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As we continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), 
we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our customers and partners. 

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Blog / Nutrition

Hannah Stellmach Apr 15, 2020 Nutrition

Five Tips to maintain or improve healthy eating habits

As we are taking strong measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, self quarantine and the temporary closing of businesses may affect normal food-related practices and fresh items are becoming less available. 

Good nutrition is crucial for health, especially in times when the immune system may need to fight back, the limited access to fresh food can lead to a high consumption of processed food, which tend to be sugar, salt and fat.

For optimal health it is also important to remain physically active at home. 

Here are 5 Tips to maintain or improve healthy eating habits even with few and limited ingredients :


Fitness Together Team Apr 15, 2020 Nutrition

Keep the Immune System strong! Boost it up with a couple good smoothie ideas....

FT Team Apr 13, 2017 Nutrition

Adding citrus fruit to green tea boots the level of antioxidants that survive the digestive system up to 13 fold. 

FT Team Mar 30, 2017 Nutrition

Eat fresh fruit whenever possible! Dried fruit causes major nutrient loss by depleting 30-80% of its vitamins and antioxidant content.

FT Team Mar 16, 2017 Nutrition

Blueberries! 1/2 cup contains more antioxidants than any other common fruit or vegetable tested. 

FT Team Feb 23, 2017 Nutrition

Don't deprive yourself of wholesome, nutritious foods, as this can lead to overeating!

FT Team Feb 9, 2017 Nutrition

Eat slowly! You can save up to 70 calories by eating over the course of a half hour compared to 10 minutes.

FT Team Jan 26, 2017 Nutrition

Avoid processed food. During food processing real food loses beneficial nutrients and is replaced with added sugars, trans fats and other harmful ingredients. 

FT Team Jan 19, 2017 Nutrition

Supplements DO NOT replace REAL food! Try to get the majority of the nutrients through fresh food, it'll go a long way! 

FT Team Jan 12, 2017 Nutrition

Added sugar is very harmful to your health that causes disease and contributes to obesity. Try grabbing a fresh piece of fruit instead!  

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