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Front Split Stretches

Front Split Stretches

FT Westborough

How to do a Front Split Stretch:  Place a mat parallel to the bench and within an inch or two of the bench. Start on one knee. Extend front leg out with heel on ground and toe pointed towards the sky. Lock the front knee. Using the bench for balance, slowly slide the back knee backwards on the mat. Maintain upright posture. Breathe and let the body relax into the movement. To increase the stretch in your hip flexor and quadriceps of the back leg, lean backwards slightly. To increase the stretch in the hamstring of the front leg, lean forward slightly with good posture.

Posture and relaxation are paramount while stretching. This is a PASSIVE exercise and does not require force. Slow, meditative breathing through the diaphragm and patience will allow you to benefit the most from your stretch routine.

3-4 sets of 1-2 minutes per stretch are optimal. Remember, we are working towards an INCREASE in permanent flexibility.





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