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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

client at the FT studio

Maryann Belskis

To Paul, Paula, PJ, Joe, Amy, Molly, Brian, and Caitlin,

I would like to thank you for always challenging me and your never ending support. You always expecting me to do more at each session and push me to do more cardio. It does work. The nutrition program along with the handouts gives us all good information and recipes to try at home.

Before I came to Fitness Together I had never done weight training before. Since I’ve been here and started weight training people ask me all the time if I’ve lost weight and all of my clothes fit better! Not only do I get compliments from friends but my doctor has noticed a big difference too. I have type 2 Diabetes and since starting at Fitness Together my blood sugar has been under control and my doctor wants me to continue training here.*

I always look forward to all my sessions with Paul. His bright personality and wit along with his expertise in exercising has made me more fit and healthy, and I’m always happy while working with him. After doing one on one sessions I decided to join Dance PACK. Oh boy! It’s a great aerobic workout to music of the 50s and 60s which I love, and I thank Paula our trainer for these fun terrific group classes.

I was nervous to attend an Open House at FT but everyone was super friendly and I felt comfortable right away. The other clients are great and the studio has a family like atmosphere to it. All of the trainers and front desk staff are always happy and friendly.

Thank you all for the time and effort you put into these programs along with the healthy goodies you provide. I would recommend Fitness Together to anyone no matter how young or old you are. The staff is excellent and you will see the results quickly for all the hard work you put into your routines.

I thank you.

-Maryann Belskis

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Stan Bloomenthal

"It's always something new and different"

Lucia Gates

"When I left the hospital after three days, the physical therapist told me that I was already at the point most people achieve after two weeks!*"

Mary Beth Dynan

"I've lost over 44 lbs all because of how hard they make me work"

Patty Mihelich

" This is the best staff ever. I feel at home"

After *

Pam Brunnett

I have lost over 40 lbs, gained muscle, significantly reduced my body fat...

Bottom Line: If you are looking for some help in reaching your personal fitness goals, you should strongly consider joining Fitness Together in Belmont! The main reason?: The People! This place has some amazing trainers! They are what has kept me going there for the past year. Well, them AND results! They have helped me get those results though, so perhaps I am right back to saying the real reason is the people there!

Some of the things that make this place great:

*They make it a fun and welcoming environment! Every single time you walk through the door, they greet you by name and with excitement and enthusiasm. I'm serious...every single time! It makes you feel good just for showing up and a bit happier to be there, especially if it's on a day where you really had to drag yourself there kicking and screaming.

*They truly listen to what your goals are and come up with a personal plan that is specific and unique for you! In my experience, there are a lot of places and programs out there that claim to create personalized programs, but they are not truly personalized. At FT Belmont, they have regular sessions with you to discuss your specific goals and they create a personalized nutrition and training program based on those discussions and your specific goals. For Real! I see them writing customized workouts all the time for myself and others or coming up with nutrition suggestions to fit with various individual's circumstances or limitations. They take the time to really get to know their clients and figure out what will work for them. This has been particularly important for me given that I was recovering from a major sports injury (and 2 surgeries) when I first started going to FT Belmont a year ago...and I also had some pretty big goals in mind!

*They regularly change up my workouts. For me, this is key! First- in terms of making progress, I know that this is important. Second-let's face it; doing the same workout over and over is miserable!

*They regularly check in and track progress towards goals and they do it in a way that is motivating. They acknowledge and celebrate progress and they also identify when changes or tweaks are needed to either get things back on track or to help progress continue.

*The trainers are extremely knowledgeable. The short and sweet -- they know their sh*t!

*As I mentioned above, they truly take the time to get to know you and are constantly working towards helping you achieve what it is you want to achieve (even if you are constantly complaining while doing it)! Trust me-I've definitely done my fair share of complaining! They take it all in stride and they constantly push me in motivating and creative ways in order to help me get what it is I ultimately want! By getting to know their clients so well, they also know when to change things up on the fly based upon your mood, soreness, limitations, etc. Yes, I can be moody, especially at 6:30am when someone is telling me to do a burpee! I am not a morning person.

*They make it fun! Yes, you read that right; they can actually make working out fun! I have played sports my whole life and have done my fair share of working out, but I'm definitely not one of those people who enjoy it (if those people even exist). What I do enjoy is the way I feel afterwards, the way it helps me perform better and the changes to my body as a result of the work put in. The trainers at FT Belmont have fun and energetic personalities. They are very motivating and they make me laugh all the time. This helps get me there on those days when I really don't feel like working out. Besides, I know they will call me if I don't show up!

*They hold you accountable, in positive & motivating ways.

*I've seen some really amazing results!

