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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Elaine summer of 2016
Elaine summer of 2017
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Elaine Manner

I was Fifty, Fat, Fatigued, Foggy Brained & Frustrated

I found myself Fifty, Fat, Fatigued, Foggy Brained & Frustrated. I knew something was not right about my health, even though my Dr. said it was. "You're just a busy mother." "You're getting older and your metabolism is slowing down." His recommendation was "Push your plate away a little earlier and exert yourself more." I believed him against my gut instinct and I trudged along thinking I was going to be 50 and not so Fabulous.  That all ended the day I was referred to a great Endocrinologist. Suddenly I was not "just a busy mom" with no self-control or motivation. I was a busy mom whose body had been battling Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I was put on the right medication and started learning how to heal my body naturally. 

I knew that my thyroid medication was not a magic pill and if I truly wanted to get my health back I would need to get some help. I am a mother, wife, daughter and a full-time worker so fitting in something else was going to be a challenge to say the least.  I needed something that I could fit into my life in a way that would not allow for excuses and that would make me successful.  I did a lot of researching of gyms, weight loss programs and the like and I realized that I what I really needed to do was get back to basics with a sound nutrition and workout plan.  I didn’t need fancy drinks, pills or shortcuts.  Hard work, dedication and people who could educate me on the rest was all I needed.  That formula of success I sought brought me to Fitness Together.  When I met with them for my initial consultation I immediately knew I found exactly what I needed.  I didn’t go home and think about it I just signed up for 6 months and have never regretted a minute of it.

I have learned so much about nutrition, exercise, and the body from all my trainers at FT. I have trained hard three times a week for the past 9 months.  I have laughed, cried, been frustrated, have fallen, and have wanted to quit so many times.  But the trainers would not let me fail; they are truly amazing! They supported me with compassion, humor, kindness and love. They combine a rigorous workout with just the right amount of fun, patience, accountability, support and caring. I have worked out with all the trainers at exactly the right time I needed each of them.  They have assisted me in changing every aspect of my life!  They have taught me that “I can and I will” are not just words but a way of living your best life.

I am here 9 months later 50 pounds lighter and 4 dress sizes smaller.  I am healthier, leaner, and fitter than I have been since my youth. I eat well and enjoy life more! I'm living proof that if you want your health back it can be done. 

  1. truly believe you can either invest in yourself today with Fitness Together and work towards improving your health or you will pay later in medical bills.  I chose the former and I have zero regrets! – Elaine Manners
J.J. April 2016
J.J. October 2016
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J. Jeffers

Working Dad of 2 taking time to make sure he's working on himself

I joined Fitness Together Burlington in April 2016.  I received 1-on-1 sessions from my wife for my Birthday. I have 2 young boys and a back injury that left me without extra time and a fear of re-injury.  With the gift of the time and the trainers at Fitness Together Burlington, I had a goal to feel stronger and lose some weight. I lost 12 lbs, many inches from my entire body and a great improvement on body fat (BMI). I enrolled in more sessions and have started to see impressive (at least to me) changes to myself physique with only 2 sessions per week!  More muscle and definition than I had ever gained on my own.  I have trained with almost the entire team at FT Burlington and each was encouraging and knowledgeable.  I now primarily work with Maria and we have fun while pushing and working hard, maximizing every moment of the session.  We have worked to strengthen my core and back.  I have the strength and confidence to play with my boys without fear of re-injury and look forward to continued success at FT Burlington as long as I can.  Thanks, guys!

                                      JJ – Burlington October 2016

August 2012
"I feel fabulous, energetic, and determined to do anything I set my mind to! Fitness Together has helped me tremendously!"
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Michelle Lawson, Billerica Ma

Its been 1 year and Michelle feels fabulous and a little lighter, 84lbs lighter!!*

I cannot say enough good things about Brendan and the Fitness Together team.  In August of 2012, I started my journey to become a healthier and better version of myself.  Originally my goal going into FT was to lose 50 pounds, maintain the weight loss, and overall become happier with myself.  I can say that I have gone above and beyond what I had set my mind to in the beginning stages of my transformation.  I can’t say that it was easy at first, because it wasn’t.  It took me a lot of dedication and motivation to keep going each and every time I walked through the doors at Fitness Together.  I remember being sore for every single day of the first three weeks of my one-on-one training.  Thankfully, this changed once I got into the groove of things because my body was getting adjusted.  Within three months of being a client I lost 23 pounds*.  I was shocked and impressed with myself and that was when I knew that I could keep going and get to my goal.  

