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How can I make fitness part of my routine?

Jul 22, 2014

The best way to make fitness part of your routine is to treat your workouts as if they were meetings. This is easy to do if you work with a personal trainer, but even if you go to the gym or take classes by yourself book them in your weekly schedule. If something comes up and you cannot possibly keep your workout appointment make sure to reschedule it just like you would a business meeting or Dr.'s appointment. In order to see real gains you must commit the time and put in the effort. Schedule your workouts before the week begins, and hold yourself accountable for working hard while you're there.-Keith

You can make fitness part of your routine by making it a habit. Just like it is habit for some people to have a cup of coffee in the morning while reading the newspaper, try to make fitness a habit. A way to start is by 2 or 3 days a week start by adding in some type of fitness ritual. It could be a 20 minute walk in the morning, a 20 minute quick strength workout on your lunch break, or going to the gym right after work. Once it becomes a habit it will just seem like a part of your routine that you have to do.-Sara

The best way to make fitness part of a routine is to schedule out blocks of time in your week. Treat it as a meeting or appointment and you'll be less likely to skip. Also, meeting up with a friend (or trainer!!) will hold you even more accountable..and make it more fun too!-Kristen


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