Let's talk cost real quick. It's expensive; I'm not going to lie. It's my biggest complaint about the place. HOWEVER-at the end of the day, it has been worth every cent! Don't get me wrong, I would have liked to have spent less, BUT, I have lost over 40 lbs, gained muscle, significantly reduced my body fat %, lost a lot of inches, increased my cardio capacity, replaced my wardrobe because nothing fits anymore, increased my strength, returned to playing hockey and made significant progress towards recovering from my injury and getting back to playing soccer again. So, it was worth it! I do not think I would have made this progress in other cheaper programs. In fact, I've tried in the past and haven't been able to. So although other alternatives may have been cheaper, if they didn't work I would have just wasted my money altogether. My experience at FT Belmont has been fun (even when I've hated it), motivating, flexible and personalized. They hold me accountable, they are knowledgeable, they care and most importantly, I have been able to stick with it and get some great results! I would not have continued to go here for as long as I have if that were not the case. If you are serious and want results- IT'S WORTH IT!

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Josh Ozer

Let me begin by saying that the Belmont branch of Fitness Together is fantastic. So far I've signed up on two separate occasions for training, and have never been disappointed.

That being said, my most recent time at Fitness Together was life changing. I got wind of a promotional deal Fitness Together was offering - lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks.* The offer included 4 pack (group, between 2-4 people) training sessions per week, with supplementary fitness assessments and dietary/nutrition counseling. The prize? If you lost the 20 pounds within the given time, all of the training and counseling were free, and you'd be fully reimbursed. I figured since my gym routine had fallen by the wayside in the last year, I might as well take a leap and try to kick-start my fitness. And boy did I ever.

I can't praise the staff of Fitness Together enough for all the help and knowledge they provided me. I started the challenge at a weight of 168.8 lbs, and finished (just today!) at 148.4 lbs (dropping from ~24% body fat to 15%!)*. Never have I ever been worked so hard than during the pack sessions. Every trainer was kind, approachable, and genuinely cared about my fitness goals. The sessions were held often and easily accommodated my schedule, and the facilities had great hours that allowed me to frequently visit and sneak in some extra cardio on their elliptical and tread-mills.

As the weeks progressed, I started noticing significant transformations in my cardiovascular health. Keep in mind, the nature of this challenge I was on included a very rigorous diet and exercise regimen (set calorie limit, 5 meals a day, specific macro nutrient percentages, etc..). The workouts, with an emphasis on high intensity interval training, had a quick effect on my fitness - I noticed I lost around 3 pounds a week.* This quickly translated into better fitting clothes, higher levels of energy and a general sense of confidence and well-being. With nutritional advice from Fitness Together I cut out all processed sugars, real or fake, and was taken aback at how many health benefits I reaped! I closely followed dietary advice and ate a mostly gluten-free diet, and found that within the 6 weeks of the challenge I experienced little to no stomachaches of any kind (which in my book is a big deal). The satisfaction of the little things - like fitting into old clothes, needing a tighter notch on your belt, being less winded from climbing the stairs - it all added up to an immense sense of pride and accomplishment.

With all that said, my time at Fitness Together in the last six weeks has been incredibly informative. I was pushed harder than ever before, and can honestly say that with the help of the Belmont crew I accomplished the most significant health change in my life. For my final session today (which included a weigh-in that would determine if I had met the 20 lb goal), I walked into the studio with no regrets - whether or not I met the 20 lb challenge weight was less important than the knowledge and accomplishments I have gained from my time at Fitness Together. I want to give a special thanks to PJ, Shane, Paul, Sarah, Paula and Brian for all their help, time and consideration. As big of an achievement as this was, I'm not done. And if you're looking to really, truly pursue your fitness goals, I can't recommend Fitness Together Belmont enough.

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Justin Kenyon

My wife and I moved back to Belmont from SF a couple of years ago and quickly fell off the exercise wagon. Fitness together has helped us the most with developing a routine that we have learned to love. Now, when we happen to be away for a couple of days and can't make it to the gym, it feels wrong! My wife really enjoys the small group training. She feels really comfortable with the focus on women's training they are able to do. I have mostly stuck with the personal training or one on one sessions with a focus on strength training and they have really worked well for me. I have learned to stop focusing on just the # of LBS and focus on how I feel. Even though I am doing that, I have achieved significant weight loss, but more importantly dropped the BF%. I have learned to track my food and what realistic goals are and how to attain them.

As cliche as it might sound, my wife and I feel like part of the family. We enjoy coming and seeing all the trainers at the gym and have built a great rapport with all of them.

Also, I am seriously a fan of PJ the DJ's mixes (the owner). This guy seriously has a future in the Boston club scene if he ever decides to do something else (which I hope never happens!)

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Samara Soiref

I am so glad I decided to give personal training a go at Fitness Together Belmont. They have exceeded my expectations!

I have to start by saying that one of the most impressive things about this place is the personalization. It's truly a small community. All the trainers know your name before you know theirs and they are consistently upbeat and light-hearted. It's clear that they love their jobs and love helping clients see their successes. It's just a pleasant place to be!

I decided to begin personal training when I realized that I was not seeing results going to the gym by myself. I have a minor back injury, though, so I wanted to make sure that whoever is training me knows enough about the body and exercise physiology to create appropriate workouts for me. The trainers here do just that. They take YOUR personal goals into account and make sure every session is dedicated to working toward that goal. I feel very confident knowing that they have done more than one short preparation course; they continue their education and are always working to improve further. I don't worry about becoming re-injured as I would in other environments.

