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HIIT Workout for Beginners

Jun 14, 2016

HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training) is all the rage right now. You get great workout, burn a ton of calories and it doesn’t take too long. Perfect! The only drawback seems to be that many HIIT workouts are too intense for beginner exercisers. If you’ve struggled with this same issue, then worry no more! We’ve put together a HIIT workout that you can do even if you’re a beginner! This particular workout is on the elliptical which will lessen the impact on your joints. Check it out!


The first five minutes on the elliptical trainer should focus on getting the body ready to do the workout. Spend five minutes pedaling at a low-to-moderate pace to increase body temperature and prepare the body for a more intense work. Then spend three minutes playing around with increasing the machine’s resistance level, ramp height, speed, or possibly a combination of these settings to find your true maximum effort.


The workout consists of alternating bouts of high and low intensities for the suggested time. The short, intense work phase should be the maximum (or near max) level at which you can push yourself. During the longer, low-intensity recovery phase, reduce the resistance, ramp height and speed to a pace that enables you to catch your breath.

Remember, intensity is based on the individual and your intensity will diminish over the course of the workout. Don’t get discouraged! The more you do this workout the easier it will become!

Workout #1: Beginner HIIT
Time: 23 minutes


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