A little over a year later and I have lost 84 pounds* in total and dropped 6 pant sizes*.  Something that has always stuck with me that Brendan had told me at the very beginning was that the number on the scale doesn’t matter, it’s how you feel about yourself! I feel fabulous, energetic, and determined to do anything I set my mind to! Fitness Together has helped me tremendously.  Never in a million years would I have thought I would run 5k’s, go to Bikram Yoga classes, test out spinning classes, hold a 6 minute long plank, and absolutely love working out.  Not to mention that all of the FT trainers push me to the limit whether it is in a one-on-one session or a group training session.  Each trainer at FT is amazing and they give great advice that has been beneficial to me in so many ways.  They have helped me mold myself on this journey and I am forever thankful for all that Brendan and the FT gang have done for me.  There’s no turning back to my old self, this version is here to stay!


Vincent Riley

Burlington resident, local spinning instructor

Vincent is down 35lbs, 5 inches off his waist and feeling better than ever.* Best part? You'll have to watch to find out!

After *

Caroline McGlynn

Local resident

In the past, my old gym just didn’t provide me with the support or direction I needed. When I joined Fitness together, I knew it was the gym for me right away! The FT trainers generally care about your fitness experience.  The first day my trainer, Peter, sat down with me and went over my overall needs and goals. I felt like this was the first time someone was actually listening to me.  Fitness together customized a program that worked for me and my lifestyle.

I was coached on every aspect from nutrition, cardio to strength training. My trainer really provided me with a lot of support and encouragement. It gave me the motivation to push through when I felt like giving up.  After a few weeks I was sleeping better and feeling great. I am happy to report in just 4 short weeks I have already lost 10 pounds*. I look forward to working with Fitness together in the future and all that they have to offer.

After *

Dave Norden

40 LB. WEIGHT LOSS.* Gained energy and confidence.

Heather M

I had little to no experience with the gym or working out, now 20lbs lighter

When I first checked out Fitness Together I was a little worried since I couldn't find any real reviews online, but I joined on a whim since it was convenient, so close to my apartment, and the fact that I was a little desperate to get into shape. And now after 3 months of going 3 times a week, all I can say is how much I LOVE this place! 

I had little to no experience with the gym and working out, and now I'm 20 pounds lighter and the best shape I've been for a extremely long time. On top of that the trainers are some of the nicest people on the planet and make you feel like your just working on with a friend. (Try Robin's Friday 6am group class, she'll make you laugh AND sweat!) I was extremely nervous in the beginning, but everyone is so nice, understanding, and encouraging that it didn't last long at all. 

I highly recommend this place for anyone (of any age) looking to make a lifestyle change, get in shape, learn about fitness, etc. 

It took me a while to write this review, since I kind of wanted to keep it a secret! Haha!

After *

Jean Olson

54 & Stronger Then EVER!

Jean 0.

I can't say enough about FT Burlington! I'm a 54 year old woman who needed to lose weight (notice I said "needed") in order to look and feel better and be healthy. I really liked the idea of working out one-on-one with my own trainer in a private studio as opposed to being in a large class, or even with a personal trainer in the middle of a big gym. And at FT, there is nutritional support as well.  You get to use a great online tool with exceptional personal attention to tweaking your diet so that you eat optimally for weight loss and good nutrition (they don't sell special food or vitamins).  But obviously the biggest thing here would be the trainers, and believe me, they really know their stuff.  They are by your side for the entire session, training and educating you for correct form, and providing constantly changing exercises that tone your entire body the right (and most effective) way. To me, this is priceless and something that most of us can't get from a book or from watching a video. I've lost over 50 lbs* and am more toned and stronger than I was in my twenties - and I thoroughly enjoy the compliments and other positive feedback I've been getting.  I never thought I would ever wear something sleeveless again - and now I can't wait for summer and tank tops! And one last thing - I've discovered my inner athlete! Who knew I'd be kayaking, hiking mountains, or running 5Ks with all the other active and fit people out there?! FT is truly one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. I will never go back to my old ways because being (and looking) fit is way too much fun! 

After *

Linda N.

25 LB. WEIGHT LOSS in 3 months*

I started going to Fitness together in August of 2010. I won a trial session at a fundraiser for the Burlington Facility. Little did I know, I not only won 3 free sessions but won my healthy life back. I have never been a workout person but have always been active. I was fit most of my life. I continue to get up and go but life, 2 kids and a busy job were my "Excuse to pack on a few pounds" I was excited to get started at the gym. However, I was very concerned with lifting weights and doing a one on one training session. I worried my lack of experience would make me feel uncomfortable and look foolish. Just the opposite happened. I started my first session by saying "I have no idea what I'm doing" The sincere response I got from my new trainer was something on the lines of "It's ok because we do know what we are doing". That was just what I needed to hear. A bad back and lack of experience did not hold me back. I've lost 25 pounds* and Like Brendan (The owner and one of my trainers) says it is finding your path to a healthier you. It's been a Journey. I'm still enjoying it every week. I am close to my goal weight and can not imagine going back to the way I was just 9 months ago. People have commented on my new looks and I know I look better because I feel better inside and out. I say if you are thinking about it make the call. Linda


50 LB. WEIGHT LOSS. Dropped six dress sizes*

Tracy first came to Fitness Together when she realized the baby weight she’d put on three years prior wasn’t going to come off without some major changes to her lifestyle. Tracy committed to her training and nutrition program and saw greater results than she ever imagined.  