One of my favorite things about the philosophy of training at Fitness Together is their holistic approach. They recognize that their clients are real people with complex lives, but also that true, lasting change means a LIFESTYLE change. The trainers are serious about educating their clients, particularly around general wellness and nutrition. I have altered my eating habits so that I am eating much more healthily and more often, and what's great is I can have all the foods I love! Sarah is great about helping take a meal you love and adapting it to fit your body's needs (enough protein, balanced carbs, healthy fat). I feel better overall and am no longer starving when I get to my next meal. It's not always the easiest thing, but the trainers recognize that it's a difficult change and people have days where they don't eat AS healthily (a special event, a night out, etc.). It's about creating lasting habits, and my trainer consistently asks what I'm having for dinner and whether I'm going to stay to do my cardio so that I stay on track with it all. They care about you as a person, not just how you do in one session and whether you return next time.

I know results don't usually show up until 12 weeks after consistent training, but I have already begun to see results. I am thinner, have more energy, and am definitely stronger than I was when I started just 8 weeks ago. I am so grateful to have been given this amazing launch into true physical fitness! Thanks, Fitness Together Belmont!

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Anna Tary

Fitness Together Belmont really IS my happy place! And I encourage anyone to at least give it a try - you might get hooked!

I have been a one-on-one client at Fitness Together Belmont (MA) for 4 years now, and the love has not dimmed at all. The group of personal trainers and managers (as of this writing: PJ, Paula, Brian, Paul, Shane, Caitlin, and Sarah, and another Sarah on the desk) at the studio are fantastic, upbeat and friendly; and they get along great with each other too - more like a group of friends than 'just a' business. Each trainer has his or her own unique personality, but every one of them is enthusiastic, caring, fun and considerate.

The trainers strive to cater their workouts, and even their behavior, to each individual client. The trainers also provide a LOT of encouragement to do extra cardio workouts at the studio and beyond. All the fitness trainers are there to help you achieve whatever goals you have. The accountability that sets up cannot be overstated; I hate the thought of letting them down! In addition, that accountability also extends to changing a client's mental game - pushing them successfully past what they believe they are capable of, changing a client's mindset from "I can't" to "I can" and (certainly in my case) eliminating self-deprecating trash-talk.

They really hold me accountable to developing a new mental image of myself and my abilities. The trainers focus not only on work in the studio, but on the whole-person perspective of fitness, including good nutrition (in my case, eating more often, more regularly and more nutritiously), and sleeping well (and enough). They will work with a client to develop a proper nutrition plan, taking into account individual lifestyles and preferences. One other thing that Fitness Together Belmont is GREAT at is encouraging clients to support and participate in local community events and fund-raisers. This is one very special aspect of the studio that PJ and Paula run, and one characteristic that makes the Belmont studio special, beyond other FT's I have visited.

You can choose to be in your own little cocoon with your trainer, or you can take part in these activities and events and be more involved in the larger FT Belmont community. Either way is fine; you will not be treated any differently for the path you choose. I am generally a bit of a loner, yet last year I participated in 4 FT Belmont-funded 5k walk/runs. PJ, Paula and the rest of the crew bring to the studio many opportunities to give back to the community, from Belmont's Town Day, to to charity walks to food drives,. And there are the client appreciation parties, and recognition of clients' milestones (in life and in fitness)...! The Fitness Together Belmont studio is really like no other.

Finally, a. note about the price. Okay, being honest, FT (Belmont or any other FT studio) is not going to be your least expensive option. But it certainly is the best in terms of value-added goodness. As an analogy: I shop at more upscale stores for my clothing, because I find they have better quality construction and last longer than clothes I buy at, say, Wal-Mart. Nothing against cheap, for I am notoriously cheap (I work on and upgrade a 14 year-old computer and a 12-year old laptop, for example).

However, all the personal attention and extras provided by the staff of Fitness Together Belmont make it WELL worth the cost. Doesn't my body deserve at least as much - more, in fact - of an investment as my choice of shopping venues? And there are ways to make Fitness Together Belmont more affordable - for example, occasional special deals. Or you can sign up as a Pack Client, which is their small-group program. And lest you think you lose something by going the small-group route, I've done some packs, and they can be Intense, combining cardio, strength and endurance. And the trainers still look at you as an individual, and work to help you meet your goals. All in all, Fitness Together Belmont really IS my happy place! And I encourage anyone to at least give it a try - you might get hooked!

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Mike DiRico

I've been a member of FT Belmont for 6 months and it has been an excellent experience. I joined FT for three main reasons 1) Accountability 2) Motivation 3) Professional Expertise
The staff has excelled at all 3! In the 6mo I have been a member I have lost over 10 lb of body fat, gained about the same in muscle mass and I feel better than I have in years. More than that though FT has helped make the changes part of a lifestyle change for me and not just a flash in the pan. I have no doubt I'm going to be able to continue this more active and healthy routine and I won't quickly fall back into old habits after my FT days are over.

