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If I stop physical activity, will my muscles turn to fat?

Aug 12, 2014

When you stop training, your muscles do not 'turn into' fat. After a few weeks or even days you make feel weaker and after a more significant amount of time your muscles will atrophy, which means they will get smaller. Because of this, your metabolism may slow and you will not be burning as many calories as you were when you were training, so it will be much easier to gain weight. So muscles don't turn into fat, but fat can be gained in response to a slowed or stopped training regimen.-Kristen

No this cannot happen as muscle and fat are simply two different substances. What will happen though is that your muscles will slowly shrink if you stop working them, and fat cells may replace some of the muscle you once had but your muscles will not turn to fat. If you are forced to break from your regular exercise routine some loss of muscles mass is inevitable. In order to prevent gaining weight, and presumably fat, make sure you refigure your caloric intake at a level of reduced activity.-Keith

If you stop your physical activity, your muscles will not turn to fat. Muscle and fat are made up of two separate tissues so it is impossible to turn muscle into fat and fat into muscle. It is likely that if you stop doing any type of physical activity that you will accumulate more fat tissue which will cover the muscles. –Sara


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