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As we continue to monitor the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), 
we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our customers and partners. 

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Mar 13, 2020 News

Have you signed up yet? Sign up now by clicking below or put your name on the sign up sheet in our studio! We are looking to have a big team this year so tell your family and friends! Member who sign up and wear their FT shirts will get their registration fee covered by us!

COM Mar 13, 2020 Client of the Month

Congratulations to our Client of The Month Katie DeWitt! She thrives with her engagement to stay consistent for a stronger, leaner body.


Mar 11, 2020 Fitness Tips

Besides exercise and diet, what are the other important factors to consider when it comes to overall health and wellness?

Mar 4, 2020 Fitness Tips

Many people have very busy lives, but there is always time to fit at the very least a 20-30 minute workout into your busy life. We have many clients who work 70-80 hours a week and still manage to come in 3-4 times a week, simply, because they schedule it.

Feb 19, 2020 Fitness Tips

How many times have you set your fitness goals to start living a healthier lifestyle, to just see it all fall through quickly and without a fight? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This happens to most people and more often than you think. Everyone needs a little accountability to accomplish their fitness goals. That’s where a personal trainer comes in; they’ll help you stay on track to meet and exceed your fitness goals. 

Feb 12, 2020 Fitness Tips

When you’re involved in an exercise program, it’s easy to laser-point focus on the cardio, strength-training and stretching activities. You watch, hawk-like, the effects your efforts have on your waistline, scale numbers, and muscle definition. In doing so, you can sometimes gloss over exercise’s crucial cousins, pre- and post-workout nutrition.

Feb 11, 2020 News

The question that us trainers get asked on a regular basis, "what stretching should I be doing?"  The article focuses on two types of stretches and their benefits.  

Feb 5, 2020 Fitness Tips

Utilizing only one type of exercise is like eating your sandwich with only peanut butter, or only jelly.  It’s possible, but seems a little incomplete.  A strong regimen of both aerobic exercise and strengthening will allow your body and mind to be the very healthiest they can be. 

Jan 31, 2020 Recipes and Nutrition

It is easy to get tired of the same salad day after day. Add this salad into your meal planning to add some new engredients and freshness!

Jan 13, 2020 Cardio

Cardio Club 2020 is on! And we want you to be part of it. Sign up at the Studio in Person and Win wonderful prizes!

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