I'm a fairly young guy (early 30s) and genuinely at first thought this was a place for an older crowd. Not the case at all, the staff (I mostly workout with Shane) writes great (meaning I'm super tired and sweaty after) workouts for me.

The gym itself is clean and well maintained. There is plenty of equipment and I rarely if ever couldn't get on a machine even during typical busy times like evenings. The standard routine is to go 2-4x per week to work with a trainer for about an hour and then you are welcome to use the cardio equipment any other time. Generally it's recommended to utilize the cardio another 3-4x per week, these can overlap so you're there 3-4x a week total.

I travel a lot for work and FT has been extremely accommodating with scheduling. I've always been able to find appointment times for 1-on-1 sessions and as mentioned above there is always an open machine for cardio on my own. Having the appointments pre-set has definitely helped me on the Accountability side. There is no coming home from a trip or long day at work and not going. Having an appointment is a whole other level of Accountability and for someone who finds themselves justifying "I'll go tomorrow" or "I did a lot already this week" it makes all the difference in actually getting to the gym.
I've trained with almost all the members of the staff at one time or another and they are equally motivating but with diverse approaches. One thing that is really important and can't be overstated is they are all committed to safety and doing exercises the RIGHT way.

In the 6months I've been going I've had about 10 friends get hurt doing the trendy warehouse workout (we all know what I mean) and I've never once felt like i was in danger of being injured from the workouts at FT. Based on seeing the same friendly familiar faces in the client crowd I'd say the same goes for all the other members too. The other great motivating factor is the fitness assessments. Once every 2-3mo you'll go through a prescribed set of the same exercises so you can track how you're improving. Having those gives you the periodic next goal to always look forward to.

This isn't a quick fix, trendy new workout, or snake oil type place. You won't be promised 10lbs in 10 days or pushed to do things you know aren't realistic. It's a group of people who genuinely want to work with you to achieve your goal on a realistic timeline. They write reasonable workouts that push you but also ensure you can still move the next day and they work with you to coach you outside of the 3-4hrs you spend with them a week to make the right choices when you eat or exercise on your own.

I've had excellent results in just 6months. I've lost inches on my waist while visibly seeing a difference in tone in my arms, chest and legs. My clothes fit better, I get compliments from family and co-workers, and I generally just feel better. I highly recommend this approach and FT Belmont!

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Carly McKay

I've been a client at fitness together for about 6 months, and have been meaning to sit down and write this glowing review for some time now- however, it took me so long to do it because it has been near impossible to put into words the incredible experience I've had with this amazing group of trainers.

A little background on me- I'm a 30 year old workaholic who had hit a wall with holding myself accountable for my diet and exercise. The usual quick tricks had stopped working, and I needed a big change. I met PJ and Paula at a health fair at my job, and signed up for a free consult (while talking with them about the consult, I found it very refreshing that their pitch was "we can let you know some options, and if you decide not to go with our training, we'd be happy to give you some free good advice!") It sounded like a win-win! And it ended up being so much more than that- I signed up for a series of one-on-one sessions (I went 3-4 times a week), and their flexible available times was essential to my busy schedule!
These sessions included nutrition sessions- a one-to-one sit down to educate you on what, when, and how to eat right for weight loss and optimal nutrition. This was so different than all the "diet hype" programs, because I honestly felt like I was eating consistently, not ending up hungry, and still losing weight! I'm so thankful for a program that tells you to eat instead of telling you not to!

The actual one-on-one training sessions were some of the most fun and challenging 45-minute blocks of my life... every trainer here makes you feel like they are invested in you and your results, while pushing you to try things you never would on your own, and honestly making it feel like your working out with a friend who wants you to be the best version of you! I found myself telling my friends and family about what a great time I had (with Paula, Shane, Caitlin, PJ, Paul, and Brian), how sore I was (which is a good thing!), and how much fun I had every time.

The results were amazing- I stuck to the program, and have to date lost about 25-30 lbs.* And what I loved about this transformation is that while you enter most fitness programs looking to "get skinnier", I left getting strong and confident (and yea, skinnier too!). I can add running, boxing, and ab workouts to a new list of things I love! This was the best investment I've ever made in myself, and if you're looking to do the same, you should 100% do it here. I could never thank these guys enough :-)

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Patrick Sorge

In my line of business I have received hundreds of letters either praising a customer experience or complaining about it. Never in my eighteen-year career, have I made the effort to write a letter to anyone about my own experience with a product or service, good or bad, until now.

Two months ago when I walked into your Fitness Together location, I had no expectation of what would happen. The concept of one to one training appealed to me, as I have never been comfortable exercising in front of others. It is one of the main reasons why I didn't work out. From the very first consultation to today, I have never felt anything but comfortable and at matter how hard I was worked. In that time, to lose 20 pounds, 4 inches off my waist and 6% body fat is amazing!* In all the years that I have attempted to diet or all the gyms I have belonged to, I have never been able to achieve such results. THANK YOU!

Paula and Scott have been fantastic to work with. They have pushed, prodded and encouraged me each step of the way and have made my goals theirs-and a call from them checking up on my diet has made me sure never to cheat! With the great online "menu" system, I can easily find a meal that appeals to my tastes and limited culinary skills.

