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It's Trainer Tuesday! What are the best good bone-building foods?

Apr 30, 2013


Calcium-rich foods are essential for bone building.

Some that you may not realize are broccoli, and dark, leafy greens such as spinach and kale!


A good bone-building food is almonds. An ounce of almonds contain about as much calcium as a 1/4 cup of milk. Add some to your salads or as a snack for an extra dose!


Making sure you get a sufficient amount of calcium through your diet is important to maintaining healthy bones, and preventing osteoporosis The recommended dosage varies slightly depending on age and gender, but all adults should shoot for a minimum of 1,000mg per day. This isn't the whole story though, in addition to taking in adequate amounts of calcium it is important to make sure you are consuming foods with vitamins D and K as well. These two vitamins help regulate the calcium levels in your body. Fortunately, many foods that are high in calcium also contain vitamin D and or K. This is especially true of dairy products, and leafy greens. Remember, calcium is important, but make sure your body is in a position to effectively use that calcium by keeping your vitamin D and K at a healthy level too!


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