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we believe personal training should be personal

We understand everyone has unique goals, which is why we take the time to truly get to know you. We create an environment and personal training program where all bodies can move, strengthen, heal, and thrive - regardless of your goals, fitness level, ability, or limitations. Certified personal trainers will create a customized program to fit your needs as they motivate you and hold you accountable to reach your goals, meet them, and set new ones.

what makes us different


  • everyone's welcome

    No matter your fitness level, goals, or unique needs, we’ll create a plan so you can be successful.

  • premium environment

    Our private studio suites are fully equipped with state of the art equipment so you can train in a well-kept, private space that is always welcoming.

  • flexible

    Fits your busy lifestyle with private in-studio training, virtual training, or a combination of both!


  • experienced

    Our personal trainers hold degrees, certifications and real-world fitness training experience (7+ yrs on average)

  • team based

    Our team based approach allows client sto benefit from an array of expertise, to ensure workouts never get old.

  • accountable

    We genuinely care and won’t let you quit - we’re here to empower you by challenging you and cheering you on every step of the way.


  • customized for you

    Your Signature Fit Assessment will help us establish your goals and create a tailored program just for you.

  • continuous improvement

    Each workout is pre-planned to build on the progress from your previous session. All you have to do is show up.

  • get results

    Every 6 weeks, we’ll do a comprehensive assessment to ensure you are tracking toward your goals, and we’ll adjust and progress your program accordingly.

ways to train

Choose one or choose both - stay on track with your goals.

personal training in our space

IN-STUDIO private workout suites

personal training in your space

VIRTUAL LIVE training sessions

what to expect

Our 4 step approach to helping you reach your goals.


signature fit evaluation

Come in for your complimentary and comprehensive Fit Evaluation - a signature process that includes an in-depth health history and lifestyle review, and mini workout. We want to get to know you, not just your goals so we can design a program that is unique to you.

full body assessment

We’ll do a comprehensive fitness assessment along with a movement and posture analysis. This allows us to collect baseline metrics that will help us track your progress and make sure you are getting results.

personal training session

You’ll work with an experienced team of trainers which allows you to benefit from a wide array of expertise. Your workout may include strength, mobility, cardiovascular exercise, or a combination, depending on your specific goals and needs. You’ll schedule sessions when (and where) it's most convenient for you - in a private studio suite or with LIVE virtual training.

progress checks

Every 6 weeks, we’ll do another full body comprehensive assessment to see how you're tracking toward your goals and we'll help you set new ones. The progress check will inform how we'll progress the next phase of your customized program so you continue to improve and get results.


  • Friendly environment and the trainers make exercises fun that way you don’t even feel like you are working out but you will be sweating. Love going there.

  • Very positive vibe and encouraging me to keep up the exercise all the time. I have had very visible change and very satisfied with the results I made through Fitness Together Andover. This was the one of the best decision I made to start just before the Covid, and I am very happy I could continue on the exercise virtually and now physically at the gym!

  • Staff is always professional, caring and willing to challenge you to help you meet your goals

  • This is by far the easiest and best experience I've ever had with fitness. I come from the military where they do not set up proper workouts nor do they explain anything about the workouts that we do, it's more of a 'lets wing it' type thing. Amy not only sets up a proper workout, but she sets it up based on my goals and lifestyle, on top of that she will explain how to do each workout and why. Even if I keep asking which muscles I'm working out and why every single time I do them. I'm not a very outgoing person, and it is always a challenge to meet new people. I can say with absolute certainty that everyone at this location makes me feel comfortable, and welcomed. Above that everyone is friendly, and fun. I even get my sarcastic attitude about literally everything thrown right back at me while I'm working. I've never laughed or had so much fun working out in all my life.