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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

John Martin

John has had over 40lbs of weight loss in 6 months*. See his success story.

After *

Tom Kane

Crushing Expectations, Removing Doubt

While I did not begin my weight loss and fitness journey with the staff at FT, they certainly have taken and improved my shape dramatically.  Since beginning workouts last December, I have lost an additional 25 lbs. (total of 80lbs to date)*, and have added definition and muscle.  With the help of Ryan & the other FT Personal Trainers, I have been able to drop my body fat by over 10%*, and I have had measurable muscle growth in arms, chest, back and legs; I can now see real definition in my arms, legs and torso.  

I must compliment my trainer for pushing me to really work at being fit.  We all have challenges both mentally and physically we have to confront, and he has really helped me push myself to the next level and work towards my goals.  The Fitness Together Trainers have driven me to find the determination that comes from within and helped me to push myself to new limits.  They have gotten me to look beyond just hitting the weights hard and have taught me to do the exercises correctly, I am now achieving what I assumed was beyond reach, which is pretty awesome.  Best of all, the FT team has encouraged me to pursue new mental and physical obstacles, while guiding me as I push myself to overcome the higher goals.  This has really provided me the gratification that comes from surpassing results you didn’t know you could achieve.  

I really look forward to what we can achieve together in the future.


After *

Bunny Renaud

55, Fit & Fabulous

December a year ago I remember sitting in front of my fireplace. My knees were stiff. My back ached and it took every bit of effort I had, huffing and puffing, to get up off the floor.  Somehow that was this pivotal point...I was 55 years old...too young to be having as much trouble as the seniors I take care of everyday to move. After a series of fails joining gyms and diet plans, I came to a place that was literally in my own back yard. After the last gym started by guiding me to the "old people's" section as a place I would be "more comfortable," this gym left no room for that. Being one on one with a trainer, I couldn't be anyone or worry about anyone but myself. I needed that because the last 20 years had been spent all about everyone else. For 45 minutes 3 days a week I could allow myself that time for me. I cannot overstate this, but it has given me my life back. 

To have a trainer and the same ones for an entire year has to be rare. Sean has been the ringleader, the motivator, the teacher, the lifeline for me.  I remember begging him in the first few sessions not to let me quit. It actually took 3 months before any weight loss was realized but I felt better to have some self-discipline in my life. After the 3 months he gently showed me what I could do to begin on the weight loss journey and immediately I was ready and it started happening. By my birthday in May I had lost 25 lbs and family really started noticing.  By August I was able to climb the Vortexes in Sedona, Arizona and take a mule ride in the Grand Canyon (at my starting weight of 224lbs I wouldn't have been allowed to do that.) Now I can play paddle tennis again, something I haven't played in more than 10 years. And at my 1 year mark, coming faithfully 3 times a week, I met my initial goals...60 pounds lighter and stronger than I have been in years*. I am gaining a body shape I never thought was possible. I don't dread trying on pants. I don't mind going sleeveless. It has led me to the mindset of "how far can I take this?" And "I really feel good and healthy." I don't ever want to lose that. And I guess the other thing that I value is that I have really felt "safe" in this environment. The trainers, Sean, Kelly, Ryan...all of them make my session work for me...I learn the techniques and they are watching to see that I don't get hurt...subtle changes made in the angle of the foot or the knee...they are watching for those things....so much more than cheerleaders, they are. I am so pleased this opportunity was open to me, that it was so close to home, that I could recognize how important this was to be, and that these fine people were there for me this year.

Thank you, Fitness Together.



After *

Anne Wismer

Better Now

At the age of 52 I decided it was time to make a difference in my physical health – so I vowed to give strength training a try. I have been with FT since March of 2008 and feel better now than I have in the last 15 years. I am currently at my lowest weight since being in my 20’s and best of all, I feel great! Along this journey I have battled some weight issues, running injuries, etc. but with the help of my trainer, Ryan, I have bounced back time and time again.

