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Ask the Trainer - Jess Jamison's Nutrition Tips

Jun 7, 2017


5 Nutrition Tips from by Jessica Bove Jamison

1. Plan ahead

The key to success is planning your meals and snacks. If you have healthy food ready and available, you will be more apt to eat it. For example, if you bring salad to work you will be less tempted to order out with coworkers. If you keep a few protein bars in your gym bag you’ll be less apt to hit the vending machine when hunger strikes. And if you know you have a healthy dinner that you’ve prepped sitting in your fridge, you will drive right be that pizza place on your way home from work.Set aside time on the weekend to grocery shop and meal prep for the week. Make enough to keep individual servings in Tupperware for a few days.

2. Aim for consistency, not perfection

Reality is you will have good days and bad. You will feel proud of yourself one moment and frustrated the next. You will resist a craving today and give in tomorrow. THIS IS ALL OK! Aim for an 80/20 ratio- make the better nutrition choice 80 percent of the time. For example, if you love pasta, 8 out of 10 times have spaghetti squash but allow yourself to have the real stuff occasionally. Don’t completely deprive yourself of the food and drinks you love because if you tell yourself you cant have something you are only going to want it more.

3. Drink more water

This tip has two components- the first is to drink more water throughout the day and the second is don’t drink your calories! Find yourself a 20oz water bottle that is easy to carry with you all day and fill it up at each meal. Try flavoring your water with fruit.Avoid soda, flavored coffees and lattes, and even sports drinks unless you are planning a high intensity workout. These drinks are packed with hidden calories and sugar.

4. Focus on protein

Protein is a highly underrated Macronutrient and most people don’t get enough. Try to include protein with every meal as it will help you feel fuller longer. Make sure it makes up more of your daily caloric intake than carbs and fats.Protein is also extremely important for those participating in strength training programs to aid in muscle recovery.

5. Find what works for you and stick with it

No plan is going to work if you don’t follow it. There are so many ideas out there regarding the best weight loss strategies- low carb, 6 small meals a day, meal replacement shakes, no processed foods, counting points, macro-cycling, and the list goes on. If you find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t follow a nutrition plan then its not the right one for you. Different things work for different people. Find the right one for your lifestyle (and maybe it’s a combination of several ideas out there) and simply stick with it!

Losing weight isn’t easy. You have to make changes in your everyday life, which means you need the full support of those around you. Come in for a Nutritional Consult to get more detailed, personalized guidance and you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals in no time!


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