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Client of the Month March 2021

Feb 26, 2021

Our Client of the Month of March 2021 is Kim Lamoureux! Kim has been a client for almost 6 years! Kim has lost 14 pounds over the last months, and we are all always noticing her hard work and consistency. Keep the great work!

Easy Homemade Chicken Salad

Feb 23, 2021

This easy to follow, easy to make recipe for homemade chicken salad will taste great along with not making you worry about breaking the scale.

4 Tips to Find Your Perfect Personal Trainer

Feb 16, 2021

Whether you’re looking to achieve a specific fitness goal, recovering from an injury, or exploring ways to be more active, partnering with a personal trainer is a great way to reach milestones and challenge yourself. But not every trainer is right for you. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re looking for so you can set yourself up for success from the get-go.


Feb 5, 2021

Dave Wade is our February 2021 Client! We are thrilled for Dave, He decided to focus on Tracking his Macronutrients and Increase his Cardiovascular goals and He is seeing the results and feels confident abouit. Keep it Up Dave! We are all noticing!

February is Heart Health Month

Feb 5, 2021

When we take care of Our Heart as part of Selfcare, we set an example for those around us to do the same.

Research shows having social support and personal networks makes getting regular physical activities, eating healthy, losing weight, and quitting smoking easier.

Family Dinner Recipe

Jan 22, 2021

Happy winter 2021!

Here is a recipe for a family dinner wewant to share with you. Enjoy!

Why it’s So Important to Proactively Take Care of Your Health

Jan 18, 2021

What is the goal of Preventative Healthcare? The Aim is to be as strong and healthy as possible moment to moment as part of our everyday lifestyle. That way, when the inevitable happens, be it an injury or illness, we have the foundation to deal with it. We can move through health issues more easily and recover more quickly if we’re healthy from the beginning. In other words, we can proactively take control of our health no matter where we are on our journey.

The Secret to Improving your Health One Step at a Time

Jan 11, 2021

No matter your age, history with fitness, starting points, or physical ability or limitation, it's never too late to start on your path to improved health.

December Client of the Month

Dec 18, 2020

Our Client of this Month is Beth Timperi. Beth has been with Us for almost 5 Months and we are amazed with her progress and dedication. Beth also inspired her Son Angelo and they come together to the studio consistently.

Holiday Eating Tips

Dec 17, 2020

It’s easy to get swept up in the holiday season. . But the feasts and parties that mark it can tax the arteries and strain the waistline.

You don’t need to deprive yourself, eat only boring foods, or take your treats with a side order of guilt. Instead, by practicing a bit of defensive eating and cooking, you can come through the holidays without making “go on a diet” one of your New Year’s resolutions.

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