What I love about FT is my trainer’s ability to tailor my workout plan based on my fitness goals. For example, if I am training for a marathon my plan might be one way for 4-5 months, but in the off season when my goal is geared towards weight loss my plan is tailored in other ways. Ryan is also very aware of any physical issues I might be having and he has helped me tremendously with both my weight loss as well as my marathon preparation.

My long term goal is to compete in 10 marathons. I will begin training for #9 later this summer. Once I have achieved my goal of 10, we will sit down and come up with new goals for me to work towards and achieve! My plan is not to be thin, so much as it is to be as healthy as I can be and I know with the help of Ryan and Fitness Together I can accomplish great things! 


Bench Press
Deadlifts *

Brian Muhler

Energy, Flexibility, Strength and Stamina at an All-Time High

I had initially heard of FT Timonium from a friend who had been coming here for a few years. When I first came in, I talked to Mark Dees about how FT worked and was given a tour of the facility.  I was still reluctant, however, because the gym I belonged to previously was large and had many machines and weights. At that gym I could come in, “get lost in the crowd” and do my own thing. The first time I worked with my trainer I immediately saw the advantage doing a 1-on-1 session had.

Working with my trainer, there is no waiting in line for a machine or weights. My trainer constantly observes me, to see if I am performing the exercises properly and that my form is correct. I am pushed daily to increase the amount of weight I lift, where at my old gym I would stay on the same weight for weeks. Assessments occur every 8-weeks for me and my program is changed constantly to improve my strength, flexibility and stamina. On my own, this never happened. I always did the exercises I liked, avoiding the ones I hated. I have now learned that sometimes the exercises you hate the most are the ones you need to improve on and do the most!

The benefits I see from my experience here are numerous. I have patients, friends and family telling me how good I look. As an amputee of 37 years, I have never been able to walk a long distance or run, until I started training at FT. My weight remains constant, my body fat continues to decline and I have no problem with my clothes not fitting. The best part is that at 55 years of age I have the most energy, flexibility, strength and stamina I have ever had and I feel like I am in my 20’s again!

By being physically fit, I am mentally fit, making living life on a daily basis very easy and much more comfortable.


Correcting imbalances
Working to improve her vertical jump *

Maeve O'Connor

Most Improved

I first came to Fitness Together so I could workout over the summer months, hoping it would improve my game for the fall volleyball season. I knew Kelly, my trainer at FT, through Baltimore Elite Volleyball Club and thought they could help me gain flexibility and strength to prepare for both high school and club season.

What I really liked about Fitness Together was the one-on-one environment. All of the trainers knew who I was, were very friendly and took an interest in me and what I was trying to accomplish. Kelly understood where I needed to improve and gain strength and focused on those areas; while keeping my workouts interesting and fun!

I recently attended a volleyball camp and all of my training seems to have really paid off! I was given the camp award for most improved player. I felt more confident and stronger about my playing and physical abilities, thanks Fitness Together!


Warrior Dash *

Mickey Fried

Hitting the Open Road

I initially came into Fitness Together because I was just tired of being tired. In the past I had been a fairly active person but over time I wasn't doing as much and when I did, it wasn't good or fun.

When I walked into the Timonium FT, the place was empty at the time and Mark came down the hall and greeted me. I had seen FT's PACK ads and wanted to know more. He laid out idea of small group training classes as well as 1:1 personal training, it seemed appealing. The trainers that ran the sessions kept us all together and let us go at our own pace at the same time. They were always encouraging more from me and pointing out when and how I could do better. 

Taking advantage of all FT has to offer I've completed a 5k, 6k and a Warrior Dash. Not bad for someone that never thought of himself as an "Athlete". What I love to do is ride motorcycles, because I am now more fit, I am more able to ride. Better balance, control and strength means less fatigue and more riding. 

My friends and family had been telling me for some time that they could see a change in the way I looked but this season, I see and feel it.