“My trainers are amazing. They are the primary reason why I come here.” Since starting at FT Tracy has lost 50 lbs.* and went from a size 14 to a size 2*. She also increased strength and flexibility and has competed in the incredibly demanding Tough Mudder challenge.

Trainer Tom Lavoie says, “She really has kicked up her strength in a big way. She’s continuing to grow, as far as her strength, flexibility, and improving her overall health.”

– Tracy
50 LB. WEIGHT LOSS.*  Dropped six dress sizes.* Completed the Tough Mudder challenge last spring, a grueling 10-mile military-style challenge.

Yes, those are his real jeans!
After *

Dan L.

A hard working dad who changed his life for himself & his family!

Five months ago I had an important decision to make.  I was recuperating after a serious illness, feeling sorry for myself and completely unmotivated in life.  Because of my illness I was put on multiple medications for my heart, my joints, and my blood.  I had gone from never taking any medications to taking 6-8 in a matter of 30 days.  What was most frustrating and difficult for me was to remember that at one point, in my adult life, I was a very active person who enjoyed playing sports and other outdoor activities.
After almost a year of recuperation I found myself at the highest weight of my life, on two different blood pressure medications, and being told by my doctors that I probably have Type II diabetes and they were considering starting another medication. This was my turning point.I could continue down the path of a sedentary life, poor eating habits and getting quite good at self-pity, or I could take my life back and realize that while my illness is in the back of my mind, I cannot let it rule my decisions and I needed to find the person I was not so long ago.
As luck would have it, my wife ran into someone, Dave “Nordie” Norden, who we knew quite well and had not seen for quite a while told her about Fitness Together Burlington, he said it changed his life, most importantly he said it changed his family’s life.  She was sold before we even went to meet Brendan – the owner.
After meeting with Brendan and hearing about the program, and getting a sense of his knowledge and enthusiasm, we knew that this was the gym for us.  It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  I have belonged to many gyms in the past, but I have never had a personal trainer with me every step of the way showing me exactly how to do each exercise, and explaining to me why I am doing it.  The majority of my workouts have been with trainers Robin and Chris.  I can’t say enough good things about both of them.  Right from the beginning, they got to know me, what my goals and limitations were.   Each workout was customized to me and aimed toward helping me to meet my personal and overall health goals.   Robin and Chris are always upbeat, and they really make the workouts something that I look forward to.  Personally, the workouts I have had at FT-Burlington have been the most challenging workouts I have ever had.  I know that I wouldn’t have pushed myself this hard if I were working out alone in a regular gym.
Another area that sets Fitness Together apart from other gym memberships is the nutrition component.  I have been using the Vitabot on-line nutrition tool that is offered.  This has been a great way for me to learn how to eat a balanced diet and hold myself accountable.  The trainers consistently talk to me about nutrition and are happy to answer any nutrition questions I might have.
I am happy to say, after 5 months going to Fitness Together Burlington, I have lost over 60 lbs. and 42 total inches*.  What is most important to me however is, as of this month, I am off all medications and my blood pressure is normal*.  I feel so much better about myself, and I look forward to continuing down the path of an active and healthy lifestyle.  Brendan and his entire Fitness Together Burlington staff are amazing people, and I can’t thank them enough for helping me to get my life back.  

Dan L.

Jennifer M.

Lost 150lbs in 1 year!*

September 16, 2011

FT-Burlington changed my life. Or more accurately, Brendan Stapleton changed my life.

In the fall of 2010, I was middle-aged, inactive, and morbidly obese. I had a lot of great things in my life with work and friends and a variety of interests, but over the years the weight gain had caused me to cut back on travel and the lifetime sports and activities that I had always enjoyed a great deal. I also knew that I was facing a future that would likely be filled with weight-related medical issues and a declining quality of life. I understood that I was at the point of needing weight-loss surgery, but that was intensely unappealing. And without lifestyle and nutrition changes, it would also be pointless. It was at that point that I made a commitment to myself to make an all-out effort to get healthy through exercise and nutrition, and I understood myself well enough to know that a personal trainer was my best option.