The combinations of exercise and diet have not only allowed me to get in shape, but has helped educate me on how to eat right, manage my portion control better and improve my overall positive sense of well being. Something I have always struggled with. As you promised: eat right and exercise and I will see the results- and I have! I am looking forward to the next couple of months and to even better results.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Ken Reyes

Where to begin? You come to Fitness Together feeling a tad overwhelmed and not really sure if you are ready to make a commitment. You think, in fact you know, that this is gonna cost you, not only in cold hard cash but physically as well. As PJ shows you an F.T. PowerPoint presentation your mind starts to wander (which is easy to do for any PowerPoint demo). You start asking yourself many questions: "Is this gonna hurt? Will I even be able to do a single push up? Can I afford this? What will happen if I puke on the rug from sheer exhaustion? Should I buy instead that flat screen TV? What have I got myself into?"

You then start to rationalize, "I will just eat right" or "I'll buy a treadmill and workout in my basement". But then reality sets in; maybe not right away but maybe days or weeks later at home or at work or while driving- you feel the bulge of your tummy under your shirt; you're out of breath when you walk up stairs or you just don't feel awake all day. You realize that you are in fact ready to challenge yourself and workout like you never have before but you're gonna' need some help. You join F.T in spite of your self-doubts and fears. The flat screen TV will have to wait.

The first day is sheer torture. They prod and poke at your body and take measurements with funny looking instruments. Shriek! The weight scale tells no lies. They make you stretch and do push-ups and sit-ups. Suddenly, day one is over. You think, "This actually is not so bad. I can do this." Later on that day, you remember that the trainers are all friendly and are genuinely interested in making you a better person. It's actually a nice place to be.

Your second session comes along and you are now feeling even less self-doubt. Some of the exercises they start you with are challenging; you've never used free weights before; and those pieces of exercise equipment look intimidating; your body has never done that type of move; you want to puke on the rug from sheer exhaustion. This is the point where you would normally quit if you were doing this on your own but instead your personal trainer encourages you and makes sure that you progress slowly and surely. You decide, "Yes, I will return for my next session- after all, I've already paid for it." Subconsciously though, you know that you really do enjoy the workout! This continues on and on for several weeks. You feel really comfortable working out at F.T. It's like your own personal gym. Some sessions are really hard and you think, "How can I get a refund?" But you persevere because your pants start to fit better and you have lots more energy during the day. You start to see toned muscles underneath your clothes. You like what you see in the mirror. You've made some new friends at the gym and you can't wait for your workday to end so that you can get a good workout at F.T. You've made vast improvements in your exercise routines. You have never once puked on the rug in spite of sheer exhaustion. You can now do dozens of pushups and sit-ups within a minute. You are stronger and fitter like you have never been before. You've come a long way from that terrifying day 1. You think, in fact you know, that it was all worth it.

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Vandana Palreddy

I started at Fitness Together about 18 months ago with the primary goal of adding strength training to my fitness routine and gaining some needed confidence when I was at the gym on my own. I was pretty hesitant to start but I knew I needed help to change up my routine--I'm a self-admitted cardio junkie and needed to learn some ways to get stronger. I have been able to attain my primary goals plus a lot more!

The personal trainers at Fitness Together Belmont are amazing--knowledgeable, warm, caring, and personable with great senses of humor! I am always greeted warmly when I walk into the studio and feel like I've just arrived at a friend's home. The trainers instantly make you feel comfortable in your workout but always push you when they (and you sometimes) know you can do more. I walk out of my workouts always feeling proud of what I've accomplished. I cannot thank the trainers enough for their encouragement and patience when guiding me through the workouts they have put together for my specific needs and goals.

I am so glad that I came to Fitness Together Belmont in 2014. I have gotten stronger and leaner but most importantly much more confident about my ability to work out independently at the gym. I cannot recommend Fitness Together more if you are new to working out or simply want to change up a stale routine. PJ and his team will definitely help you to attain your goals!

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Lucia Gates

Dear Friends at Fitness Together,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter recommending your services. After a year of intensively preparing for knee surgery at Fitness Together, I finally had my knee replaced in October. Luckily the knee surgery went very smoothly without complications. But the other blessing was that all my work with Brian Knowles at Fitness Together paid off beautifully. From the very first day, nurses and physical therapists repeatedly commented on my leg strength. When I first started working with PJ, I struggled to do simple quad sets! Had I gone into surgery with that level of muscular weakness, I think my results would have been very different.

But PJ assigned me to Brian and over the next fourteen months Brian kept me at a steady pace of improvement. I credit the workouts and set up for preparing me in all the right ways.

