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Winter Fitness Tips for the Seasonally Challenged

Feb 19, 2019

Winter Fitness Tips for the Seasonally Challenged

Buy new gym clothes

Looking good will help you feel good. Everyone loves shopping and staying active during the winter gives you the perfect excuse to buy new stuff.

Make some homemade soup

Try and stay away from store bought, heavy, creamy soup. Instead, throw some broth in a pot with tons of veggies and maybe a lean source of protein. I love making a big batch to have for the week.

Catch up on sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep on a daily basis and keeping a consistent sleep schedule are crucial to overall health. Winter brings earlier and darker nights which is the perfect excuse to get some additional sleep. Being more rested may give you added energy to exercise during the day.

Switch up your routine

If you are someone who loves to exercise outdoors, use the change of weather as an opportunity to try something new and change up your workouts. Try a new winter sport like ice skating, skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. Not loving the cold outdoor air? Our trainers can help you mix your routine with strength training, boxing, yoga, and much more. If you are already working with a trainer you may want to consider adding an extra session per week to combat that sluggish feeling winter can bring.

Keep your eye on the prize

Ever hear the phrase summer bodies are made in the winter? It's so true! Winter will want to make you wear oversized jackets and scarves that cover every inch of your body which isn’t good for motivation. Look forward to the summer months and all the pool parties and beach vacations you’ll be taking. Staying in shape all winter will take the pressure off losing weight once spring comes along.


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