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    Private Studio Suites and LIVE 1-on-1 Virtual Training to make it easier to stay on track with your goals.

The hardest part is getting started.


Newburyport Personal Training

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As fitness professionals, our personal trainers help clients by motivating them to make exercise a fun part of their lives. Whether it's improving your overall health and wellness, or seeking fitness through strength training, helping you get out of bed without pain, running faster, jumping higher, or learning about your weight management options to reach your fitness goals, we're eager to start you on a journey that can change your life forever.

Here are the areas of fitness we specialize in:

Baby Boomer/Older-Adult Training, High-Intensity Interval and Tabata Training, Small Group or Partner Training, Mixed Martial Arts Inspired Workouts, Boot Camps, Training for Women, Youth Fitness, Strength Training or Body Weight Training - we're ready to guide you in achieving your fitness and health goals.

Our nutrition program, Nutrition Together*, isn't about dieting. It's about giving you the knowledge to change how you eat. Nutrition counseling sessions will cover topics ranging from how to eat light (and enjoy it) to grocery shopping, dining out and changing unhealthy eating behaviors. When you add smart nutrition to regular workouts, you have an unbeatable program for helping to meet your fitness goals.

Fitness Together has the perfect program to get you the results you want - please call978.961.0335;or email Fitness Together today and learn more.

Please follow us on our blog for fitness information on cardio, nutrition, strength, success stories, fitness trends as well as fun topics and other ideas.


Signature fit evaluation that includes an in-depth health history and lifestyle review, movement and posture analysis, and mini workout, all used to design a program that is unique to you.

  • "It's all rwelly the same as previous reviews."   ― T. A. J.

  • "Personalized training plans that keep my workouts exciting and fresh makes me look forward to working out!"   ― E. W.

  • "Wonderful trainers—friendly, knowledgeable, providing personal attention, flexibility...all round great experience!"   ― M. G.

  • "The care, concern and knowledge of each of the trainers continues to be a hallmark of FT. I'm also impressed with the depth of the periodic fitness testing/reports. They are extremely descriptive and the data and metrics they provide is invaluable in evaluating progress towards goals as well as overall health and wellness. "   ― D. J.

  • "Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Customized workouts, and fleible scheduling."   ― J. G.

  • "The trainers are knowledgeable and dedicated to keeping you motivated and fit. I enjoy both the virtual pack and the in-studio workouts. "   ― K. C.

  • "I have been thrilled with the way FT has been so responsive during these crazy times. They switched to remote training in March and have been able to help clients continue their training in the safety of their own home. I have had limited equipment at home, but the sessions have been challenging and Zoom has made it possible for the trainers to be able to watch me and still correct my form. At 66, I say you have a choice FT (Fitness Together) or PT (Physical Therapy) I know a number of people have gone back to the gym, but I feel that I am getting a great work out at home. I think this is going to be incredibly important this winter. Thanks Sean & Hannah (and the whole team!) for your commitment to each and everyone of your clients!"   ― S. B.

  • "Affable staff Variety of workouts Customization & attentiveness"   ― S. D.

  • "Training is tailored to your needs and goals. Trainers are knowledgeable and friendly. Working with different trainers is a plus! Each has something of value to share. Routines change every session."   ― L. M.

  • "It makes me do what needs to be done. I am treated as an equal. The Trainers are caring as is the ownership. "   ― H. T.

  • "Training at FT has been an awesome experience! There is a combination of instruction, accountability, goal oriented programs, motivation and professionalism that just works. "   ― B. A.

  • "Location to home. Clean gym w knowledgeable trainers. "   ― T. G.

  • "I really enjoy the personalized workouts with the trainers every single time. It was also great to be able to workout at home during quarantine with the trainers via zoom."   ― A. S.

  • "I have been very happy with how FT has allowed me to stay active during the C-19 pandemic. They quickly pivoted to virtual classes that continue to provide the instruction and motivation like I was there in person. I value the variety of exercises and the intensity that the trainers provide to help keep me focused. I am very happy to have FT working to help me stay in shape. "   ― K. C.

  • "The trainers are all very helpful, friendly, easy to work with. FT is very flexible about working with my changing schedule. I have been having great success with virtual training during Covid-19 but I know that they are doing regular cleaning for those who want to be present in person. I was not someone who had every worked with a trainer before and was nervous about it but the FT folks have made it easy and enjoyable...and I feel much stronger."   ― M. G.

  • "All the trainers continue to impress me with their knowledge and close attention to my progress and goals, instantly modifying any exercise if needed and always surprising me with different ways to work the same muscle groups. It's NEVER boring! Their positive attitude and overall genuine concern continues to be outstanding and is a reflection of who they are as people. "   ― D. J.

  • "I've been going to FT Newburyport for more than 6 years and it has been an awesome experience. I work hard during the training sessions but time flies by. Highly recommended."   ― D. O.

  • "I had been able to build muscle in my back, which helped alleviate pain. I did not know I had accomplished that, until I stopped due to an eye injury. The trainers help you help yourself."   ― H. T.

  • "The FT Team is top notch! It is a friendly atmosphere and the professional trainers teach proper technique/form. The sessions are challenging and motivating...and never boring!. You set your goals and a personalized program is created to help you reach your targets! The reward is more challenges. I love it! Also, with COVID -19 restrictions/concerns, the FT Team switched to virtual training without missing a beat. I was very grateful to be able to continue my training. Thank you for helping me to stay on track!"   ― B. A.

  • "FT performs like a familiar community of trainers and trainees, all working towards similar goals "   ― C. D.

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