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How to Stay Active and Healthy as a Senior Citizen

May 24, 2017 Fitness Tips

So how does a senior citizen stay active and healthy, even with age-related aches and pains?  Here we have a few tips for how you can, and should, exercise as a senior citizen.

Biking Myths Debunked

May 16, 2017 Fitness Tips

Top three reasons why you’re probably not biking more often, and why you should kiss those reasons goodbye.

How to Exercise as a Family

May 10, 2017 Fitness Tips

This Mother’s Day, we honor Mom for everything she’s passed down to us.  We can also honor ourselves and the children in our life by helping them realize the power and importance of physical fitness.

Does Your Fitness Need a Little Spring Cleaning?

Apr 26, 2017 Fitness Tips

You already know that when you clean out a closet or organize cupboards you feel AMAZINGLY light, free, and satisfied.  The same thing can happen when you pare down to the necessary basics in your fitness life.  

Client of the Month April: Kathy B

Apr 21, 2017 Client of the Month

1. How often do you workout at FT? I am currently training at the studio 3 days a week. 2. How often and for how long do you do cardio at FT and on your own? I usually do 45 minutes on my own either at home or in the studio everyday.  When I meet for my  1-to-1  sessions I do cardio for 30 minutes before or after my sessions. 3. What does your daily nutrition...

Studio Happenings

Apr 21, 2017 News

Becca Pizzi Family Fun Run Join our Fitness Together Belmont Team and help support your fellow client Becca Pizzi for her Family Fun Run 2017!  Sign up is in the studio.  We will pay your entrance fee for you wearing an FTBelmont T-shirt. This event is organized by the Belmont Boosters and proudly sponsored by Belmont Savings Bank. The Becca Pizzi Family...

Why You Need to Take Your Workout Outside

Apr 19, 2017 Fitness Tips

We think that Earth Day is the perfect excuse to take your workout out into the sunshine.  Your health, your kids, and the planet will all be better off for it. 

How to Keep Your Stress in Check

Apr 12, 2017 Fitness Tips

Since April is National Stress Awareness Month, we wanted to take the opportunity to call attention to the dangers of untamed stress, and some ways to keep it in check.

How to Actually Enjoy Exercise

Apr 5, 2017 Fitness Tips

Since exercise really is very good for you, and because we care about you and your health, we have a few ways that exercise can start to become a bit more enjoyable for you. Yes, you. Yes, really. 

How to Stay Healthy During Spring Break

Mar 22, 2017 Fitness Tips

Spring Break doesn’t have to be a break from your healthy endeavors.  In fact, fitness and health can enhance your vacation with a little planning and inspiration.   Time with your family can, and should, be a time of health and fun.  Enjoy, and happy spring!

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