There were three areas that particularly stood out. Firstly, because of my general strength, I was able to lift my operated knee and move it around almost from the very beginning – that made my stay in the hospital bed so much more comfortable. Luckily I was able to get off of narcotics on day three after surgery. I can’t prove that my workouts contributed to that – but I feel that it was a major factor. I was able to use crutches easily from the second day onward – and to get off those crutches easily after two weeks. When I left the hospital after three days, the physical therapist told me that I was already at the point most people achieve after two weeks!*

Both occupational and physical therapist commented on my agility, flexibility and balance. The PT actually said she was amazed at my posture on crutches! And she repeatedly said that I seemed to have naturally good form when exercising. None of those things come naturally to me – it was the weekly voice of Brian saying “lower those shoulders,” “tighten those abs,” “watch your form” that helped me!

Finally, every professional I worked with said that as soon as they showed me an exercise I seemed to have muscle memory to rely on. I just laughed and said, well after all those work outs, I better have something going on!

Now I look forward to getting back to the gym and finishing my recovery. Thank you to everyone who helped me – PJ, Paula, Shane, Paul, Caitlin, and especially Brian!

Lucia Gates, Belmont

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Ethel Lopez

Training Frequency: Ethel has been coming in to train 3x a week for the past two months.

Cardio Frequency: Ethel is an early morning riser and comes in 5x a week at 6am to do cardio for 45 minutes!

Nutrition: Ethel now eats 4 to 5 meals each day. She works hard to balance her meals with a protein, a carb, and a fat at each meal.

Results: Ethel has lost 6% body fat, 5 inches in her waist,* and has more than doubled her strength. Way to go Ethel!

How Fitness Together has helped: Ethel says, “Fitness Together has helped me be more mobile, feel stronger, and recover quicker from cardio. The inches I have lost have helped my clothes fit much better. Caitlin is an inspiration to my fitness goals. The fact that she went from a client to a trainer is a big motivation to help me achieve my goals.”

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Jenna Ceddia

Training Frequency: Jenna trained 3x a week for 12 weeks until she got to her goal. With Fitness Together’s help she is learning to do it on her own.

Cardio Frequency: Jenna loves to run and is a cardio queen. She does cardio 4-6x a week! Go Jenna!

Nutrition: Jenna eats pretty regularly now. She eats at least 4x a day and makes sure she gets a meal every 4 hours. Like many mothers, Jenna had been in the habit of eating off of her kids’ plates. Now she is doing that much less often.

Results: Jenna’s results are amazing! She has lost 17lbs, over 6% body fat and 7 inches off her waist!* All her hard work has definitely paid off.

How Fitness Together has helped: Fitness Together has helped Jenna eat healthier and workout 4x a week. “Everyone has helped me keep track of my food; asking me when I have eaten, how much, and when. Fitness Together has also helped me make time for my cardio again.” Some of Jenna’s favorite experiences are her amazingly hard workouts with Ropes and Tabatas.

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Skip Moynihan

When we joined in November of 2006, we believed we were in relatively good shape and were just interested in a winter workout program.

We have, in the past joined health clubs and gyms; usually every January. Typically, we've started out with great intentions, creating self designed exercise programs which we hoped would have some positive impact. Our zeal usually lasted three to four weeks before we would find successive reasons not to make that trek to the club.

A friend of ours, whose appearance had noticeably changed for the better, pointed us to your facility. When we initially met with you, we were very impressed with your presentation and explanations; however, we also understood our sketchy exercise history.

But here it is some eight months later and we have been faithful to our training regimen thanks to you and the gentle nudging of your staff. We have found all the trainers to be thorough professionals who engender a sense of confidence in our exercise ability and who foster a sense of camaraderie among all the Fitness Together members.

We are stronger, more flexible and clearly more energetic and more aware of our eating habits since we began training at Fitness Together. In our opinion this is the first training and nutrition experience that has had a significant impact on our health.

You have assembled a top notch staff to assist you. Paula, Scott, Dave, Joe and Randy are caring individuals who change people's lives. We hope you all understand how well you do what you do.

We are in better physical shape, feel healthier and have had fun doing it. Yours is a great program delivered by a great team.

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Kim Van Winkle

I am a return FTer. I did well several years ago and thought I no longer needed the training….I was wrong!

Working with the FT trainers over the last few months have showed me what I was missing: someone to cheer me on when I wanted to give up, someone to praise me when I achieved a goal, and someone to keep me responsible for the choices I make.

I am happy with the road I am on. Without the help of the FT trainers these past 5 months, I would not have been able to shed an overall 15.5 inches from my body and reduce my fat weight by 14.9 pounds.*

With that said, the scale may not reflect how well I am doing and I can get discouraged. Then I remember what my trainer Amy says “it (the weight) did not go on as quickly as you would like it to come off” and that is a constant reminder to myself to be patient and to give the best effort I have to achieve what I feel are my healthy goals.

Thank you FT Belmont for getting me back on track and keeping me there!

Kim Van Winkle

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Nancy Mills

Training Frequency: Nancy does three one-on-one sessions per week and hardly ever misses a session. Her dedication to fitness over the years is one of the top in the studio.

Cardio Frequency: Nancy does 10-15 minutes of fast-paced cardio after each session. She also walks in her neighborhood 3 to 4 times per week.

Nutrition: Nutrition is very important to Nancy. All of her meals are freshly prepared. “I eat about 6-7 times each day to keep my metabolism at a regular level. Balanced meals are a key to a healthy lifestyle.”