Before and After

Anne Angel

Strengthening a Past Injury and Feeling Great

I originally came to Fitness Together for several reasons - to get in shape, to strengthen my knee after having meniscus surgery and to lose weight and feel better in my clothes. Since coming back in December of 2014, the results that I have experienced working with the trainers at FT have been great! I love the routines that they have developed for me and I am seeing real results! They push me and I can’t wait until my next session. At my first assessment, I lost 19 inches and 10 pounds*. Overall, my experience at Fitness Together has been successful.  My daughter, a lacrosse player at JMU, has experienced great results as well. We both feel that the staff has a vested interest in helping us attain our goals and they make us accountable for our success.



After *

Mark Gottschalk

Journey Towards the 100 Pound Club

I first came to Fitness Together for my mother turning 93, I thought this sort of program would be just what she needed to maintain her flexibility and ability to get around. Upon learning more about the program I realized that I, Tzar of all the couch potatoes, could probably benefit as well. Probably more so.

Thus far my experience has been terrific. The instruction is really top notch, with no motivation by intimidation. Every success has been rewarded with positive feedback, a great motivator. Being made accountable to a training schedule was a huge help to me; having to show up for an appointment and not just “go when the spirit moved me” was just the sort of responsibility I needed. Plus the trainers are always engaging and willing to talk during the session which makes the time pass more pleasantly even if not more easily. Without resorting to drill sergeant tactics reps and weights are slowly and cleverly added to increase the amount of work I was doing.  

My three sisters are doing back flips over my results to this point even if I am still a work in progress. Most impressed was my doctor who was interested enough in how I had achieved my results to inquire about costs, membership, etc. in Fitness Together.

My long term goal of becoming a member of the hundred pound club remains unchanged. And achieving seventy pounds of that goal is one of the best motivators one can have.

Some may know that I (humorously) refer to the staff at FT as my “lion tamers” for that is the image they conjure up. You don’t see any actual lion tamers bullying a nine hundred pound Bengal Tiger into performing. Affection training is the rule of the day there and here. By far one of the best features at FT is the individual treatment in the studios without the guilt and trouble of having to “compete” with other clients over pieces of equipment. My time at FT has been money well spent, as what price does one put on one’s health?  

The single greatest factor in the improvement in my health (coming off two meds and better blood pressure and heart rate) has been the weight loss* achieved while under the Lion Tamers guidance. Having a schedule and accountability have made and makes a huge difference in my sticking with the program. Plus the aforementioned positive feedback even when the day isn’t going so well is really appreciated. 


After *

Michelle Moeller

Dodging the Dreaded Freshman 15

At first, coming to Fitness Together this summer felt like an obligation, since both my parents and sister have been coming to FT for a while now, and encouraged me to give it a try. This past spring I finished my freshman year of college and as many of you know, the famous Freshman 15 happens to some students.

 Lucky for me, I was not a victim, however, it did make me realize it was best for me to find ways to stay in shape during my college years. So I decided to give Fitness Together a try while I was home for the summer.

I have really enjoyed coming to Fitness Together every week because of the trainers. Each trainer I have worked with has been a positive influence and has pushed me to do the best I can. Each workout is different and unique which helps keep the workouts fun. Strength Training has not only helped me gain muscle, it has helped me gain more endurance for running and has made me feel more energized and happy.

Thank you Ryan and the rest of the FT Trainers. You have helped me change for the better. 


After *

David Yalowitz

Taking his Own Advice, to Put Health First

As a doctor, I counsel exercise and diet to promote a healthy lifestyle. I am proud to say that I have followed my own advice.

Since joining Fitness Together in April 2015 and attending training sessions three times a week supplemented with cardio workouts two times a week, I have seen dramatic results. I have lost over 25 pounds, significantly lowered my blood pressure and improved my flexibility and muscle tone*. My belly is flatter and core strength much improved.

 Previous attempts at weight loss without training did not achieve these outcomes.

 I can fit into skinny jeans again. Compliments on my appearance have been flowing from my family and coworkers. Perhaps most importantly I have a greater sense of well-being and improved stress tolerance. Even at my age, I am amazed at my body transformation. I am proud of my achievements. The time and effort have definitely been worth it

I would be remiss if I did not recognize the outstanding trainers that I have had the privilege to work with. They have uniformly been personable, knowledgeable, supportive and motivating while closely monitoring me during work outs. I very much appreciate our partnership.

