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Fresh Fall Fitness Trends To Keep Your Body Guessing

Oct 14, 2022

Finally, fall is here! Whether you’re frolicking through pumpkin patches or curling up on the couch with a scary movie and a delicious cup of tea, it’s fun to switch up your routine when the weather turns chilly.

Fall is the perfect time to establish some new healthy habits. As the air turns cold, many are filled with a sense of nostalgia for the days of going back to school, fresh with new school supplies and eager for a new beginning. While most don’t get the excitement of a fresh start every autumn, you can take advantage of these feelings of a clean slate by trying out a new fitness routine.

Switching up your fitness routine is key in keeping your body challenged and keeping your mind engaged in exercise. If you’re not already doing so, working with a personal trainer is a smart way to keep your body guessing. When you work with a trainer, you have a fitness professional who is keeping track of your progress and using that information to develop new workouts that will meet you at the nexus of your current ability and the challenges that will push you forward.

Whether you’re interested in spending time in the gym or you’re looking for a group fitness environment to help you get to the next level in your fitness, take a look at these fun fall fitness trends that will keep your body guessing and help you take your health to the next level.

Trend 1: Active Recovery

The day after a tough workout, it’s smart to keep moving–without overdoing it. Active recovery allows you to get the psychological and physical benefits of exercise without pushing yourself too hard when your muscles are still in the process of repair.

Active recovery can take many forms, and it can be fun to go through your active recovery process outdoors on a beautiful fall day. Going for a walk in the park, doing yoga in your backyard in comfy sweats, or going for a leisurely swim in an indoor pool while you watch the leaves fall outside can all be perfect ways to promote healing in between your more intense workouts.

Not sure what type of active recovery makes the most sense for you? Chat with your trainer about how you can make the most of your days out of the gym.

Trend 2: HIIT Hiking

Forget a leisurely stroll to enjoy the foliage–HIIT hiking is all about getting your sweat on while you take in the fresh air. HIIT, or high intensity interval training, involves doing short bursts of super-hard work (like running uphill or moving through a hike at a much faster pace than usual) followed by periods of rest.

When hiking, you can create your own HIIT workout. Challenge yourself to move intensely for 30 seconds at a time, then follow your challenge with 2-3 minutes of rest. As you begin to work HIIT into your routine, you’ll likely find that you need to boost the intensity to get the same level of challenge. Be sure to check in with yourself regularly to ensure that you’re pushing yourself appropriately, both to spike your heart rate and give yourself ample recovery time.

Trend 3: Primal Movement

It sounds complicated, but the idea of primal movement is simple. Moving in the same ways as our ancestors doesn’t just provide you with a sense of connection to the past–it’s also a great way to get outdoors and challenge your body. Primal movement refers to the types of movements that would have been necessary to make it through life thousands of years ago.

Rock climbing, walking barefoot through the sand, and paddle boarding can all be excellent ways to get in tune with both nature and your own body. Many people find primal movement to be meditative, allowing you to both relieve stress and get a great workout. The more you can connect to nature when you’re doing a primal movement workout, the better. Be sure to take the time to notice and enjoy your surroundings and take in the fresh air.

Trend 4: Personal Training Sessions

Prefer to stick to indoor workouts during the chilly months? You’re not alone. Working with a personal trainer is a smart and popular choice for those who want to take their fitness to the next level.

When you work with a personal trainer, you’re getting the knowledge of a fitness professional who gets to know your likes, dislikes, goals, and what works well for your body. You’re also getting accountability–which can be especially important if you struggle to keep up with your workouts when cooler weather sets in. While you may struggle to make it to early-morning gym sessions on your own, knowing that a personal trainer is there waiting for you to begin your workout can give you the push you need to stick with the plan.

Trend 5: Adult Dance

Strutting your stuff on the dance floor isn’t just for kids–adult dance classes are a great way to make friends, boost your confidence, and get a great workout. Whether you’re working on your steps to get ready for holiday parties or you’re just looking for a great way to get a good workout indoors, dance classes will help you get sweaty while forcing you to get outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t be afraid to try a few different styles of dance to find the option that’s the right fit for you. Whether you’re interested in jazz, hip-hop, or salsa, you’ll get to learn something new. If taking a dance class isn’t your primary workout, dancing can be a great form of active recovery for your off-days from strength or HIIT workouts.

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