I had liked the FT ads on television, and I know now that I am so lucky that the Burlington site was closest to my home. Once I made the commitment, it took me a month or more to make that first contact, and only by email. And when Brendan called to schedule an appointment for a consultation, it took me a few days to get up my nerve to return his call. And then every day until the face-to-face appointment, I gave myself the follow-through-on-this pep talk. And the day of, I needed to promise myself to at least get to the parking lot outside FT. And when I did that, I talked myself into following through with that initial appointment. It was a nerve-wracking morning. And then, I got inside, and I met Brendan and Nate and we got started— and truly, the hardest part was over.

For me, making the call and getting in the door were the biggest challenges in this whole process. It’s not easy to get honest with yourself about your physical reality and about your lifetime of bad choices. And much harder than that, for me at least, was getting honest and open with someone else about my weight and my lifestyle. What I didn’t know then was that all that worrying was pointless, that Brendan is the consummate professional, that he’s direct and focused and incredibly knowledgeable and he’s also non-judgmental and solution-oriented and funny and friendly and so incredibly tuned in to which type of approach would work with me
as an individual.

The training itself was a lot of fun. It didn’t take long to quit worrying what other people would think of me because the sessions are private and Brendan and his team are so positive. And most importantly, I was doing it! I was following through on this extraordinarily important commitment to my health and well being, and I was learning every day how to make this a lifelong lifestyle.

That teaching component and comprehensive approach are part of what made me so successful in the short term and so confident about my future. Brendan and his team combine the actual cardio, strength training, and nutritional plan with teaching about cardio, strength training, active lifestyles, and nutrition. Moreover, they do it incrementally, subtly, and tailored to the individual, so I personally was always learning and doing a lot, both physically and nutritionally, but it was never more than I could handle and there were never any gaps in the path to my personal success.

In closing, I just want to say again how life-changing my time with Brendan and his team was. I didn’t possess the knowledge, focus, or personal accountability to do this on my own, but with their help and extraordinary expertise I have lost 125 pounds in eight months*. I have regained my health and physical vitality, and I have reconnected with my commitment to personal accountability for fitness. And most importantly, I now have the knowledge and drive for exercise and nutrition to maintain this effort throughout my life. And truly, the hardest part was just walking through that door the first time. Brendan, Nate, and Robin will take care of you after

With boundless gratitude and confidence in a fit and healthy future,

Jennifer M.

__A p.s. for people concerned about the financial cost: When I figured out that the personal-trainer model was my best chance at success, I knew it would require a significantly bigger financial commitment than a gym or just getting a good in-home treadmill. But when I did the math—the cost of FT versus the cost of future exorbitant medical care, the day-to-day costs associated with obesity, the cost of lost
opportunities and quality of life—it was clear to me that FT was a bargain, a short-term investment for a lifetime of gain. I would do it again in a heartbeat (a very slow resting heartbeat, I’m happy to say).


66 LB. WEIGHT LOSS in 6 months.*

Mike had put on a lot of weight in college and really needed to change his lifestyle.  In just six months Mike has lost 66 lbs* and is wearing the clothes he wants to wear. ‘The trainers here make you accountable. They’re the best.”

Mike’s trainer, Tom Lavoie is impressed with Mike’s commitment. “The results Mike has seen are off the charts. He’s really changed his lifestyle by making that commitment to himself and to his program.”

– Mike
66 LB. WEIGHT LOSS in 6 months*.  Improved health, strength and confidence.

Bruce M.

I have been a member of Fitness Together for approximately one year and have experienced many advantages. I feel much stronger and have lost over 40 pounds* from their diet and exercise.

I became a member after I broke my left ankle. After it healed, I had problems with my balance. My trainer, Robin, helped me enormously and my balance has significantly improved. Robin has also helped me train hard to increase my strength. She has been both supportive and challenging, in just the right mix.

My cardio results have been remarkable. My endurance has improve significantly. I would recommend Fitness Together without hesitation!

Kevin C

"a pace designed specifically for me"

I have very particular fitness goals and Brendan and his staff, not only helped me meet these goals but helped me achieve them in a supportive environment.  They set me up in a unique program that allowed me to work out at a pace designed specifically for me. 

Over the past three months, I have seen a lot of positive results.  Aside from sheding pounds*, Im also feeling stronger and am much more flexible.  I feel great!

Brendan and I started our training relationship with an in depth consultation about my goals and time line.   He then performed a fitness evaluation with me that gave him an idea as to what he and I could both expect in regards to my endurance and strength.  After that he developed a personalized exercise and diet regimen that matched my goals.  

I am really appreciative of the time and energy that Brendan and his staff puts into my health.  They are all extremely supportive and are always optimistic about reaching our goals together.  If you're looking for personal training or good jumpstart to a healthier life, I highly recommend Fitness Together in Burlington!

