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Trainer Tuesday: What are some sources of excess sodium that you may not know?

Jul 16, 2013


A source of dietary sodium that people may not know about is cottage cheese. Known for its good source of calcium and protein, cottage cheese can be a healthy and filling snack. With an average of 400mg of sodium per 1/2 cup however, it can turn a healthy dish into a high sodium one. Look for cottage cheese with "no salt added" and enjoy it on top of fruit for a tasty treat or on top of your salad!


Deli meat such as sliced turkey, ham, and roast beef, while great source of generally lean protein, often come loaded with sodium. Often times 1 serving (generally 2 ounces of meat) contain between 350-500mg of sodium. Certain brands contain even more! Thin 'n Trim is a brand that does have a number of lower sodium cuts of deli meat, these cuts can drop the sodium to around 200mg/serving. While still not exactly a low sodium item, 200mg/serving is much better than 500mg.

One additional tip in regards to sodium (and all nutrients actually) is to make sure you're aware of the serving size. Deli meat is a great example of this. Not only can one serving contain 500mg of sodium, that same serving is only 2oz. I personally don't think I've ever only had 2oz of deli meat in a sandwich which means a sandwich I have could easily contain 1500mg of sodium if I'm not careful. That's 75% of the recommended daily value!


Canned vegetables are a hidden source of potentially high sodium. Although they do boost nutrition by adding vitamins and healthful nutrients, just 1/2 cup of many popular varieties (tomatoes, corn) can contain 300-500 milligrams of sodium! So beware of nutrition labels and choose brands that offer either "low sodium" or "no salt added".


Packaged deli meats contain outrageous amounts of sodium. One serving (2 slices) of packaged roast beef or salami can contain over 350mg of sodium. Often times people will go far beyond the serving size with most deli meats when making a sandwich which can lead to a sodium packed meal without even realizing it. Be a label reader and stay aware of the recommended serving sizes.


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