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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

After *

Blair M.

Renewed Self Confidence!

“I have struggled with my weight all my life and have always had a “fat kid” mentality. Working out at FT has given me confidence in my physical abilities. My trainer has invested in me and my success, encourages and pushes me to achieve my fitness and dietary goals…I am less self conscious, and walk with my head high now that I am leaner and stronger*!”

*Individual exercise results may vary.

Bonnie W.

Bonnie loves the accountability. Even when she can’t make it to her session, her trainer is still checking on her and keeping her on track! Not only does Bonnie come in for her training sessions, but her daughter and son have come in for sport specific training. With 3 kids, volunteering at school, and a hectic schedule Bonnie enjoys the increased energy and decreased stress that FT gives her!*

Mike W.

Mike is the CEO of a large financial company. This requires a constant demand of his time and energy. Mike appreciates the flexibility that Fitness Together provides with his schedule so he can get in his workouts and stay motivated. By focusing on his health and fitness, it allows him to keep up with his 3 kids and their sports activities!

Rachel S.

"Kyle was my trainer for over 4 years. He is very knowledgeable about how to work around any past injuries you may have but still get you into shape! He changes your phase every 6 weeks so your body does not get accustomed to the workout plan and so you can keep attaining results. I told myself when I first started I would only be working out with a personal trainer for 6 months maybe 1 year but here I am 4 years later still working out with Fitness Together. Kyle helped me achieve my dream body*! I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for results and is ready to put in the work!"

*Individual exercise results may vary.



What do you feel Fitness Together has helped you with the most?

" Aligning my nutrition & fitness goals into a strategic health plan.

How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together?

" I lost 15lbs* in under 6 weeks and have developed a sustainable workout & nutrition plan."

How would you rate you experience thus far at Fitness Together?

" 10 out of 10. Kyle & Christian educated & motivated me to establish a sustainable healthy lifestyle."

*Individual exercise results may vary.

Claire G.

Claire has 3 children and is an executive at a major world-wide company. Even with this and traveling a lot for work, she still finds time to exercise with Fitness Together. She comes in 3 times a week faithfully ever since her doctor expressed concerns over her health. Since then, she has lowered her A1C, decreased her number of migraines and her stress levels.* Claire’s trainer helps her not only get her workouts at FT, but also to hold her accountable outside of FT. Claire now runs 2-3x/week on her own!


Catherine T

"kyle is amazing and all around outstanding guy. I would recommend him to anyone! He's knowledgeable fun and has a nice way of motivating you without feeling chastised. I always feel like I am taken care of, and motivated when working with kyle :)"

*Individual exercise results may vary.

Angela L.

Lost 3.5% body fat in 2 months, added 7.3 lbs of muscle!*

"I have always been physically fit, however my workouts had become redundant and boring. I came to FT to see if I could feel challenged and engaged enough to enjoy working out again. I love working out at FT - I like the variety and love that my trainer is always thinking of new ways to challenge me! I also know they care - a fun yet serious way to stay fit!"

Suzanne M.

"Kyle was one of my trainers for over 10 years and I loved his workouts - they were hard, energizing, effective, and enjoyable because he was someone you could look forward to seeing every other day. You will not find a better trainer anywhere - and I've trained at some of the best gyms in the area (bigger more popular gyms) and I found that bigger is not always better when it comes to quality. Kyle is one great trainer, and I'm proud to also call him my friend."

*Individual exercise results may vary.

Troy J

"I love my personal trainer, and owner Kyle. His one on one training and attention has helped me back on track and give me energy! Fitness Together Dana Point is so much better than the big (not to be named) gyms--first they know what they are doing both with the personal training and nutrition. Also getting to train in private rooms, with great amenities is a much better way to go. Lastly, Kyle is awesome. He is relaxed but motivating and always helping me improve."

*Individual exercise results may vary.

After *

Paul D.

Fitness Together qualifies as a "5 Star, best in class" fitness facility. Most of us do not have the discipline to manage our own fitness program, and maybe should not even try. Since 2011 the FT staff have been instrumental in holding me accountable for making measurable progress toward the goals we set each year. They monitor my progress while ensuring I'm using proper form and technique to avoid injury over time, and monitor my activities so I don't overexert myself. FT has my highest recommendation!"

*Individual exercise results may vary.

After *

Paul G.

Reduced body fat by 10% and lost 15 lbs with FT!*

In less than 3 months Paul reduced his body fat percentage by 10%*, and lost 15 pounds*! His waist is an inch smaller* and he's seen significant gains in his strength and cardiovascular health. Overall, Paul says he feels great, and has more confidence about his appearance.

*Individual exercise results may vary.

After *

Taylor C.

Lost her "baby fat", gained muscle and toned her entire body.

"The trainers at FT are fun, easy to talk to and know a ton of great ab exercises! I feel that my time is always spent well and I always feel satisfied and healthy when I leave. I think that my results have been great and it gave me a higher self-confidence level, which really made an impact on my life."

*Individual exercise results may vary.

After *

Rhonda S.

Lost 12 lbs. of fat and 7 inches from her waist, hips and thighs.*

"The most meaningful results I have experienced are the new muscle definition, and much more energy. I like the personal attention I receive and how the trainers care about providing the best workout for my entire body. I am very satisfied with how my time is utilized. I get a great workout and it's never boring!"

*Individual exercise results may vary.