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Trainer Tuesday: What is your greatest accomplishment since starting at FT?

Aug 13, 2013

I'd say my greatest accomplishment since starting at FT has been learning A LOT about myself, and how much I am capable of. Beginning as a first-time personal trainer and now as a manager, I have made many mistakes along the way, but learned from each one. My self-confidence has improved immensely, and I believe that is a great accomplishment.


My greatest accomplishment since working at FT has been learning the ability to train clients at all different levels of physical fitness. As a trainer it is important on how well you can assess a client's strength, endurance, flexibility and motivation. Honing in on each aspect is different with every client but essential to helping them meet their own goals. I found this difficult when I first started personal training, but now I feel that it is something I excel at.


My greatest accomplishment since training at Fitness Together is improving my interpersonal communication skills. You come in contact with a lot of different people so finding a way to relate to them and to communicate to them in ways that they understand has definitely helped me in this profession.


My greatest accomplishment since starting at Fitness Together has been improving my time management skills. Not just in terms of keeping everything on schedule when training a number of clients in a row, but other aspects of life too. When starting at FT I was determined to not let my occasional tardiness interfere with me being ready at the start of my shifts. I realized how nice it was to arrive early, go over workout programs, and get settled in that I've become much more conscious of being timely, if not early, in other areas of my life. Not rushing to things at the last minute can be very relaxing!



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