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How can I avoid gaining weight while training for an endurance event?

Jul 1, 2014

When training for an endurance event, keep in mind that while building up cardio endurance is an important part of physical health, it does not build muscle and raise metabolism the way that strength training does. To maintain weight while training, you can continue to lift weights as part of your training, or you can adjust your diet. You will still need some extra calories, especially carbs, before long events but you will not need the same amount of extra fats and protein as you would for the rebuilding of muscles that happens after weight training.- Kristen

To avoid gaining weight while training for an endurance event, add strength training to your fitness routine. Adding muscle boosts your metabolism because it burns calories. Strength training will also improve your running as you create a stronger, more balanced physique. This will also reduce your risk of injury too.-Sara

Increasing your exercise in preparation for an endurance event does not give you a license to eat everything in sight. In fact because you will be asking more of your body during this stretch of time it is extremely important to fuel it with high quality nutrition. If you are feeling hungry (which will probably happen) start adding in an extra healthy snack before and or after your workout. Just make sure the additional calories you take in are healthy and in moderation.-Keith


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