After *

Allison Lepordo

Working mother gets running again, gets her body back & rids herself of body aches

I joined Fitness Together Burlington in March 2016, 5 months postpartum and still carrying most of the weight I had gained during my pregnancy.  In my mind, my goal was to simply lose the weight I had gained, but during the initial consultation, the focus centered more on fit vs. skinny.  Rather than talking about a goal weight or goal measurements, we talked about being able to hold my kids without fatigue and being able to get back into running without knee pain.  We talked about the importance of combining training with the right nutrition as well as how important it was to have a support system at work and at home.  I already felt like the program was specific to me and my lifestyle.

I was really nervous to get started because I had never done strength training before and have always been really self-conscious; I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to put up as much weight as was expected or would look funny trying.  My expectations couldn’t have been more wrong.  No trainer would ever give me more weight than I could handle; the emphasis was always on better form over more weight. They have been able to push me just the right amount so that I would get the most out of my work out without feeling discouraged.

Over the last 8 months, I managed to lose most of my baby weight, but I’ve benefited so much more than that.  Although I’ve accepted my maternity belly will never fully recover, I actually have abs under there now!  I was able to run outside all summer without any knee pain and I’ve been able to carry my kids for long durations and in hot, humid weather without getting tired.  Most importantly, my kids see my commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle and have gotten involved.  My 4 year old daughter started training for a race with me.  When I can’t fit in a work out, my 1 year old son happily acts as my weight for squats and presses.  Most impressively, they both will request fruits and vegetables over candies and cookies.

I couldn’t have gotten to this point without the help of every single person at Fitness Together.  They hold me accountable by asking me about my nutrition every session and being flexible enough to make sure I can still fit in all of my sessions each week regardless of last minute meetings at work or not having someone to watch my kids.  They’ve even been accommodating enough to let me bring my kids and included them in the workout when I really couldn’t rearrange my schedule.  My daughter told me she feels like part of the “FT club” and I couldn’t agree more with her.  I truly feel like I’m part of the FT family; they are my support system, encouraging me through this transformation, helping me through difficulties, and praising me on my results.

Thank you to all of my wonderful trainers at Fitness Together Burlington! 

Ginny M

Thanks for all you do and caring do much!

Being in the customer service world most of my life I know how important it is to get feedback when you do a good job not just hearing about complaints. I just wanted to say I think the trainers at FT are just awesome! I have to say I have never had anyone care about my success like they do. My session with James last night was so good. He really took the time to talk to me about nutrution and weightloss but also told me a little bit himself - showed how he is so genuinely concerned about my success. I recently told him when I first started I didn't like him that much - today I am so glad I gave him a second chance. You are so lucky to have such a great group of people working for you but they are so lucky too have you as there leader. Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you do and caring do much!


Eric H. Schultz

President and CEO

One of my greatest sources of sadness about moving from Westborough to Boston is leaving the great team you built at the Fitness Together - Westborough. You and they have helped me transform my life, health and well-being during the past 15 months.

Thank you.

PS - There is a Fitness Together in the South End of Boston where we are moving and I will be checking it out. 


Eric H. Schultz
President and CEO
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
93 Worcester Street
Wellesley, Massachusetts 02481

Josh Y

Thank you

May 31, 2016

Dear FT Team,

When I arrived at FT Burlington back in 2013, I was a broken man.  I had just gotten divorced, I was adjusting to moving back to the USA from Germany, and I was severely overweight after severely injuring my back during a CrossFit training session.  Little did I know how fortunate I would be in finding the entire FT team.

The positive energy and dedication to my success helped to transform me both physically and spiritually.  You helped me to heal and better manage my back injury ad you pushed me to lose close to 60 pounds.  As my pain diminished and my strength and flexibility improved, it helped to give me a more positive outlook on life.

My higher self-esteem and improved happiness enabled me to be better at nearly everything in life.  It also helped me to have the confidence to get re-married to my incredible wife, Holly.  And I believe it also played a factor in helping me to win the golf club championship for my handicap flight. 

I recently took a new job down in Attleboro, which will prevent me from continuing to train at FT Burlington. One of the downsides of this decision is that I will no longer be able to see Brendan, Lauren, James, Brad, Joe, Robin, Sean and the other fantastic team FT team members.  I feel like everybody became much more than just trainers to me, they became friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time and FT and I appreciate how everybody genuinely cared about my well-being. 

Thank you for everything you did for me.  I hope that we can continue to stay in touch in the future.


Joshua Y

Eden P.

I can't say enough about Brendan and FT. He is an incredibly energetic, outgoing and positive role model. I work out exclusively with Brendan but Robin and Nate are fun, personable, smart  and committed trainers as well. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and comfortable .  

I've been going to FT Burlington for about 3 years and thanks primarily to Brendan, I have embraced a much more active lifestyle. I have much more energy and  see muscles I had no idea existed.

Brendan is a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, the body, working around injuries and overall fitness. He embodies what a healthy lifestyle looks like and his passion is passing that on to others.