I plan to continue my training and have been encouraging my coworkers to join me!


Finishing the Iron Girl Race
Enjoying things she never thought she would *

Karen Konkel

New Found Love for Exercise

Around 2011, I decided I wanted to become more physically active in order to be healthier as I age (I turned 50 in November of 2014), so I bought a Groupon for Fitness Together.  While I maintained pretty healthy eating habits, I was not much of an exerciser (I thought walking my dogs quickly was hard work!).   I had a vague aspiration to do a triathlon but wanted to just start out by getting more fit.  Since I started coming to Fitness Together, I have completed two Iron Girl sprint triathlons, a half marathon, several 5K’s, and a few 8 and 10K’s.  More recently, my favorite things to do are weight training and spinning.  

I have far exceeded my expectations of what I thought I could physically do.  I am stronger than I have ever been in my entire life, and I actually enjoy exercise.  I had always disliked exercise until I came to Fitness Together.  The things I like best about the studio are the quality and skills of the trainers and the fact that they push me to continuously improve, while keeping me safe from injury.  I have been working mostly with Ryan for the past couple of years, and he has helped me tremendously.  The other trainers I have worked with have also been very helpful.  I also appreciate that the facility is clean and well-equipped, and everyone is very personable and friendly.

My family and friends are very supportive of my new-found love of exercise.  I also would like to mention that because I work as a primary care physician, I spend a lot of my days encouraging people to adopt healthier habits.  By engaging regularly in healthy activities myself, and being able to discuss healthy eating and regular exercise from first-hand experience, I hope I can be more credible in coaching them to become healthier.  

Exercise has become a necessity for me.  What used to be a chore is now something I look forward to doing.  It is part of my regular routine and I miss it when I can't get to the gym.  My long-term goals are to continue to improve my fitness level and maybe someday do a century bike ride around Lake Tahoe with my brother, who is an avid cyclist.


Improving her play on the field
By training with us in the offseason *

Betsy Angel

With Great Personal Training, She’s Great on the Field!

I initially came to Fitness Together to work on my footwork, staying in shape and getting faster for lacrosse. My experience at Fitness Together has been great, my trainers know when to push me and if I am working through an injury they help get me back on track! Training at FT helped me work on my endurance and conditioning, which enabled me to pass my college lacrosse running test. I like the 1 on 1 personal training, the trainers really get to know your individual strengths and weaknesses and help you to improve in both areas. My workouts are specifically oriented towards my sport and goals; this ensures great results! My family, friends and coaches have all noticed changes since I began training at FT during the off-season, my coaches can’t get over the improvements I have made in both my footwork and conditioning - and were very pleased when I passed my run test! The benefits I have seen from working out at Fitness Together are having a quicker start, being better conditioned and seeing improvements in my flexibility, which has made me a lot less injury prone! 


Colorado skiing adventure

Frank Waesche

Still Hitting the Slopes

Over 13 years ago I had a mild heart attack while surfing in Ocean City. As part of my recovery, I was told by my cardiologist to undertake an exercise program and take several medications including one to control my blood pressure. For the first few years following the heart attack, I did as I was told religiously: walking daily, taking my medication and watching my diet.

As time wore on, I kept up with the meds, walked once in a while, and gained weight….Until my wife suggested I try the exercise program with the folks at Fitness Together. Reluctantly, I agreed and began a twice a week routine that I have maintained ever since. I have to admit, I hated it early on, as muscles I hadn’t heard from in quite some time renewed their acquaintance with me. I labored on and found myself making progress, losing weight and feeling stronger. In time, others started remarking on the new shape of my body and the loss of weight. After a year, I began to outdrive my younger friends on the golf course!

Well, the best news was yet to come! In preparation for my annual visit with my cardiologist, I had to undergo a stress test – the news that followed from my doctor was the absolute best! I no longer needed to take my blood pressure medication!

