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Lat Stretching with a Personal Trainer

FT Westborough Jul 23, 2019 Exercise and Workout Routines with our Personal Trainers

Grab a solid stationary object such as a squat rack with both hands. Extend arms all the way out. Sit back into a squat-like position and allow the lats to stretch to their fullest. This stretch can also be performed with more intensity by stretching one arm at a time (grab with one arm instead of two).

Fitness Bucket List

FT Westborough Jul 22, 2019 Fit Fun

Pondering a bucket list can be fun! Have you thought about skydiving, swimming with dolphins, learning how to play chess, backpacking through Europe? Brainstorming and writing these ideas down also makes it more likely that you will do them someday, so why not prioritize exercise goals in the same way?  Wherever you are on your fitness journey it's always good to set goals. Its helps hold yourself accountable while making sure you don't get bored.

Can drinking more water really help with weight loss?   

FT Westborough Jul 20, 2019 Nutrition

While it's not a magic solution, the short answer is yes, it absolutely can! You have probably heard many different theories as to how much water you need to drink each day but the truth is everyone is different.  The most common guideline is 8-ounce glasses (64 ounces total) for adults each day.  A second popular one is to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water per day (so for a 150lbs person that would be 75oz of water). The reality is, most adults are not drinking this much water and finding ways to do should help the average person lose a few pounds. 

Why You Should Put Yourself First

Jul 17, 2019 Fitness Tips

These days, people are busier than ever, and when you have a spouse, relatives, coworkers, friends and children in the mix, your responsibilities to others can make you feel pulled in many directions. And while it may seem like giving everything you have to everyone around you is the answer to keeping those in your life happy, it’s actually the opposite that can truly fill everybody up — investing in yourself first. 

Wall Ball Workout

FT Westborough Jul 16, 2019 Exercise and Workout Routines with our Personal Trainers

Wall ball squats are a total body movement. Wall Ball Throws work the quads, glutes, core, shoulders and triceps. Wall Ball Workout Benefits:  The wall ball squat workout also improves hip drive which in turn benefits other lifts and movements.

All About Hydration: Why You Should Drink More Water

Jul 10, 2019 Fitness Tips

Hydration is the key to feeling great, staying well and giving your body what it needs to run smoothly — especially in the hot summer months and when you’re active.

Dumbbell Snatch Workout

FT Westborough Jul 9, 2019 Exercise and Workout Routines with our Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer at Fitness Together describing how to do a Dumbbell Snatch Workout.

Turkish Get Up Workout

FT Westboro Jul 2, 2019 Exercise and Workout Routines with our Personal Trainers

Turkish Get Up benefits:  The Turkish Get Up dumbbell technique is great to improve shoulder stability as well as your coordination and mobility.

Five Things You Should do Before Your Next Beach Trip

Jun 26, 2019 Fitness Tips

There are a few precautions you need to take ahead of time to make sure your beach excursion is safe and leaves you feeling your best. Here are five tips to stay safe during the summer.

DeadLift Workout Routine

FT Westborough Jun 25, 2019 Exercise and Workout Routines with our Personal Trainers

Deadlift workout benefits:   The deadlift workout is a functional movement that will improve your overall leg strength.  

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