Results: Nancy has been with Fitness Together since 2006 and since then has lost 15lb, 5% body fat and has more than doubled her strength.* More importantly, Nancy consistently maintains these great results through every fitness assessment she has. We all know how hard this is to do. Great job Nancy!

How Fitness Together has helped: Fitness Together has given Nancy the stamina and endurance to do all she wants to do. The frequent training has continued to keep Nancy strong and balanced. “I look forward to my sessions. The trainers are so professional and on-task, but we still have time for conversation and laughter.”

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Ed Gardiner

When I first started training at Fitness Together, I weighed 293 lbs. In less than 1 year (9 months to be exact), I've lost 123 lbs!!!* I now weigh 170 lbs. Being an operating room nurse; I'm on my feet for 9 hour shifts. I would literally limp to the car after my shift. Now, my joints, legs, feet and ankles don't hurt after work and I can even jog now! Some people no longer recognize me.

As you have all said, it wouldn't be easy, and it wouldn't be magic; but, it would take steady, disciplined work to get here. That is exactly what happened.

I can't thank you enough, especially Paula for her close attention to detail, constantly noting proper form. Dave for the way he challenges me, just when I think I can't do any more, he pushes me to the next level. Scott for how fun he keeps the workouts, his laugh is contagious; the way he combines fun, laughter and work is just what I need to get me through a double session on Saturdays. PJ takes a vested, sincere interest in not only my physical well-being, but how I am doing in my personal life. He really cares about the whole person. I can't possibly list all the great attributes of everyone; however, I figured I'd list just the first few things that came to mind.

My old clothes, as you can see, don't fit me anymore and that's a very good thing. The one-on-one personal attention combined with the private atmosphere has made all the difference. Here I don't feel like a number, you guys really care about me.

Thank you again for everything; I couldn't have done it without you guys. You're the best! I can't recommend you enough.

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Nancy Mills

My training at Fitness Together has been going on for over six years. During that time my ability to work all day, do extra projects, has continued to improve. I have lots of energy and stamina.

The training routine varies and is personally adapted to my needs. One morning I woke up with a very sore back and thought, “Oh no I have FT today.” Then I thought, “OH YES! That is exactly where I want to go!” The trainers immediately changed the entire routine to help stretch out my back and relieve the problem.

Recently I followed the nutrition program and have lost about 1-2 clothes sizes.* Some clothes I had not worn for several years now fit just fine. What a great feeling!

This has been a very valuable experience for me and I hope to continue to work with these wonderful trainers for years to come. Each one brings a special quality and talent to the sessions making them great workouts and providing lots of energy for my day.

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Russell White

Training Frequency: I do one one-on-one session and two group sessions per week.

Cardio Frequency: I do cardio three times a week for 30 to 40 minutes.

Nutrition: I eat three to four times per day.

Results: Russell has lost 3% body fat and his strength has doubled!* He continues to gain lean muscle while losing fat.

How Fitness Together has helped: “Fitness Together is a great stress reliever. I feel better working out. I’m more fit and tone. My clothes feel better and my general overall health is better.”

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Rhonda Martin

Training Frequency: 2 one-on-one sessions per week

Cardio Frequency: I run for 15 before each of my sessions. I also go running or biking for 1-2 hours, twice a week.

Nutrition: I eat watch my carbs into my meals, enjoying more vegetables, salads, and protein. More grazing all day instead of set meals

Results: Rhonda has lost 14lbs and 3.2% body fat!* She has lost inches and increased both her push-ups and sit-ups!

How Fitness Together has helped: Fitness Together has given me more structure, discipline, advice, encouragement, and metrics to monitor improvement. I work out more and eat better thus feel much better + perform better at work and play.

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Mary Beth Dynan

I'm a long-time Fitness Together Belmont client and consider the cost an investment in my health. Here's why:

Weight loss: I've lost 45 pounds as a client at FT Belmont and most importantly I've kept it off for almost 2 years.* This is the first time in my life that I have been able to maintain a significant weight loss for more than 6 or 8 months.

Running: I’ve never been a runner or an athlete. Because of the support I receive from the trainers at Fitness Together, I am now a runner. I did my first 5k in June 2012 with FT and have done 12 more since. I completed the Tufts 10k for women in 2012 and 2013.

Yoga: FT doesn't specifically focus on teaching yoga. A couple of the trainers were worried that I wasn't doing enough post-run stretching, resulting in a loss of flexibility and knee soreness. At their recommendation, I am now incorporating yoga into my schedule and can really feel the difference. I love that the trainers at Fitness Together make recommendations that help me and my overall health!

I do 3 small group Pack training sessions each week and have a blast! The trainers are knowledgeable and know when and how to challenge me. When the little voice in my head tells me that something is too hard or that I am too tired, the trainer's voice is the one I listen to and keep on working. The trainers can modify exercises to make them a bit easier or more challenging based on the individual needs of the clients - this is not a cookie-cutter kind of a workout!

The atmosphere of the studio is very supportive. The trainers support the clients, and the clients support one another. FT Belmont a great place to work-out!

