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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Kathy N,  Senior Manager Clinical Research Operations, retired

Medical Condition: Rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, lower back pain

Prescription: Fitness Together personal training

When I came to Fitness Together, I had just started returning to regular activities following a series of physical issues including rotator cuff injury, followed by frozen shoulder, immediately followed by frozen shoulder in the other shoulder. Add in a lower back issue and basically, I had been in physical therapy and other treatments by a physiatrist and a sports medicine doctor for about three years.

I was 59 years old, had healthy eating habits, wasn’t over-weight and was at least moderately active when these injuries occurred. It was especially discouraging that I had spent a great deal of time and money to “get well” and I wasn’t even back where I had started in terms of physical ability. All that I really had achieved was to temporarily fix what wasn’t working, with no real plan for how to prevent similar occurrences.

How has FT helped you?

Fitness Together is a place to exercise that offers personally designed exercise program. FT has helped me to strengthen my entire body and improve mobility, especially in my shoulders. Also, with a stronger core, I very seldom have even mild back pain. All of this has taken place without injury due to my trainer’s careful observation and listening and workouts that are tailored for me.

The best thing FT has done for me is helping me to improve my physical ability such that I have gone from barely being able to hold a baby in my arms to lifting carrying, playing, running and generally caring for all of my grandchildren on a routine basis. And I feel strong and confident in doing so.

Ailsa McMenenmy

What personal challenges brought you to Fitness Together?

"I have had arthritis in my back for years and it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to continue doing the things that I enjoyed like gardening and hiking. Any amount of yard work or vigorous activity was causing my back to spasm and become really painful. It was also becoming increasingly more difficult to sleep. The trainers at FT were able to come up with individualized workouts that worked for me. Their motivation and support made the transition very welcoming and easy."

How has FT helped you?

"Through a rigorous routine of sessions 3 times a week and actively doing cardio I have strengthened the muscles in my back as well as my entire body which has made me stronger and in return it has helped reduce the pain that I experience. My doctors told me that the arthritis would only continue to get worse and that the only thing they could do was pain management and they gave me prescriptions for pain medication. Through hard work and support from my trainers I have been able to reduce the level of pain in both my back and hips and now enjoy a fuller quality of life (prescription fee)."

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Dave Norden

Dave Norden came to Fitness Together 40 lbs. overweight and suffering from back pain. Says trainer Brendan Stapleton, “When I first met Dave, he was lacking the confidence he needed to get fit and live a healthier life. He wasn’t ready to take that step without a trainer.” Dave began with private one-on-one training and now does Pack Small Group Training four times a week. In 8 months, Dave lost 40 lbs, gained strength and confidence and is seeing improvements with every workout.* “He’s much stronger and fitter,” says his trainer, “but at the same time he’s definitely gained a lot of the confidence that he needed to live a healthier lifestyle.” Dave’s next goal? The Boston Marathon.

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Dr A, Pediatrician

Medical Condition: Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure

Prescription: Fitness Together personal training

I came to Fitness Together to be fit and for general well-being. In particular, I wanted to lower my blood sugar A1C to a safer level.

How has FT helped you?

Through Fitness Together's program, I improved my diet and exercise and was able to lower my A1C from 6.7 (type 2 diabetes) to 5.8 A1C (healthy level) without any drugs!

I do strength training twice a week and cardiovascular exercise four times a week. My nutrition is greatly improved. The result is I've lost inches in my waist and lowered my blood glucose level.

Linda Norden

Linda came to Fitness Together when she realized she weighed as much as she had when she was pregnant more than a decade ago. She had become self-conscious and was dressing to hide her weight. Says trainer Brendan Stapleton, “When I first met Linda, I knew we were going to be able to help her.” Linda dedicated herself to the fitness and nutrition program outlined by her trainer and lost 25 lbs. and went from a tight size 12, to a 4/6.* Her trainer says, “The biggest improvement I’ve seen in Linda is her over all improved well-being, but everything has really improved 100%.” Linda agrees, “I’ve walked into many gyms and never showed up again. At Fitness Together I walked in, and I don’t ever want to walk out!”

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Tracy Simpson

Tracy first came to Fitness Together when she realized the baby weight she’d put on three years prior wasn’t going to come off without some major changes to her lifestyle. Tracy committed to her training and nutrition program and saw greater results than she ever imagined. “My trainers are amazing. They are the primary reason why I come here.” Since starting at FT Tracy has lost 50 lbs. and went from a size 14 to a size 2.* She also increased strength and flexibility and has competed in the incredibly demanding Tough Mudder challenge. Trainer Tom Lavoie says, “She really has kicked up her strength in a big way. She’s continuing to grow, as far as her strength, flexibility, and improving her overall health.”

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