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A listing of local business partnerships around the Andover studio.

National MS Society

Fitness Together Andover has completed the training and certificate program to become on the of the preferred exercise vendors for the National MS Society. MS effects over 2 million people worldwide and has a different impact on each individual. A proper exercise program is essential for MS patients in order to keep their bodies active and strong. Since fatigue is a major symptom of MS, it is important that any exercise program is appropriate for each person’s needs. To learn more about exercise and MS click the link provided to visit the National MS Society Webpages.

Dr. Kimberly Lannon

GameFace Sports Consulting is committed to helping people function despite their dysfunction. We offer Clinical Psychology, Certified Sports Psychology Consulting and Animal-Assisted Therapy consultation services, across all spectrums, to anyone interested in living healthier and happier lives through a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Dr. Kimberly Lannon’s offices are located in Tewksbury and Bedford, Massachusetts.

Calhoun Chiropractic

Calhoun Chiropractic serves as a primary resource for our clients who not only have back pain, but may also display other issues with their movement patterns. At Fitness Together we pride ourselves in providing resources to help fix issues that as Personal Trainers we may not be qualified to handle. Dr. Michael Calhoun works to cure muscular imbalances, spinal misalignment, chronic headaches and injuries that just seem to never fully heal. Having a body that is properly aligned and moves efficiently is paramount to your overall fitness. If you feel you are in need of chiropractic care we strongly recommend Calhoun Chiropractic. Company Overview:Everything in our practice is designed around improving your issues and health on your terms,” explains Dr. Calhoun. “We explain our treatment recommendations to you thoroughly so you know what we’re doing and what to expect.” Dr. Calhoun is the only North Andover chiropractor Certified by the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (ACBSP) – that puts him on par with chiropractors who treat Olympic athletes! We want to help you heal and stay active. Regardless of your health goals, we’re your choice for exceptional care. All of our patients enjoy being able to come to the office and have a warm caring environment that operates efficiently and focuses on: -injury prevention -enhanced performance -gaining and maintaining true wellness -keeping you playing longer and stronger

Perform Better

Visit Perform Better's website for all your home equipment needs. Everyone could use a foam roller and that's just the beginning. Ask your trainer what you could be doing at home to supplement your Fitness Together workouts.

Andover Nail Spa

Andover Nail Spa is a full service nail salon. Their commitment to excellence and continuous education of their staff enables them to provide outstanding service to their guests. Their goal is to provide a beautiful, clean, and relaxing environment. Their team of professionals will go above and beyond to make sure their guests happy.