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Bay State Community Services: Jimmy's Story (Recovery Coach, New Way Recovery)

Bay State Community Services: Jimmy's Story (Recovery Coach, New Way Recovery)


Breaking Barriers for Stronger Communities: http://bit.ly/toughertogether

Bay State Community Services (BSCS) has been serving residents from the greater South Shore area for over 45 years. They have 79 programs across 19 locations. All their services are made to address substance use disorders and behavioral health needs by offering a range of comprehensive services including: outpatient, prevention and intervention, criminal justice, home-based, day treatment and residential services.

The Bay State Bridge Fund: BSCS established the Bay State Bridge Fund allowing them, in crisis situations, to get in touch with individuals doing their helps and assist them with immediate critical needs which can comprise of food, services and narcan. This helps those to shift their focus returning to themselves as well as the services they need. BSCS is joining with your family, understanding and respecting their situation, and addressing probably the most pressing concerns that may be keeping them from participating in essential services.

Ways To Help?

Join James on his Tough Mudder Journey to World's Strongest Tough Mudder and our team, Fitness Together in Norwell and Westborough MA, even as raise money and awareness to combat the city-wide drug problem. Your donations are tax deductible and should be to Bay State Community Service's Bridge Fund to help people in need. http://bit.ly/toughertogether