Personalized attention and coaching provided VIRTUALLY!

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New Clients - just 7 virtual training spots available!

We are excited to continue to provide our expertise, customized programming and the support of our team in a creative way - virtual training sessions!

While our Fitness Together® studio will need to temporarily close for the health and safety of everyone, our community will stay intact and we will continue to support you in your health and wellness journey by making your personal training sessions available through virtual training!

How this works: To help make this option seamless, our personal trainers are available to personally work with you on how to conduct your virtual training sessions.

At your scheduled appointment time, we will join you virtually via ZOOM (it’s very simple to use and we will provide step by step instructions). We will guide you (live and in-person) through a training program that’s been designed and modified just for you!

We’ll spend as much time as we need during your first session talking with you and assessing your current condition prior to beginning your training so we make sure we understand any limitations you may have.

It’s the same great personalized attention and coaching that we provide in-studio:
Written out exercises and tips to follow along the live training

  • Precautions and tips for working out at home
  • Accountability, camaraderie and ongoing support with regular check-ins outside of your training sessions

Take the next step: Now is the time to take a step to pursuing your health and wellness goals in the comfort of your own home, with a private personal trainer. Our personal trainer team has limited availability and schedules fill up fast!

Start your FREE VIRTUAL TRAINING SESSION by filling out the form below and we'll give you a call to schedule your sessions.

  • "I have been a client at FT Westborough for a long time and they have done a really good job of finding the nicest and most knowledgable trainers in the business. They really work with you to get the best out of you all the while having fun. It's the best 45 minutes of my day."   ― A. M.

  • "Personable and professional training, on time, prepared for covid19 issues, private gym, age-appropriate for teens, adults. "   ― A. R. C.

  • "Great trainer, flexible scheduling, great results!"   ― O. W.

  • "Great service!!!! Even with sheltering-in-place, DJ has continued to come up with challenging workouts. "   ― S. R.

  • "Individual training. Different exercises all the time. Focus on form. Ability to work out and work around injuries."   ― J. P.

  • "I feel like this is the best place to work out as each workout is tailored to your needs. All the trainers are very nice and the management is superb and very caring. They meet you where you're at especially if you have injuries or any workarounds that you are concerned about. I have been going here for many years and loved it."   ― E. K.

  • "Trainers go out of their way to create varied exercises, which keeps things from being routine."   ― M. G.

  • "Personal attention to help achieve personalized goals. "   ― D. H.

  • "One on one. Specific to my goals. Accountability because my coach is working with me. "   ― K. C.

  • "I love the one-on-one training! No interruptions like training sessions at a usual gym!!!"   ― G. T.

  • "Trainers are excellent Program is customized Owner is committed to his clients "   ― C. F.

  • "The trainers and the personal training they provide. It is NOT one size fits all!"   ― S. K.

  • "Great trainers. Always get a good workout!"   ― M. G.

  • "They are very professional and provide effective solution as per the needs of the person. "   ― V. S.

  • "Personalized training based on individual goals and objectives. Jess is an awesome fitness trainer. Steve is a great business owner."   ― C. F.

  • "Smart, high quality trainers."   ― A. C.

  • "I love the professionalism and discipline of the trainers.They push and motivate you positively! I love working out with them."   ― M. B.

  • "The full individual attention during the training.The FT trainers would correct me if I am not doing the exercise properly, whether it is my posture or my exercise level and it is based on my need. Exercise without knowing why and how can actually hurt rather then build the body. Equally important for older people is stretching. As people get older, body get stiff easily. So stretching and building the joints supporting muscles are so important. I rather spent my money on correcting my posture and building my muscles that make me feel good then spending it on doctors' office and hospitals."   ― J. T.

  • "I've never felt more welcomed as a person as I have at Fitness Together. I was nervous at first, afraid of failing at the program, but it turns out I'm doing better than I gave myself credit for. The staff of course has a lot to do with that, mostly John! Cant' thank them all enough!"   ― D. L.

  • "I love it! the trainers keep me focused and moving forward toward my goals."   ― K. Z.

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