyed the outdoor work with my family and the happiness it gave my Gram was always well worth it!


I've always hated doing my chores at home. For Mother's Day one year I made my mom a coupon book. It was filled with chores that when she gave it to me I had to do immediately. I couldn't do my usual "I'll do it in a minute". She thought it was the best idea! Now I don't mind doing them.


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