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It's Trainer Tuesday!

It's Trainer Tuesday!

FT team

April 22 is Earth Day. What's something you can do to stay in shape and

help the environment at the same time?


Planting your own garden or helping to plant a community garden is a great way to burn some extra calories as well as to help clean up the air. It puts more oxygen into the air helping the environment whether you are planting trees or flowers!


A great way to stay in shape while helping the environment is to volunteer at a local park or playground. Many parks and playgrounds need planting and or other landscaping done each spring and fall. It may not seem like much but spend an afternoon raking, collecting debris, or planting flowers and I bet you'll feel pretty tired the next day.


Riding your bike or walking instead of driving is a great way to limit your carbon foot print and get exercise! When the weather allows, these alternate means of transportation not only help use less fuel, but also can be less stressful than driving!

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