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Staying Motivated Through Change and Stress

May 18, 2022

Change. There’s the good kind and the bad kind… and I’m sure most of us have experienced both.

The change you have been longing for and looking forward to.

The change that came out of nowhere and threw you for a loop.

The change you know is going to happen, but you’re dreading.

Even the smallest of changes can affect our day-to-day lives. When it comes to exercise, some people use it as an outlet to get away from the stresses of their daily lives, but when things change drastically in someone's life, prioritizing the gym is often one of the first things to be kicked to the curb. We get so overwhelmed with the change that’s happening that we stop taking care of ourselves.

Whether your life has changed due to an unforeseen circumstance, or you saw the change coming for some time, staying active in the gym can actually be quite beneficial for your body and brain when you are experiencing stress. Instead of leaving the gym when you are stressed, try and use the gym as an outlet.

Why does exercise help with stress?

Exercise pumps up endorphins. Endorphins are known as the brain's “feel-good” neurotransmitters. Physical activity is directly correlated to the release of endorphins. Exercise also aids in reducing the ‘negative’ effects of stress. It creates positive effects on our cardiovascular, respiratory and immune systems by helping protect your body from all the negative stress.

How can we prioritize exercise during stressful times?

Having a set appointment

This can help keep you accountable. It can be easy to let yourself down, but if you have someone on the other side, waiting for you to show up, you have a sense of accountability to getting yourself there and doing the best you can for that person.

Catering to your likes and dislikes

Make sure you are enjoying what you are doing! If you are someone who doesn’t like running, then don’t feel like you have to run! If you prefer the bike, then do that! There are many ways to engage in physical activity and get in a great workout while also prioritizing your happiness!

Set small goals

Sometimes when we set huge goals that are hard to achieve in the time frame we want, that disappointment can cater to our stress. Start by setting small goals that will eventually lead to your big goal. Mini accomplishments are awesome and give you something to continuously work towards!

Have a workout partner

While some people like to work out alone, if you do not have a personal trainer, try working out with a friend! Sometimes having someone to push you along the way that you are familiar with can help you stay motivated. You guys can teach each other things along the way, and maybe even build a stronger relationship through this.

Think about the benefits of exercise

Like stated above, exercise helps stress tremendously. Even when you are going through a lot of change and feel stressed, let exercise be that stable thing in your life that keeps you going! You are going to get so many benefits, both physical and mental from exercising!

If you are feeling extra stressed and are experiencing a great deal of change, contact Fitness Together and book your first appointment today for that jump start on your journey!


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