I would recommend FT Burlington to anyone. Brendan, Robin and Nate provide the firm but friendly push and accountability  so many of us need to get on track and stay there.

Carla M.

I have been a member of Fitness Together for four years and it was the best desicion I could have made. There is nothing like a personal trainer.The health and nutritional services provided by the staff has improved my life with weight loss strength flexability and overall fitness. I am a hairesser of 28 years and being on my feet all day is stressful on the body but by incorporating routine of cardio and strength training will make it possilble for me to further my career for another 28 years. Brendan and the staff at FT are very enthusiastic and inspirational when it comes to meeting everyones goals.They also take exercise outside with hikes and runs. I would highly recommend FT to anyone who is willing to take that next step into a whole new life. I did and I will be in my first sprint triathalon in august thanks to FT.* I am addicted.

Cathy Ofria

Thank God for the wonderful people at Fitness Together in Burlington. Without the encouragement from my trainers I would not have been able to build up my stamina and endurance to push myself further.  I am truly grateful for all efforts that Robin, Chris, Peter and Brendan put in to help me help myself.  I really enjoy all my classes and have many laughs with Robin and Chris. They truly care about me and getting me back in shape.  I will be forever grateful. Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!


Cathy Ofria

Jean 0.

I can't say enough about FT Burlington! I'm a 54 year old woman who needed to lose weight (notice I said "needed") in order to look and feel better and be healthy. I really liked the idea of working out one-on-one with my own trainer in a private studio as opposed to being in a large class, or even with a personal trainer in the middle of a big gym. And at FT, there is nutritional support as well.  You get to use a great online tool with exceptional personal attention to tweaking your diet so that you eat optimally for weight loss and good nutrition (they don't sell special food or vitamins).  But obviously the biggest thing here would be the trainers, and believe me, they really know their stuff.  They are by your side for the entire session, training and educating you for correct form, and providing constantly changing exercises that tone your entire body the right (and most effective) way. To me, this is priceless and something that most of us can't get from a book or from watching a video. I've lost over 50 lbs* and am more toned and stronger than I was in my twenties - and I thoroughly enjoy the compliments and other positive feedback I've been getting.  I never thought I would ever wear something sleeveless again - and now I can't wait for summer and tank tops! And one last thing - I've discovered my inner athlete! Who knew I'd be kayaking, hiking mountains, or running 5Ks with all the other active and fit people out there?! FT is truly one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. I will never go back to my old ways because being (and looking) fit is way too much fun!   Jean O.

Bari & Mark G.

Being in our 50s we knew that our daily walks were not enough for our overall health and fitness.  We had never worked out before and knew that joining a typical gym would not work for us.  FT Burlington has been a terrific experience.  Over the past 7 months, we have improved our flexibility, gained strength, become more energetic and lost weight*.  This has happened under the supervision of the trainers. Their expertise, encouragement and sense of humor have made this all possible.  The social atmosphere of the studio, with the banter between clients and trainers, adds to the overall experience, making it fun as well as beneficial.  The trainers motivate you to exceed your preconceived notions of what you are able to do.  Seven months ago we would never had predicted what we are able to do today.  We would recommend FT Burlington to anyone who wants to get into better shape.

Maureen McCartney RN

Hospice Nurse looking to get healthy

Last year in March I went to ski with my son in Utah. I was barely able to complete one run in Park City. This year after focused training for 3 months, with the well trained, patient and kind staff at Fitness Together I was able to enjoy the whole day and feeling great the next day. I have struggled with my weight and health over the last 15 years. I have tried Jenny Craig, Ideal Protein, Weight Watchers and even Hypnosis! All though controlling food intake is important I find using the body I have and making healthy choices builds a strong body & is the only real path to success. For me fitness training has been key. I am soon 59 years old and want to stay strong for the next 20 or 30 years. Thank You to the whole FT team. 

Maureen McCartney RN

Hospice Nurse 

Jean B

I needed a change which brought me to Fitness Together in Burlington

I’ve been working out on my own for many years and finally hit a point where I hit a plateau and was getting bored.  I needed a change which brought me to Fitness Together in Burlington and I was forever changed!  I do both one to one personal training and PACK small group training. I love the variety of the workouts and I have gained muscle and increased strength.* I’ve worked with almost all of the trainers and all are professional and extremely knowledgeable.  Brendan is a wonderful owner. He made me feel welcome from the second I started and his follow up and responsiveness are impeccable. I’d highly recommend FT Burlington!


