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Hit the Mount Hood Trails

Apr 26, 2012

When you are not training inside the studio with your Fitness Together Personal Trainer it is essential that you are keeping up with your cardio in order to keep burning calories and exercising the heart.

As the Spring arrives there is no better cardiovascular enjoyment than hitting the trails to do some trail walking or trail running.

The trails at Mount Hood are a fantastic way to change up your everyday exercise routine. There are four different trails — Rocky View, Knox Memorial, Flagg Acres and Seaview — as well as Mount Hood Memorial Park. The trails vary in difficulty and also result in different routes and views. The interconnected trail system can be accessed at various locations, including behind Mount Hood Golf Course.

Trail walking or running can be a great alternative to using the streets, tracks or treadmills.

The biggest benefit of trail running is the positive impact on your joints. Trails provide a more giving surface in contrast to the hard pavement. This can be extremely beneficial for those who suffer from joint problems, lower back pains and shin splints.

Another benefit to trails is the training on uneven surfaces, hills and other natural elements. These types of challenges can give you a different workout that your traditional streets and treadmills cannot. Training on uneven surfaces can improve your balance and improve your stabilizing muscles. When you are climbing up and down hills, you improve your leg strength and can also improve your muscular endurance.

Lastly, the nature aspect to trail running cannot be beat. Trails provide you with a picturesque scenery that never gets dull. Mount Hood has some amazing views of Boston and the surrounding communities as well as views of nature. This trumps buildings and stop signs any day of the week. You also get to breathe the fresh air that the woods provide and avoid the exhaust from vehicles and indoor airs which are not beneficial to your exercise.

Grab a friend, a partner or an animal and HIT THE TRAILS!


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