I truly believe my twice a week workout regime with the friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable staff at Fitness Together has made the difference. I am over 60 and am still skiing, surfing and golfing! But, best of all my heart health is stronger and my outlook is brighter than it has been in years! 


Brenda and her son, Nathan

Brenda Brady

Bringing up her Bone Density

I started FT 3 1/2 years ago with a goal of "being able to walk when I am 80"! My goal didn't include "numbers", meaning specific pounds and inches to loose. I just wanted to get back to "feeling good".

When I started FT I was into my 6th year of having a diagnosis of Osteoporosis. After the first year of exercise my bone scan improved slightly. The second year, my bone scan results moved me into the Osteopenia range. Well, the news I received this year was unbelievable.......my bone density improved 8%*!!!!! My doctor said those numbers are unheard of in the bone density world. I am still classified as having Osteopenia but I am on the edge of moving into the normal range and not being labeled at all!

 My doctor said that the exercise I am doing at FT is a contributing factor and to just keep doing what I am doing! I can't thank Mark, Ryan, Sean, Shawn and Kelly enough for putting up with me.  When I started FT I had not exercised for several years. I needed instruction and patience; I needed someone there to push me and make me accountable.


After *

Jeff Mezullo

6-Week Challenge Winner

I have been an active, overweight person for years and it seemed like I was just hovering around the same weight of 250 plus pounds. No matter how much I tried to eat right, stay generally active and exercise I could never seem to get anywhere.

I was already on the Fitness Together email list and received occasional emails from them and I never really thought anything of it. Until I received this one email that said “6 Week Challenge”. Lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I thought to myself I really need a challenge to kick start my fitness goals.


 After my first evaluation workout I was thinking what have I got myself into, I’m out of shape.

Soon after my first workout, I was emailed to get on the schedule and just like that I was on the books for the next 6 weeks, 3 workouts per week. I met with Kelly, who took my measurements and gave me my first nutrition consultation. I listened and followed the advice she gave me and it was a major factor in the success I would soon have. Ryan assigned me a cardio homework sheet and it was not complicated to follow and really challenged me. The nice thing is that if you don’t have any access to your own equipment you can come in and use the machines, located in the lobby area.

Meanwhile the workouts had begun. Those where very challenging and some of the exercises I dreaded. Amanda, Kelly, Sean and Ryan really kicked my butt every time I was in there. The first week I could barely walk my muscles were so sore! That went away after a couple workouts and it I felt like I was getting stronger, more fit and balanced. As soon as something seemed like it was going to be easy they would find a way to make it more challenging. There were a couple days I didn’t want to come in, I just wanted to stay home and relax. I still went and I never regretted it, ever. I always felt great when it was over albeit tired and worn out.

I have to say the best thing about Fitness Together is when I go in I don’t have to think about what I’m going to do. I just show up and put everything I have into what they tell me to do. It took the guesswork out and I did things I never would have thought to do on my own. Just like the nutrition; a couple small rules and I was set.

After 6 weeks of 3 workouts per week and following the prescribed nutrition and cardio plans, I exceeded my goal of losing 20 pounds! Not only that but I lost inches around the key areas. They measure that too! My friends, family and co-workers really see the difference not only in how I look, but also my discipline at work has changed as far as eating and exercise. My clothes fit so much better, I feel good tucking my shirt in and being in family photos. I have so much more energy in everyday tasks and my afternoon coma has gone away. The desire for bad snacking is gone.

I plan on keeping the momentum going, sticking with the workouts on my own, for now, nutrition and cardio. My new goal is to get to my ideal weight, but not just what the scale says I want to try to reduce body fat and increase my lean body mass. I am looking forward to the spring cycling and baseball season with my new self and can’t wait to take my mountain bike out for a ride. I know the rear suspension will appreciate the new, lighter rider.

I cannot thank the staff of Fitness Together enough for the help they provided, it was worth every penny.