Dylan P

Dear FT Burlington team,

I've always been the scrawny kid, even as I entered my late 20s. Like everyone else, I wanted a body I could feel proud of, but it always seemed like an enormous feat of expertise and discipline to get there, so mostly I just tried to keep my shirt on as much as possible. Sure, I'd tried working out on my own and eating healthier, but I was never organized or knowledgeable enough to put together a real plan. I didn't know if I was doing the right things, let alone doing them properly to maximize my outcome and minimize my injuries, so I never stuck with anything long enough to see actual results. I didn't feel like I was making progress, I just felt worn out, and without a consistent plan that's probably all I was ever going to get. 

With an endless supply of conflicting and confusing fitness and nutrition advice out there, I knew I had three choices. I could accept the body I had, and hope against the odds that I stayed merely scrawny as I got older. Or, I could buy a fitness book and follow it unquestioningly, running the risk that the book either wasn't right for my body or wasn't clear enough, one way or another leading back to poor results and probable injury. Finally, I could hire a fitness professional to train me, one-on-one, and get precise, real-time guidance and continuous week-by-week encouragement.

Obviously, since you're reading this here, I decided to try out Fitness Together in Burlington, Massachusetts. I was nervous at first; it was a serious investment that put me on the first step of a long journey, and if it was going to be worth it, I'd have to take every step with conviction and never look back. But I knew I was paying for expert advice, so I tried my best to follow it, both in the gym and at the dinner table. Honestly, the trainers were all so knowledgeable that I never felt too lost and so friendly that I always wanted to succeed, as much for them as for myself, because I knew they were invested in my outcome just as much as I was. It wasn't long before I started to look forward to my workouts, exhausting though they often were, and the feeling of accomplishment that followed each and every one. Suddenly, exercising was actually fun and rewarding!

So, how did it go, long-term? Well, in a year if training, I gained over 30 pounds of lean muscle, shed 5 pounds of body fat*, and, in the words of one friend, completely changed my body's build! And while I love my new body (I'm a little less shy about people seeing it now), the biggest changes of all took place in my head as I learned various exercises, workout strategies, and nutrition plans. Now, not only do I look like I fit in among the weight racks at the gym, but I'm not afraid to be there anymore, because I know what I'm there to do, how to do it, and, most importantly, that it's working. As I start my second year of training, I'm now writing my own workouts and being my own trainer twice a week, and it feels amazing to have come from paralyzing ignorance to confident knowledge thanks to my trainers. I still have a lot to learn, of course, so I still rely on the professionals at Fitness Together once a week, and I don't expect to give up their steady guidance and words of encouragement any time soon.

Thank you very much, FT Burlington!

Very sincerely,

 - Dylan P.
   Burlington, MA

Kris S.

I started doing 1 on 1 training at Fitness Together, Burlington after a bad injury from a car accident -- one that I was afraid I might have to live with.  I had already had a few old injuries before then.  Brendan was able to find ways to work around whatever issues that got in the way so they didn't keep me from being able to work out.  I was able to do overall strengthening without cauing further problems.  The injury I was afraid I'd be living with forever is gone*.  I've been able to do things I thought I'd never be able to do again!!  It totally changed my life.

Jen M.

Brendan and his team are superstars, and they have helped me transform my health and fitness. In six months, I have lost 100 pounds* and have gained muscle, overall fitness and stamina, cardio-vascular fitness, and a lifetime nutrition plan. The hardest part was making the phone call and taking the step to go in for an evaluation, given how far I needed to go with this. Once I talked myself into following through with those first steps, the work itself has been a pleasure. Brendan has an amazing capacity to be both direct and positive; he helps you identify and focus on goals and solutions, and he creates ever-evolving plans that are challenging but manageable and highly individualized. I also work frequently with Nate and Robin, and they share Brendan's passion for the work and commitment to excellent results.

One of the most important things for me at FT has been the comprehensive approach. In addition to thrice-weekly strength training, I have a plan for cardio and a plan for nutrition, which is all about healthy, mindful eating rather than complicated or rigid diets. I have gained nutritional and health knowledge and habits that will guide and serve me my whole life. I haven't been dieting per se; rather, I have committed to good nutrition and exercise that I can sustain for the rest of my life.

The team at FT-Burlington has so much knowledge and passion for their work and for the clients they train. Their expertise, energy, and commitment to helping you reach your goals make everything possible. These last six months have been life changing--truly life changing--and I owe it all Brendan, Nate, and Robin. I give them my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation.

Chris D.

The staff at fitness together in burlington are dedicated to each and every client's individual goals.  The experience I recieved was life changing.  I lost over 35 pounds* with continual nutritional advice and consultation along with great workouts!  If something wasn't working, the staff and I would sit down and review what I was doing/eating in order to help continue my progress. I've gained confidence in everyday life and continue to progress in my training.  When I started, I set "realistic" goals of weightloss; but have surpassed these and continue my path toward total fitness. If you are toying with the idea of working with a personal trainer, look no farther than fitness together burlington!!

Krista G.

