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Food Journaling

May 2, 2013

New Year's resolutions are now a distant memory (and possibly one of the main reasons you sought our assistance at Fitness Together!), so now is the tie to refocus and get back on track to a healthier lieftsyle...and for bathing suit season! The single best tool at your disposal for helping you eat healthy, eat light, and eat often is your accountability journal -- you bite it, you write it!

Journaling what you eat on a daily basis helps keep you focused, more accountable, and increases the success rate of reaching your individual goals. They say that you cannot out train a bad diet, and the people that get results know this to be very true. You may get results, but they will be very slow progressions compared to having a healthful and mindful diet. Writing down what you consume also might be a deterrent to consuming so much food and mindless munching. Also, more often than not, most people are not aware of the actual food amunt they are eating, whether it be over or under their dietary needs.

Keeping a food diary in a notebook or even via the use of an app on your phone or iPod is a convenient way to log your meals, and remember, consistency is key!

Some useful apps:

  • MyFitness Pal
  • Shroomies (especially good for eating out)
  • LiveStrong
  • Fooducate (use this when grocery gives you a letter grade of how good the food is for you!)

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