1:1 training works for Jeff and Anne

Jeff and Anne Timmons

Chronicles of an FT Lifer

A few years ago I wrote in to say that FT was probably one of the best investments I’ve made – in my health.  Now I have an update.

I had been a steady twice-a-week client; both nights one-on-one training with running three to four mornings a week.  One morning I felt a “pop-slip” in my lower back and could barely finish half of the of the four mile run.  Back x-rays, hip x-rays, and an MRI led to a diagnosis of a herniated disc, weeks of PT and chiropractic therapy.  Neither provided any lasting improvement.  I would recover then some silly movement would cause a set-back that impacted my training workouts and kept me from any kind of regular running routine. I was feeling over-doctored and not at all listened to. 

Then I had a conversation with my trainer, Chris Weatherholtz (who, by the way is a Trainer Extraordinaire) and we came up with a plan.  Chris suggested that an imbalance in strength between my upper and lower body was probably a factor in the continued injury and inability to run.  So he devised an intense training program to bring my lower body up to the strength of my upper body.  I had to increase my training to three times a week: two days of lower body and one day of upper body (so I wouldn’t lose the wonderful shoulders and biceps he helped build).

As always, we did a “before” assessment so we could measure the results. After the initial six weeks the assessment was amazing.  Of the eight pinches, five had dramatically improved meaning my body composition changed in a way I could not have imagined.  A couple highlights: I lost two inches in my waist and two inches from my hips*. But the best news was I able to start running.  Running is my stress release and I was desperate to get back to it.

I started slow: just two miles twice a week.  No pain, no weakness in the quads signaling the lower back stress, no pain at all in the lower back. I increased to three times a week and started timing my runs.  Before the setback, my best two-mile time was 17:34.  Last Friday my time was 16:55.  Not bad for a (nearly) 48 year old!

I’ve kept up with the three times a week training and thanks to Chris my clothes fit fabulously; a skirt I bought five years ago that never quite fit right, but that I never gave away, suddenly fit beautifully.  Figure hugging clothes FIT – no bulges!  My husband and I went to Aruba in early May to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and, thanks to Chris, I was not in the least self-conscious about wearing a bikini.  I toasted Chris from the beach in Aruba – and so did my husband!

I owe this tremendous progress to Chris Weatherholtz.  His attention to the physiology of strength and conditioning, his diet and nutrition guidance, his patient analysis of each movement, his detailed notes, his encouragement, and of course playing the right music to keep me distracted from the intensity.  I do have to say that three times a week is both physically and mentally challenging. But Chris has an uncanny knack for taking you to the brink of exhaustion, but stopping right before you think to yourself, “Wow, I hope that was the last round because I don’t think I can do another round.”


Jen post race
Rob during his race *

Rob and Jen Black

Train Together, Stay Together

About 2 years ago, my husband Rob hurt his back playing softball.  He came home from the game bent over in pain and couldn’t even make it through his day at work the following day.  He went to the doctor who gave him prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers, which helped ease the pain, but didn’t solve the problem.  After a while, he started going to physical therapy to correct whatever the problem was.  Being an elite runner, this injury was a huge problem. He was in constant pain, which wouldn’t allow him to run, and affected his everyday life.  About a year later, a friend of ours recommended FT as a way to help work on core strength and hopefully improve the back injury.  At this time, we were engaged to be married and I thought it might be a good idea for us to do this together.  Rob could get stronger and recover from his injury, and I could get leaner and stronger to look my best at our wedding.


To say that our results helped with everything is an understatement.  Within a few months, Rob went from complaining about his back when getting out of bed every morning to barely even mentioning it.  We have been working out with FT for over a year now and really couldn’t be happier.  In addition to Rob no longer having back pain, we have both seen an improvement in our running, and our all-around strength, which feels great.  Our trainer always asks us how things feel and continually changes our routine so we don’t get bored, while still tailoring the workout to our specific goals.  We like working out at FT because it’s not a traditional gym and our trainer is paying attention to us and only us.  We do non-traditional strength workouts, so it’s totally different from what I had always done myself at the gym.  By working out with our trainer at FT, we’ve accomplished our short term goals and have moved forward with more long term goals that we’ve had set for a while, but hadn’t been able to accomplish.  The next big goal for me is to run a half marathon in under 2 hours and my husband is going to try to qualify for Penn Relays in the Steeplechase.  


