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The Holidays Are Coming - Tips To Stay On Track

Oct 29, 2021

I know most of us are still wondering how Summer ended so fast, but the truth is the cold weather is approaching and with it, the Holidays. This time of year, while exciting, often leads to extra sleepiness and stress, and we often end up telling ourselves “I’ll just pick it up in the new year”. Pushing pause, even for a little while, may seem enticing, but ultimately it ends up making you feel more sluggish and less inspired. Plus, it makes it harder to start up again when things slow down. So, instead of taking a break, we need to look at strategies to make health fit into your life, through every season.

  1. Stay strong to your schedule - If you train at Fitness Together, you’re already familiar with this. If you schedule it in, you can schedule the rest of your life around it. What if you're entertaining guests all week? Well, you could bring them with you! After all, it is part of your life that they could share in. If they don’t want to go, go anyway. Your goals and your time are important -- you have to stick to what makes you feel good, even when things are crazy -- your happiness is a priority.
  2. Make it yourself - In a season full of family dinners and parties, the less-than-healthy food/drink choices are plenty. And you should enjoy some of what you like! But, remember, you enjoy feeling healthy, too. Why not make some light alternatives and serve them/bring them with you? I know it’s not always fun to be the one who brings a hummus platter instead of chips, but, trust me, there will be others there thanking you. If you can’t serve or bring your own options, eat a healthy meal before your event. I always fill up on a salad before, so when I get there, I’m less ravenous around the chicken wings and fries.
  3. Something is better than nothing - Let’s say you’re traveling and you don’t have your normal gym equipment around. You may not be able to do the same routine you usually do, but there’s always some way to move-- if you’re not sure what to do, schedule a virtual appointment with us! Just get it in so you stay in the habit and keep your mind and body sharp.
  4. Don’t make room for excuses - There’s no easy way to say it, when it comes to fitting in fitness, some times are harder than others. You have to have the determination that you’re not going to give up, even when things change. Keep in mind why you started and how you feel when you’re doing your best; let that fuel that first step out the door on a chilly day. You have motivation, don’t let life get in the way of reaching and maintaining your goals.

The holiday season lasts months, and, unfortunately, that is enough time to lose progress. Again, you don’t have to be perfect all the time to succeed, and you shouldn’t feel bad about taking a day off to enjoy life here and there. Keep in mind, though, that exercising and eating healthy make you happy (maybe not in the moment, but still). You feel stronger, have more energy, feel less pain -- your healthy lifestyle is what makes life better to live. You've come this far, don't stop now.


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