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Trainer Tuesday: What's the biggest excuse you hear as to why people can't get fit?

Aug 27, 2013

The most common excuse I hear as to why people can't get fit is that they don't have time to fit exercise in. My response is that if you have time to watch a TV show or browse on social networks, then you have time to fit in a mini work out. You could even make a game out of it. For example, you could see how many squats or how long you can hold a plank during the commercial breaks between your favorite TV show. It's all about getting up and doing something. Waking up just 20 minutes earlier can make a huge difference as well. The longer you wait to do something, it could have already been completed. –Sara

The most common excuse I hear for why a person can't exercise is an injury or perceived limitation they have. Whether it's "bad knees", a "bum shoulder", or "back problems", many people seem to believe that an injury to one part of the body means they can't do anything whatsoever. There are ways to work around just about any type of injury a person has, limiting the impact, and carefully monitoring the weights used for someone with a bad back or knees is a good way to work around that. Many people with shoulder problems and change their grip, or modify certain exercises to alleviate the pain. At the end of the day, if someone has really severe limitations with a certain joint, or muscle group a routine can be created to work around it entirely, while still providing a challenging workout.

If I'm comfortable enough with the client, I'll tell them the reason a certain part of the body hurts is probably because it's been neglected, ignored, and beaten up from years of bad form on poorly selected exercises. That's generally the real reason anyway. -Keith


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