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January 2023 Client of the Month- Lauren Hitchins

Jan 1, 2023

Read all about Lauren Hitchins, January's Client of the Month!

Giving the Gift of Fitness: How to Do it Right

Dec 8, 2022

You love how working out and eating in a way that makes sense for your body makes you feel – and it makes sense that you’d want the people you love to enjoy the same benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Giving the gift of fitness makes sense, but it can be tough to figure out how to give your loved ones fitness and nutrition-oriented gifts without sending the wrong message.

December 2022- Client Of The Month -Tanya Gonzalez

Dec 1, 2022

Read all about this month's Client of the Month Tanya Gonzalez!

November - Client of the Month Ruth Neeman

Nov 1, 2022

Read all about this month's Client of the Month Ruth Neeman!

Fresh Fall Fitness Trends To Keep Your Body Guessing

Oct 14, 2022

Fall is the perfect time to establish some new healthy habits.

Switching up your fitness routine is key in keeping your body challenged and keeping your mind engaged in exercise. If you’re not already doing so, working with a personal trainer is a smart way to keep your body guessing.

Getting to Know Maria Cardozo, Personal Trainer of the Year

Sep 20, 2022

Each year, the pros at the Fitness Together® brand chose to recognize a trainer who consistently goes above and beyond for clients–and who gets results that stick. This year, the honor goes to Maria Cardozo, who works with clients at the Fitness Together studio in Burlington, Massachusetts.

September - Client of the Month Christian Abate-Wong

Sep 1, 2022

Read all about this month's Client of the Month Christian Abate-Wong!

Getting To Know The Fitness Together Brand

Aug 12, 2022

The Fitness Together® brand is focused on doing things differently. It offers clients customized programs that meet them where they’re at while pushing them to reach their next level of health and fitness. The brand’s personal approach to training sets it apart by helping clients feel comfortable, and private suites allow a one-on-one experience that creates lasting results.

August- Client Of The Month Lauren Landry

Aug 4, 2022

Read all about this month's Client of the Month Lauren Landry!

Strength Training Myths Women Need To Know

Jul 20, 2022

If you’re after the “toned” look–long, sinewy muscles, curves, and a healthy amount of body fat–strength training can help get you there. Here, we’ll debunk some common myths about women and strength training, and check out a handful of the ways that strength training can benefit your body and mind.

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