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Ruth Nelson

I've been going to Fitness Together in Belmont for a little over 3 years now and it has been working for me in ways I would never have guessed when I started. I love the friendliness and competence of all the trainers. Each trainer has a different personal style, but they are all great! Paula smiles nicely and doesn't let me stop working; Brian explains body dynamics and nutrition; Paul connects with me no matter how I'm feeling - and then gets me moving and feeling better. They all let me be crabby and complain if I want, but I usually leave much happier than when I arrive. Because of their emphasis on form and good body mechanics, I've been able to do things I would never have dreamed of attempting by myself or in a regular fitness class. Without injury (knock on iron).

I've enjoyed the weight-training since I started, and recently decided I wanted some really heavy lifting. FT obliged with a program that has increased my strength, shaped my body and made me able to lift wiggly grandchildren safely and repeatedly. Today, working with PJ (the owner), I reached my goal of a 100-pound incline chest press! It's awesome working with him - he trains my body and my mind to accomplish much more than I think I can do.

At Fitness Together, I've discovered the joys of the bench and the lifting cage. Not the usual thing for an older retired woman would say - but something that really suits me. FT really does provide individualized coaching and support. Some of us are runners; some are lifters; some are dancers. It feels right to work with people who can design programs that enable each of us to do more of what we love, and to expand our ideas of what we can do.

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Trey Grayson

July 2013

I have been a client of Fitness Together Belmont for about a year. I started doing both personal training sessions as well as Packs, but have been exclusively attending Packs for the past several months.

Since I started I have lost about twenty pounds and have lost several inches.* It was nice having to take several of my pants to a tailor so that they could better fit the new me!

I have enjoyed becoming part of the Fitness Together family over the past year. And “family” is the correct word. I really like all the trainers and have enjoyed getting to know my fellow clients during Packs or between workouts. Without these “family” members, I am confident that I wouldn’t have seen these results.

I encourage everyone to give Fitness Together Belmont a try. You will feel better and look better.

Trey Grayson

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Linda Nickens

I lost 28 pounds of fat and untold inches* and I looked pretty good at my daughter's wedding, in a dress picked out by Paula!

When I arrived at FT in June, 2008, I was puffy, tired, and depressed. At 58, I had completely given up ever looking decent or feeling great again. I felt old. I was eating 800 calories a day, starving, and weighed what I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter. I'd been unsuccessfully dieting for years and my metabolism was pretty much shut down. My back hurt constantly, and Advil was my best friend.

In addition, I was grieving the loss of my sister, a long distance runner, and feeling like I'd let her down by not taking care of my health while she was fighting so hard to live. I did not want to get out of bed in the morning and I realized that I had to do something drastic to change my life.

I can't count the number of times I wondered about the FT sign at Watertown Savings Bank. I even peeked in the windows many times before my daughter and I had the guts to walk in the door where we were greeted by a friendly and enthusiastic PJ. He sat us down, explained in detail what the program entailed and then gave each of us a training session. We liked the personal session and wanted to join. After some serious discussion about whether or not we could afford the program, we both signed up.

Fitness Together is not a gym where we could show up or not. Knowing that every training session was already paid for was an impetus to maintain our schedule and work hard. I was very nervous about the Intrafitt eating plan because it was so much food and so much preparation but realized I was in this to change my life, not quickly lose some weight that I'd just as quickly regain. I vowed to eat the Intrafitt way the entire time I was on the program, to give it a fair shot but I was terrified that I'd gain even more weight. I expressed this fear to all my trainers and they assured me that I wouldn't gain, but that I would slowly lose fat, gain muscle and get fit.

The training sessions were very hard but I was never asked to do more than I could. My first time on the elliptical lasted 2 minutes, and I was exhausted. I learned how to train correctly, persevere and work my way up to an hour, 5 days a week. I started eating every 4 hours and lost fat. The weight loss was slow but steady, the fat loss was faster.* It took a year of hard work but I achieved my goal. More importantly, I learned new habits. The encouragement you, and the other clients gave me didn't allow for failure. I could NOT have done this any other way at any other gym. I know because I tried before and failed to achieve success.

I feel great. My back doesn't hurt anymore. I don't take Advil every day, and I feel strong and energetic. I'm much less tired at work and more active on the weekends. Most importantly, I'm no longer depressed. While I will never stop grieving the loss of my sister, this program helped me to adapt to an unchangeable reality because it forced me to focus on living.

I lost 28 pounds of fat and untold inches,* and I looked pretty good at my daughter's wedding, in a dress picked out by Paula!

I've now joined a gym. It's very sad to be in a new place, and I miss everyone at FT more than I can say, but I'm still following the routine Paula wrote for me. (I'd be afraid not to)! After a week at the new gym, I know I can do this on my own. I've found that I have to work out now or I don't feel right and I eat healthily every 4 hours because I'm hungry. So, my life truly has changed. Thank you so much PJ, Paula, Joe, Brennan, Tom and Karen. The money I spent on FT was the best money I've ever spent. You and FT have changed my life.

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