After *

Pat Lorentzen

Thriving in Retirement

In the summer of 2012, just after I retired from teaching college chemistry, I had my right hip surgically replaced. Although I recovered fairly quickly from the pain, etc. I realized that my strength and balance were not what they should be. I learned of Fitness Together from a friend of my husband, Ron. Since we had both been living in Baltimore while working in Washington, D.C., there had never been a lot of time for any real exercise. We visited Fitness Together, liked what we saw and began our fitness program in March of 2013.

One thing that initially attracted me to Fitness Together was the idea of one-on-one training with a personal trainer. Since the fall of 2013, Sean has been my regular trainer and I am very pleased with his style. He is very knowledgeable, and readily answers all of my questions. He has a great sense of humor and we laugh together a lot, but he is also very serious about ensuring I continue to work and make progress with both overall strength and balance. He watches carefully and offers suggestions to help me improve and praises me (when I deserve it).

Since I began this program I have also lost weight, my clothes fit better and I have developed muscles, which I am very proud to “show off”. These improvements are visible and I receive complements from friends and family alike.

Both Ron and I have really benefited from our Fitness Together workouts and we plan to continue them for the foreseeable future!  


After *

Sorah Korenberg

I feel better now than I did in my 20’s!


When I first started with Fitness Together I figured it would be short term until I lost my  weight but I can see now that I am on the road to becoming a “lifer"

After a significant weight loss almost a decade-and-a-half ago nobody ever explained that the most difficult part would be the maintenance. Strict caloric monitoring and excessive cardio assisted with my initial weight loss and, for a while keeping off the weight.  However, after some personal challenges, my progress simply halted. After years of success I was struggling to maintain the healthy lifestyle I created.I attempted and failed at a few fad diets. I joined chain gyms and even attempted personal training at the chain gyms with disastrous results, leaving me with back pain that would come and go. Ashamed and angry with myself, I was hesitant to ask friends for help. 

An Internet search of local personal trainers brought up the Fitness Together website.  I was beyond impressed when I received a response to an email inquiry within minutes of sending the email. Chris W. went out of his way to schedule an assessment that accommodated my hectic schedule. During my initial assessment Chris took a great deal of time to listen to and address my concerns. My emphasis at that time was losing the 20 pounds I had gained.  He mentioned nutrition counseling which I felt I needed. He then assessed my skill level and took care in working around my ailing back. What struck me was the lack of a sales pitch. Genuine compassion and a desire to help.  And a sales pitch was not necessary. After belonging to many gyms I realized that Fitness Together was the opposite of what I had experienced. While my expectations were high and I remained positive, I could never have imagined the incredible success I would achieve. Via my relationship with Fitness Together my body is not just changing, but my mindset as well. Through my exceptional nutrition counseling I am learning that what we think and feel is as important as the food is eat. 

My life is not restricted to a certain caloric intake and I do not have to give up the foods I love. I am simply more balanced and aware of my eating habits Nutrition counseling coupled with magnificent training has made all the difference. I cannot say enough positive things about my trainer Dave. He possesses incredible knowledge. He is always positive and has brought me to a place where I crave, and not dread challenge. How refreshing to get to spend time with such a friendly person who views me as an individual and tailors my training to meet my needs. With the music and conversation going I am surprised every single time when my session is complete.

After only 6 months I have lost 12 pounds, reduced my body fat, and decreased inches all over my body all while building muscle. I am stronger and improve every day. I am not making excuses to avoid the gym anymore. Those around me have noticed my positive attitude.  It’s easy to be positive when you feel great. No matter where I go now I receive compliments on how great I look. I feel better now than I did in my 20’s!! I am fitting into smaller clothes and my energy level is high.