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The Cheesecake “Food Weight” Factory

Aug 5, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory menu nutrition facts are on and here are some examples of why The Cheesecake Factory is

really a Food Weight factory:

“Heavy Weight” menu item “Light Weight” substitutions:

Factory appetizer favorites 32.0 Ahi Carpaccio 2.5

Factory nachos with chicken 19.5 Chicken pots stickers 4.0

Fire-roasted fresh artichoke 10.5 Edamame 3.5

Caesar salad 8.5 Tossed green salad 2.0

Stuffed chicken tortillas 18.0 Weight management grilled chicken 6.0

Ranch House burger 19.0 White chicken chili 9.0

Beer-battered fish & chips 21.5 Grilled mahi 4.5

Wasabi-crusted ahi tuna 17.5 Grilled tuna 5.5

Bistro shrimp pasta 23.0 Shrimp with angel hair pasta 8.5

Pasta carbonara with chicken 23.0 Simply grilled salmon (lunch menu) 5.0

Beef ribs 23.0 Petite filet mignon 7.0

Side of French Fries (dinner) 7.0 Side of corn succotash 2.0

Side of macaroni & cheese 13.0 Side of fresh asparagus 0.5

Side of mashed potatoes 5.5 Side of fresh broccoli 1.0

Side of white rice 3.0 Side of green beans 0.5

Brownie Sunday cheesecake 13.0 Low carb original cheesecake 6.0

Chocolate tower truffle cake 17.0 Goblet of fresh strawberries 1.0


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