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Trainer Tuesday: What are the healthiest foods to eat at a barbecue?

Jun 18, 2013

Healthy foods at barbecues can be plentiful depending upon the chef's selection. When considering meats, opt for a grilled chicken breast, fillet of fish or a tasty turkey burger. Make sure to use whole grain whole-wheat rolls and low calorie condiments, such as mustard. Sautéed veggies, salads and fruit, especially pineapple, make excellent sides at any BBQ. Also, check out some low calorie iced teas (Crystal Light) to help amplify the flavors of a cookout on a hot summer day.


The healthiest thing you can have at a barbecue is the fruit salad! It is loaded with antioxidants especially if it contains berries and it is refreshing on those hot summer days. Also, remember to hydrate! Water is the ultimate thirst quencher that won't wreck your diet and if you drink before you eat, it will help keep you full so you won't over indulge on less healthier choices. -Sara

I feel that the healthy food choices at a cookout are no different than healthy food choices in general, it just may be a little bit harder make them. Fresh vegetables and lean proteins are two groups of food that should never be ignored. One advantage of having these at a cookout is that you can rely on the added flavor a food gets from being grilled and stay away from caloric condiments and dressings. Just make sure you opt for chicken breasts and lean burgers instead of chicken wings and rib eye steak! –Keith

My favorite dishes at barbecues are salads...and not just the vegetable variety. I have made and/or tried many cold pasta salads made healthier with whole wheat pasta, fresh veggies and olive-oil based dressings. Other delicious whole grain cold salads can be made with quinoa, chopped veggies, nuts and/or dried fruits. Recipes are highly accessible on the internet and in many contemporary cookbooks. Hannah


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