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June Client of The Month

Jul 2, 2020


Congratulations Mary G.!

Mary has been a client at FT for exactly one year this month! She has carried an amazing attitude and energy to her workouts all year. Mary first sought out FT for training because she was frustrated with her knee problems and wanted to make a change with her exercise routine. She was looking to strengthen her knee so she could protect and support to help avoid falling. Mary was also looking to build total body strength.

Mary’s favorite part of being a client at FT is how much she has enjoyed strength training. She loves the training staff and looks forward to every session because each brings new challenges, and the trainers do not let the sessions become too repetitive.

Mary’s favorite exercise is the dead bug and she also says that the tank is a close second. Mary says her proudest achievement while training at FT is being able to hold a plank for a minute (and sometimes longer) daily. Overall, Mary feels more stable and stronger all around. She says she loves the feeling of being strong because it makes her feel like her body is a friend that she can rely on consistently.


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