After an extreme weight gain from my pregnancy, I knew I needed to put my weight loss and health as my #1 priority. Fitness Together helped me to lose a total of 88lbs in 8 months*! The trainers were absolutely amazing at keeping me motivated and on track. My trainer, Robin, helped me to gain the knowledge and confidence to maintain and continue my weight loss journey. I feel stronger, healthier, and happier, thanks to Fitness Together!


I originally signed up for 12 weeks. Since starting, I have more energy, feel better and am losing weight*. I just signed up for another 6 months.

Eden P

Brendan has a great energy and enthusiasm that is infectious. He constantly pushes me and even manages to make me laugh on days when the last thing I feel like doing is training. His commitment and dedication keep me focused. I'm so much stronger now and am a convert to a lifestyle that involves strength training and overall fitness*. He is a motivator and a role model and he never criticizes even as he makes sure I have correct form. He goes the extra step to make sure I have a workout plan when I'm traveling and modifies my workouts if I'm injured. I definitely recommend Brendan as a trainer  to anyone (just don't take my time slots!).

The entire FT Burlington staff is caring and welcoming. The atmosphere and camaraderie with the other clients also makes for a fun, relaxed and comfortable environment.

Sonia R.

Fitness Together is second to none. Over the past few years of working out with FT, they have not only made me stronger physically but mentally as well. They keep me on track, they push my limits (but never to the point of overkill) and they believe in what I can do even when I don't believe in myself at times. In short, the staff at FT have made me healthier and even though there are days that I am not sure I feel like working out as I am always glad I did as I walk out the door and start my day.


Sonia R. 10/20/14

Jenna G. (Daughter to Bari and Mark G.)

While I have never stepped foot in Fitness Together, I have been through the emotional wringer ever since my parents joined the gym. When I still lived with them, I would wait at home for them to return from their session, trying to imagine all the crazy pantomime they would use to try to describe to me the different types of workouts they did that day. These games of charades often lasted for whole minutes at a time, until I could offer a simple, "oh, you did plank?", to which Mom or Dad would point at me excitedly and yell "YES! THAT'S THE ONE!" Then, for the next several days/weeks, they would throw in that new vocabulary as much as possible. I just hope right now they are all sitting together, planning a recital for me to come to. I honestly am not sure what we would talk about if we didn't have the trainers at FT to gossip about.

Sonia R.

I can't say enough about the team at Fitness Together Burlington. Their ability to keep me on track is something I could not do on my own. Those who have known me for years, knew I was not a person who went to the gym (much less lifted any weights). I am more fit now than I have ever been and am certain that I owe that to Fitness Together and their dedication to my success. The energy I feel throughout the day is without a doubt credited to the workouts I do there. I am healthier, have made great friendships and know that it has been life altering. I would never consider going anywhere else.

Kris M.

I've been going to Fitness Together in Burlington since the end of 2009, when I picked up a deal on Groupon.  I see Brendan exclusively, but have found the other trainers to be friendly and energetic.  Brendan has a great way of pushing me just a little bit beyond what I think I'm capable of - he toes that fine line of making me feel successful by not asking me to do more than my body can handle, but having me get the most out of every minute I have with him by pushing me just a little further than I want to go.  His enthusiasm for fitness is obvious, and contagious.

Helen F.

I've been going to fitness together for over two years. The trainers are so energetic and encouraging you just have to have great results. It's amazing the confidence you get from feeling fit. That's what Brendan and his trainers have done for me. It doesn't matter who you work out with, you leave sweaty and stronger. This is a great place to work toward your fitness goals. They really want you to succeed.

Jen H

Fitness Together has helped me reshape the way I think about exercise as well as my overall health and fitness.  For most of my life exercise meant going for a run.  It was a simple way to stay active but over time, as I got older, I felt I needed more diversity in a routine and help determining the most effective way to get in better shape.  As the working mother of four, I was also concerned about being able to find the time to fit regular fitness sessions into my routine. Fitness Together took the time to assess my goals and then built a program specific to me.  Sessions are easy to schedule around a busy lifestyle.  And as we have gotten to know one another better, my program has become even more customized.  I have also gotten excellent advice on nutrition, good ideas on how to work through exercise plateaus, and great support and encouragement along the way.  It has been a great program and a great partnership.

Kevin H.

Brendan and his staff are true professionals. You owe it to your wellbeing to meet with them and see if they can help you.

Ray G.

The 1 on 1 training is excellent, I would not go to a gym if left to my own initiative. They combine the right amount of support and encouragement to make the effort worthwhile.
Ray G, Burlington

Matty D.

I struggled for years with a busy schedule to make working out part of my daily life. That all changed after working with Brendan and his team! They make getting in shape enjoyable. The results I've gotten from working out here are results that I would of never achieved on my own. I strongly recommend FT Burlington!